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  1. I got rid of an XJ on my property a couple weeks ago and struck a deal with the town. They are giving me an additional 20 days to get rid of one of my two Comanche's unless I get it registered and insured. Turns out that if I spend $51/year for a historic registration (which both qualify for in MD for being over 20 years old) and I insure it through Progressive using the bare minimum coverage (since neither are road worthy anyway) I wind up saving $12/month on my coverage because of a multi-vehicle policy! So in the course of a year, I will have saved $93. I never even bothered to do this math as I assumed registering and insuring a vehicle that wasn't road worthy would just be a waste of money. Turns out, I actually save money on this deal. So I guess I owe the town a thank you.... In any event, these vehicles are no longer for sale. They save me money just by keeping them around....never would have guessed.
  2. Nope. Any structure intended for the purpose of covering or housing something must be permanent, so I'd have to install footings for the thing and make sure it wouldn't blow away in a hurricane. In order to do that, I'd need a permit, which would likely be denied. They're finally starting to get their act together in the town office. Honestly, good for them as it'll help clean the town up and hopefully raise my home value
  3. If I didn't spend $5K on the fence I already have I'd seriously consider that.
  4. Thanks bud. I start a new job tomorrow so it's not too bad on that front. As for the town I live in they basically adopted a new ordinance because of me and another fellow car collector. Any motor vehicle within eyesight has to be registered. In Maryland, if your vehicle is registered, but not insured the state will fine you for every day you don't carry insurance on your registered vehicle. I once had to pay over $150 in fines on a motorcycle I sold and took off my insurance policy, but didn't turn the plates in until a month later. I wasn't aware that physically turning in your plates was required in MD. In NJ I always just kept my old plates. Live, learn, and pay your fines. I just can't justify paying for registration and insurance on two vehicles that won't see the road for a few more years... I've got a plan on how I can keep both of these MJs, but it's going to require that some of my other junk gets sold off first. Then I can shuffle the MJs around and get them in my shop and out of eyesight, but I don't know if that will happen in the allotted time frame the town has given me to address my "violation," so I'm going to give a go and see if anyone wants to take them off my hands.
  5. I really, really don't want to do this, but I think it's for the best. I recently lost my job and the town I live in has been putting a lot of pressure on me to thin my herd. As a result, I need to part with two more of my Comanche's. Fortunately, for the potential buyer, I have a couple of very rare examples. 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.1L Factory Renault Turbo-diesel AX5 5-speed manual transmission AMC20 Rear End D30 Front End Long Bed Factory Metric Ton Package Condition: There is no way to sugarcoat it - this truck is rough all around. It runs and drives, but I wouldn't trust it more than the 1/4 mile stretch down my street. There is rust and rot all over the floorpans - by far the worst I have ever seen on a Comanche. The interior is gutted and in awful shape. I have all of the pieces to put it together, but an interior swap is probably a better idea. The injection pump is newer (likely a rebuilt unit), but I don't think it's right for the application. It gets the engine running and idling, but I can't seem to get it timed properly. I have a ton of parts that I have spent years souring from overseas - OEM fuel injectors, OEM glow plugs, OEM rockets, gasket kits, water pump, alternator and more. I have spent over a thousand dollars in obtaining these parts with the thought that they might never be available again. I would frequently browse eBay looking for NOS parts and would buy them if they popped up...even if I didn't need them. Everything I have for this truck is included in the sale. I have a clear title for this truck ready to be signed over to the new owner. 1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0L Inline-6 AX15 5-speed manual transmission D44 Rear End D30 Front End Long Bed 107K miles Condition: I bought this truck to be a donor to the diesel MJ because the body is in great condition. I do not have a title for this truck and I don't believe I can get one so I figured that it was best to use it as a donor. The truck runs and drives, but needs a clutch master cylinder, exhaust and power steering line. I just threw a new battery in it tonight and it fired it up for the first time in 3 years. You may be able to apply for a title on the truck, but I never tried. I have the last registration that was applied for by the PO, but he has passed away and his brother sold me the truck and didn't know where the title was. I'd prefer to sell both Comanche's as a package. My asking price is $5000 OBO for both. I will also consider a trade for a longbed Comanche that is running & driving. Photos to follow.
  6. I was watching the movie 'O.G' tonight and spotted an MJ. It plays a pretty important role in the movie, but only gets a few minutes of air time.
  7. My family and I send Don our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  8. I was down in Raleigh last week for work the day before it made landfall. The evacuation process was pretty crazy and Raleigh is pretty far inland. I know it's always better to be safe than sorry, but the news stations and meteorologists really got on my nerves during this one. Every station is trying to be the first one to break important news and their fact-checking is non-existent and they just wind up spreading misinformation. I remember watching Fox News and they posted a headline at the bottom of the screen that said "More than 500 million without power in NC." I guess there must be a lot of undocumented citizens there that the US Census is unable to count when calculating the total population of the USA. A friend of my family lives in Morehead, NC and we just made contact with him a couple days ago. He didn't say much, but by the sounds of it he lost his home and everything in it to the flooding. He also just bought himself a nice retirement gift - a 50+' Viking Sportfish. He hasn't been able to get to it to determine its fate, but he fears the worst. I extended an offer to drive down this weekend to help with whatever he needs but he said there's nothing he can do right now. With the amount of damage caused by flooding it's going to take forever for the insurance companies to sort this all out. Going to be lots of people that the insurance company's will leave high and dry too. Donations are probably the best bet for many.
  9. The front bumper is missing the drivers endcap and there's a whole mess of bent up brackets under there.
  10. Glad to see you made it back without any hiccups, but I knew she would get you there safely except maybe for a quick top-off on the clutch slave cylinder. A couple years ago, Maryland changed the laws regarding vehicles tagged "Historic" and put tougher restrictions on when and how they could be used. They essentially made it illegal for me to use my "Historic" tagged MJ to get me to and from work. It was around this time that the utilization of the MJ dropped off significantly. It was also around this time that I began taking my infant son to daycare in the mornings and the MJ bench seat is not the ideal setup for a car seat! It was real cool to meet another fellow member and my wife and I both thank you for helping us transport all those boxes of vinyl plank to our second floor - you saved me a bunch of time and back pain so thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your build based on your plans. I had contemplated converting her to 4WD but couldn't justify the need to since I have always had other 4x4 vehicles available. I was always torn on the Leer topper as it hinders drive-ability, but it's always nice to have if you need to transport something in the rain or something lightweight that would fly out the back if not properly strapped. I bought it from another member on here who lives up in North NJ and I didn't want it at first, but then I found out how difficult it is to actually find MJ-specific tops so I decided to grab it.
  11. Glad you made it back safe and sound. My wife actually mentioned that she noticed me displaying a rare emotion of sadness after you drove away. I'll admit that I was a little torn up when I saw you drive her down the street, but was happy that someone who appreciates these trucks was taking it home. To be honest, I wouldn't have given away any of those extra parts with the truck had it been sold to some random buyer who wasn't familiar with the Comanche platform, but I knew you'd put them to better use than I ever will. Best of luck with whatever you have planned for her and make sure to take plenty of pictures.
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