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  1. We negotiated some out-of-scope work to make up for the oversight and additional delays. I now have a fancy new door that goes into my laundry room!
  2. A combination of factors. The original portion of the house is 80 years old and has experienced decades of foundation settling. The now-kitchen area was part of two separate home additions over the last 40-50 years and they were poorly done. To be honest, I'm not sure if the floor was even level when it was brand new. Cabinets were delivered this morning and some were installed. Unfortunately the kitchen contractors have had the cabinets in their shop for two weeks and never bothered to do a full inventory check. We're missing an entire section of our island so that had to be
  3. Well, the tile floor that we pulled up was installed on top of 3/4" subfloor that was shimmed to all hell so it was relatively level to begin with, but once we tore down the floor to the original joists we found the floor to be1-1/2" out of level. We fixed it as best we could without ripping out the joists and starting from scratch...
  4. Geez that's a deal at twice the price! You could actually buy this with the latest stimulus check. Good score!
  5. So my wife and her father worked Friday night and all weekend to get our kitchen floor as level as we could. There was a lot of cursing, a couple arguments and a threat of my father-in-law walking off the job (he's doing all this work for free so I wouldn't have blamed him if he did), but we got it done. The floor is as level as we could get it. There is a 3/8" deviation from one end of where the cabinets will be to the other, but that is a huge improvement over the 1-1/2" it was before we started! The contractors I am actually paying will be at my house every day this coming we
  6. This. It's a Toyota so it has a tendency to stick around for a while. They have a die hard following so even if it turns out to be a poor fit you shouldn't have a hard time unloading it. My buddy had a 90-something model for a few years. His biggest complaint was that it was a turd in terms of performance. It's a big, heavy vehicle with an underpowered engine. It's not bad for offroad use, but stinks as a daily driver with poor fuel economy. Regardless, I wouldn't mind owning one! Good score!
  7. The 4 1987-1992 MJs that have been through my ownership had gray interiors. The 2 1986 MJs were both red interiors.
  8. As Sir Sam said, it'll probably happen if the Wrangler is getting it. That kind of info is probably a well guarded secret within the walls of Jeep. I know a guy from college who used to work in the Mopar performance division as a development engineer (I think he's with GM now) and I would always try to get insider info out of him every time we would chat. He wouldn't give up anything he knew. It was in his contract that he couldn't talk about anything he was working on or knew of as a result of working for the company. Not that I blame him or the company. If the c
  9. Very nice! I wish the "professionals" we hired for my kitchen cared enough and took their time to measure out all of the drywall cutouts like that. Instead I've got drywall cutouts that look like they used their teeth, fist or a combination of both. I've complained about it in two e-mails and once while the guys were working and they promised to fix it each time. Still nothing, but my wife kept telling me they're probably going to get to it eventually so I backed off. Well we came home today and my wife found they just screwed something else up and she got very angry and has b
  10. A former co-worker of mine is an extremely talented artist and does a lot of random "art stuff" on the side and makes decent cash doing it. His style of art is certainly not well suited for a children's book, but since he's in the art world he collaborates with a lot of other people on random projects. I still keep in touch with him and could reach out to him to see if he knows of anyone looking for some extra work. I don't know what your budgets are, but I doubt anyone in his circle is doing anything for under $100. I had my old co-worker make a fairly elaborate illustration f
  11. We turned our open side porch/patio area into a fully enclosed four seasons room. I think the work began spring of 2018 and we just completed it summer of 2020. When you don't need a room you can certainly take your time! Funny thing is that four seasons room is now the most used room in the house!
  12. Well, we did hire a Kitchen remodeling contractor to handle most of the work since my wife and I are back in the office full-time and have two toddlers - not exactly a great recipe for getting the work done in a hurry. The contractor we hired painted a perfect picture of how he would complete all of the necessary work to our upmost satisfaction. Good salesman, I suppose, because we bought it. Early into the project we realized that, despite past promises and clear line items in the scope of work, they were not going to properly address some ceiling joist sagging issues as well as issues wit
  13. I suppose the point I was trying to make was that if that guy could get something "published", anyone can do it. After reading the abominiation that is the Celestial Prophecies, it would seem that the Amazon Kindle store doesn't have very many rules or high standards for publishing. Not to say that you wouldn't put out a good product, just pointing out that Amazon's Kindle store might be an easy path to get to your end goal. If I were to publish a book - and believe me, no one would ever want to read any garbage I put in print - I would most certainly have someone who is skilled
  14. I have not personally published a book but at my old company we had hired a shipping/receiving clerk and when he left for another job word got around the company that he may have left because he had just recently published a book. Not knowing any better, I went along with he story and did the "good for him" thing, but unlike everyone else, I dug deeper into this rumor and found his book on Amazon. It wasn't too difficult, I just used his name and found the only book published under that name. I present to you, The Celestial Prophecies : Luna's Revenge My curiosity got the b
  15. Yes and no. Yes in the sense that we stripped it down so much that we could do anything we wanted. No in the sense that we can do anything we wanted and my wife is very indecisive. The planning stage was exhausting...
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