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  1. Looks like the CL ad is dead now, but I did catch it yesterday. My old truck looked pretty darn good, but I could still pick out a handful of issues that had not been addressed. The exterior looked a lot better than when I had it, but the interior was virtually unchanged. She was a great truck, but the mileage was much higher than was stated. The PO before me swapped in a full gauge cluster and didn't update the odometer to match true mileage. When I sold it I estimated it had around 250K miles on her and the engine was noticeably tired. Regardless, happy to see it's still kicking around.
  2. As soon as I get to 0.5%, 3 more things get added to the final checklist and bring it right back to 1%... Will it ever end?
  3. Our kitchen project is slowly wrapping up. I think I said it was 99% complete a couple months ago....that 1% seems to take a long time. We have some trim to finish and other random odds and ends that are being addressed as we have time. The warmer weather is moving in so we have been spending a lot more time outside. While my wife and I were sitting around our fire pit we looked over at an otherwise unused area of our house and decided to build an outdoor bar. My wife got some really nice hardwood slabs from work (she works for a company that manufacturers high end guitars that use very nice lumber). Their quality control is so strict that they wind up throwing a lot of it away so my wife intercepted it before it got to the dumpster. We plan on sanding them down and using them as the bar tops. We also scored a sweet old school sink from my parent's farm. It's a giant cast iron kitchen sink from the 1920's that must weigh 250lbs. We're still early in the conceptual phase, but I think it's going to turn out to be pretty sweet.
  4. Older houses like mine are strange. I have tiny bathrooms and the bedroom closets are laughably small, but our kitchen and living room are MASSIVE. Different priorities back then, I suppose.
  5. Kitchen contractors are 99% complete. They owe us a new drawer face and it should be coming in within a week or two. Once they get that installed I'll stroke them their final payment check and be done with them forever. We still have some work to do before we can call it complete - door and window trim, molding, floating shelves and other odds and ends. The kitchen is currently 100% useable and has become the most heavily used room in the house when the family is awake. I think it turned out great and the finishing touches will be icing on the cake.
  6. Thank you, Sir. Our contractors were very skeptical of the color at first, but once they got the cabinets installed they started taking a bunch of pictures to use for their own ads on social media....I guess they liked it?
  7. So we're almost done with the kitchen contractors other than the final punch list items which should be addressed in the next two weeks. They dropped our range hood and dented the corner when installing the back splash so they ordered a brand new one to replace it. They also forgot to order the drawers for the island cabinet they also forgot to order and they also messed up on drilling the holes for the hardware on another drawer so they just ordered a whole new one. Everything on order is supposed to be in late next week so I hope they'll get it all installed the week of Feb 15 so I can be done with them. In the meantime we've basically moved everything into the new kitchen. My wife and I finished the flooring in the dining room area this past weekend so we just have trim and lighting left to do in order to complete that. I expect we'll have that done by the end of Feb since we are both working full time and not from home - basically just have the weekends to get stuff done. Overall it's a huge improvement and although it was very expensive and we hit a lot of bumps along the way this new space is going to be the central point of the home. A functional kitchen and gathering spot where we can easily entertain family and friends for years to come.
  8. Turns out I still have the original tailgate on my '86 Diesel...
  9. The original tailgate still had the dealer nameplate on it.
  10. We have a traditional fireplace that had a wood stove insert when we first moved in. I remember filling that up right before bed and you're not kidding...had to open the windows in the bedroom to regulate the temp. I loved it. My wife, not so much. We sold the insert a few years back and haven't really used the fireplace since. I miss it.
  11. The farmhouse I grew up in (built in the 1850's) also had them. When we were looking for houses to buy back in 2011-2012 we must have toured at least 50 different places. Our house was the only one we looked at that had the old cast iron radiators in every room. I knew then we had found our house. Bonus was that the PO had just upgraded the boiler system to a high efficiency gas unit. Unfortunately it just doesn't get that cold anymore to really need to use them. We also have two heat pumps that are able to deal with 95% of the winter days in MD. I think we use the radiant heat maybe 3-6 times/year, but it heats the house up in a hurry and they are great instant drying racks for wet clothes.
  12. It's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen.
  13. We negotiated some out-of-scope work to make up for the oversight and additional delays. I now have a fancy new door that goes into my laundry room!
  14. A combination of factors. The original portion of the house is 80 years old and has experienced decades of foundation settling. The now-kitchen area was part of two separate home additions over the last 40-50 years and they were poorly done. To be honest, I'm not sure if the floor was even level when it was brand new. Cabinets were delivered this morning and some were installed. Unfortunately the kitchen contractors have had the cabinets in their shop for two weeks and never bothered to do a full inventory check. We're missing an entire section of our island so that had to be reordered and won't be in for another two weeks, so more delays. The bigger problem is that my wife doesn't like the stain color that was used on the island cabinets as it's much lighter than the sample we selected from. More drama, but at least the wall cabinets are to her liking so we can get all of those in for now and actually get a sink, dishwasher and oven back in service and be somewhat functional again.
  15. Well, the tile floor that we pulled up was installed on top of 3/4" subfloor that was shimmed to all hell so it was relatively level to begin with, but once we tore down the floor to the original joists we found the floor to be1-1/2" out of level. We fixed it as best we could without ripping out the joists and starting from scratch...
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