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  1. I was watching the movie 'O.G' tonight and spotted an MJ. It plays a pretty important role in the movie, but only gets a few minutes of air time.
  2. My family and I send Don our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  3. I was down in Raleigh last week for work the day before it made landfall. The evacuation process was pretty crazy and Raleigh is pretty far inland. I know it's always better to be safe than sorry, but the news stations and meteorologists really got on my nerves during this one. Every station is trying to be the first one to break important news and their fact-checking is non-existent and they just wind up spreading misinformation. I remember watching Fox News and they posted a headline at the bottom of the screen that said "More than 500 million without power in NC." I guess there must be a lot of undocumented citizens there that the US Census is unable to count when calculating the total population of the USA. A friend of my family lives in Morehead, NC and we just made contact with him a couple days ago. He didn't say much, but by the sounds of it he lost his home and everything in it to the flooding. He also just bought himself a nice retirement gift - a 50+' Viking Sportfish. He hasn't been able to get to it to determine its fate, but he fears the worst. I extended an offer to drive down this weekend to help with whatever he needs but he said there's nothing he can do right now. With the amount of damage caused by flooding it's going to take forever for the insurance companies to sort this all out. Going to be lots of people that the insurance company's will leave high and dry too. Donations are probably the best bet for many.
  4. The front bumper is missing the drivers endcap and there's a whole mess of bent up brackets under there.
  5. Glad to see you made it back without any hiccups, but I knew she would get you there safely except maybe for a quick top-off on the clutch slave cylinder. A couple years ago, Maryland changed the laws regarding vehicles tagged "Historic" and put tougher restrictions on when and how they could be used. They essentially made it illegal for me to use my "Historic" tagged MJ to get me to and from work. It was around this time that the utilization of the MJ dropped off significantly. It was also around this time that I began taking my infant son to daycare in the mornings and the MJ bench seat is not the ideal setup for a car seat! It was real cool to meet another fellow member and my wife and I both thank you for helping us transport all those boxes of vinyl plank to our second floor - you saved me a bunch of time and back pain so thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your build based on your plans. I had contemplated converting her to 4WD but couldn't justify the need to since I have always had other 4x4 vehicles available. I was always torn on the Leer topper as it hinders drive-ability, but it's always nice to have if you need to transport something in the rain or something lightweight that would fly out the back if not properly strapped. I bought it from another member on here who lives up in North NJ and I didn't want it at first, but then I found out how difficult it is to actually find MJ-specific tops so I decided to grab it.
  6. Glad you made it back safe and sound. My wife actually mentioned that she noticed me displaying a rare emotion of sadness after you drove away. I'll admit that I was a little torn up when I saw you drive her down the street, but was happy that someone who appreciates these trucks was taking it home. To be honest, I wouldn't have given away any of those extra parts with the truck had it been sold to some random buyer who wasn't familiar with the Comanche platform, but I knew you'd put them to better use than I ever will. Best of luck with whatever you have planned for her and make sure to take plenty of pictures.
  7. The 3.0L EcoDiesel is a great little engine manufactured by VM Motori, but as others have already stated the emissions systems required by the US EPA really tarnish its reputation in terms of reliability. VM Motori also made the diesel engine in the 2005-2006 CRD Liberty and that is generally considered very reliable, but the US EPA was a lot more lenient a decade ago so there were fewer emission systems required, which ultimately meant less parts that could fail and cause a domino effect leading to other parts/systems failing. The only 3.0L EcoDiesel I have driven was in a 2015 Ram 1500 and it didn't have a lot of the "harsh" diesel engine characteristics that I've experienced from many of its bigger brothers i.e. the 5.9L Cummins (I own one), the 6.0L Powerstroke (co-worker has one I ride in often) or the 6.7L Cummins (buddy has one). I found the EcoDiesel to be very smooth, free of vibrations and extremely quiet. In my opinion the biggest issue with the 3.0L EcoDiesel is the fact that every vehicle model that offers it as an option already uses a good, proven gasoline engine as their standard offering. Modern gasoline engines have made some pretty significant improvements over the last decade in terms of power and fuel economy where diesel engines don't really make too much sense for the extra $$ that comes with them. It would be interesting to see what kind of similar improvements could be made to diesel engines if they received the same amount of R&D effort as the gasoline engines have, but that will never happen. All of the R&D effort on diesels is spent coming up with ways to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the US EPA.
  8. Ha! When I was a toddler the childseat seat movement was really gaining steam and there was all kinds of whacky designs coming out that made some bold safety claims. I have a 1.5 year old myself so childseats are now mandatory or else I'm essentially considered a child murderer. Sometime in the early 2000's the auto industry adopted a standard known as LATCH. It requires that rear seats have a specific mounting bracket for fastening in childseats. By my wife's orders if a vehicle does not have the LATCH system then our son is not allowed to ride in that vehicle. These are decisions above my pay grade...
  9. Sorry didn't see this until now. I'll start out by stating that my MJ isn't my daily driver and it doesn't see a whole lot of action ever since my son was born - the MJ bench doesn't pass the Mom seal of approval for child seats. As such, the amount of foot traffic the carpet has encountered has been very minimal compared to what most MJs on here likely receive. My MJ does get plenty of time in the sun, however, and I haven't noticed much in terms of color fade. The only area of the carpet that no longer looks uniform in color is the passenger footwell, but that is due to an on-going water leak that has been repaired several times, but always finds a way to resurface. Overall I think the Duplicolor fabric spray paint has exceeded my expectations.
  10. It's actually 330ft-lbs of torque, not HP. When I saw your post and read that I was genuinely surprised since that motor only has about 160HP from the factory. It's pretty easy to squeeze more torque out of a diesel, but to double the HP usually requires a bunch of supporting modifications. Also baffled by the decision to use a Durango for the swap, but to each his own. With the amount of time, labor and materials invested into this vehicle his asking price of $5,500 isn't all that bad.
  11. When I bought my '92MJ the headliner and backing board were long gone. Drove it 7.5 hours back home from OH to NJ so I got became pretty familiar with the interior road noises. To make matters worse the upper rubber bushings on the front shocks were completely shot so whenever I hit a pothole, the front shocks would clang against the shock mount and the interior seemed to amplify the noise. I replaced the spring bushings and installed a new headliner around the same time and the difference in cabin noise was night and day. I wound up buying one of the first prototype headliners w/backing board from a member on these forums. I remember his company was SMS Headliners and I believe his name was Steve. Not sure if he's still making them, but he was excellent to work with. The first batch of headliners he made had a little too much material in the rear of the cab which cause the backing board to get pinched and crease. There was also no way to get the plastic trim to fit without hacking up the headliner. I sent him pics of the problem areas and he immediately saw the problem, modified his template and sent me a new one out ASAP completely free of charge even after I offered to cover some of the cost because he gave me a big discount on the first one since I was essentially a beta tester. http://smsheadliners.webstoreplace.com/
  12. I've always been hesitant to use Dynamat or one of the 100 copies that are out on the market. My fear is that the stuff will promote condensation due to the fact it's also a thermal insulator and you'll get water trapped between the floor and the mat.
  13. eBay is absorbing the costs, but it won't be a 20% hit to their bottom line since they gouge their sellers with listing fees and take their cut on the final sale price for many of the auctions listed on that site. I used to enjoy being a, eBay seller, but got tired of it after they continued to bump up their fees but offered their users nothing in return. I don't use it nearly as much as I used to, but I'll poke around there once in a while to see if any 2.1L diesel parts pop up. I'll definitely take advantage of this coupon if I find something - thanks!
  14. I wasn't referring to the difference in color between the two generations. Even the 84-96 grey and tan interiors aren't a perfect match for the 97-01 grey and....tan/beige/whatever Chryco called it. I always assume that anyone who does the 97+ conversion properly will need to lay down some interior paint somewhere along the lines. What I was referring to was the subtle differences in the design of the early AMC/Jeep panels vs the later Chryco XJ panels. The surface texture on the 97+ panels is a lot smoother and they also have larger radii on every edge. Once the interior is fully assembled the seats practically cover the entire B-pillar panels and the rear upper carpet panel never in anyone's line of site so it won't even be noticeable unless you're looking for it.
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