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  1. Starting a 350 swap on my 1986 Comanche. Last year I swapped in a 4.0 to replace the worn out 2.5 I came across a 4 bolt main 350 cheap so I jumped on it and decided I would start to collect parts to stuff the beast under the hood of the jeep. Below is a list of parts I have gathered so far 1. 1987 4bolt main 350. Replaced rings, bearings , and gaskets 2. TBI system out of a c20, included harness , computer, throttle body and some other parts 3. 2 th350 transmissions , one of them is a 4x4 version but needs rebuilt and the other is a 2wd version that is good to go. 4. 2 transfercases , 1 passenger and 1 driver. Have not decided if I'm leaving the front axle as a Dana 30 or swapping it 5. Advanced adapters motor mounts to swap a 350 into a XJ Still need various parts. Looking for a fully loaded XJ harness to adapt control all of the things that don't go with the engine. Will adapt gauge cluster sensors to read the vitals of the 350. Need a stock comanche fuel tank ( have a fuel cell in the bed but want my bed space back ). Have not thought about exhaust or rear axle . Hoping to find a ford 8.8 or Dana 44. My goal is to build a reliable jeep that does decent off-road. Kind of like overland Will take pictures as I go
  2. So this spring I'm going to be starting a 350 swap. I have the engine , transmission , and transfercase ready to go but before I throw the new drivetrain in I want to tackle some wiring and comfort items. My plan is to find a XJ wiring harness that have power door locks, windows, and all the other comfort items in it already. My question is since I'm using a carb on the 350, will the ignition wiring be able to run the distributor and ignition coil or should I just go ahead and run a small fuse block with wires for the the distributor and coil? I also plan on just adding length to the rear of the XJ harness and using it for the tail lights and fuel pump. Can anyone think of other things I should do while I have the dash and wiring out?
  3. So I just bought another Comanche , a 1988 2.5 short bed and since my first jeep was a 86 I have not had to deal with the C101 connector everyone talks about I was reading all of the tips for cleaning it and I stated thinking can I just dip the ends of the connector it some vinager over night , I have used it before to clean tools and it didn't eat away at the plastic tub I had it in so I don't think it would eat the plastic of the connector , and afterwards dip it in some baking soda to get rid of the Acid left over Any thoughts or experience doing this ?
  4. Does anyone have a diagram of the headlight connector in the engine bay and a diagram of the turn signal/wiper switch in the cab
  5. remember ; take your time and do it right first time. i made the mistake of trying to rush it and now i regret it
  6. I think around $500 total, I will take pictures of everythong
  7. To be honest I didnt think it would work as well as it did. Now I have to go and clean out all of the wiring not needed anymore
  8. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-4-0-Intake-Manifold-EFI-to-Carburetor-Adapter-Kit-/231824813270?nav=SEARCH Then I just sent him a message telling him I need everything to make it work On My engine
  9. well the kit got delivered today. Contents: HEI distributor (and pigtail for power and tach) Set of spark plug wires Carburetor adapter plate along with gaskets and hardware Motorcraft 2100 carb with electric choke and gaskets Fuel injector hole plugs (basically set screws big enough to thread into the ports and rubber caps to cover them up rear pull linkage bracket (with this i was able to just snap my stock throttle cable right into it and it was the perfect length) only thing that didnt fit was the air cleaner that came with it, I'm going to have to space the hood a little to make clearance for the carb. Everything bolted right up fired right up and went to a idle with almost no adjustment
  10. The kit I bought included a carb, hei distributor , all the hardware, and the adapter for the intake so I don't have to swap intakes
  11. Found this guy on ebay making adapters for putting a carb on the 4.0 intake, sent him a message and he built a kit with all the things i need to do the swap, i will post pictures when its done http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-4-0-Intake-Manifold-EFI-to-Carburetor-Adapter-Kit/231810062195?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D34494%26meid%3D1abc582bcf7c4d478a3f9186ce131574%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D231806857111
  12. Has anyone on here attempted to put a carb on a 4.0, I'm looking to clean out all the sensor a and electronics in this jeep to make it clean reliable with just a carb and the wires to make it all run
  13. The local junkyard has a 1987 red comanche, still has trim panels, bench seat, engine and transmission Besslers You pull and save About 30 min south of Cincinnati
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