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  1. Not mine, but a good find for someone. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/2137586637.html
  2. The song is "In the Garden."
  3. Sold yesterday. The good news is my son and I sold it to another father and son who are going to pick up where we left off. They are Jeep owners, but not members here at ComancheClub. We told them about the site, so maybe they will check in. Thanks to all for the interest. We are XJ owners, but we will still be visiting the site.
  4. Believe me, this has not been an easy decision. Me, my wife, and son have discussed this all weekend. We have an XJ that we restored for our son, and this MJ was a real find for us. However, it is best at this time for us to move on to another project. We would really prefer to sell this to someone who really appreciates Comanches so that we could track future progress. Thanks for looking!
  5. Bumped to top - price reduced again to prevent parting out.
  6. Sorry about that - thanks for pointing it out. I only want to swap the engine. I will definitely keep my 5-speed manual. I wasn't sure if swapping the 4.0 from an automatic to a 5-speed was an issue. Also, I was wondering if the years made an issue. Obviously, 91 and up may be an issue due to the HO version of the motor, but I am hoping the 87 and 90 are interchangeable. Once again, this question is about swapping the engine only.
  7. Our 1987 4.0 with 5-speed manual recently dropped to zero oil pressure and is making lots of noise. I've actually posted the MJ for sale here and on Craigslist. Someone local called when he saw my Craigslist ad. He has a 1990 4.0 with automatic on the column. His body is rusted out, but the engine runs good. He says he will part with the entire truck, engine included, for $200. Question: Will the 1990 4.0 with automatic on the column swap into my 1987 4.0 with 5-speed manual? Mine is 4x4, I forgot to ask about his. One final note: My 1987 has brand new fuel injectors, new fuel pump, and new water pump. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. 1987 Jeep Comanche MJ 4.0L Renix 4x4 5-Speed Manual Short Bed My son and I purchased this Jeep Comanche for restoration. We have recently replaced all fuel injectors, fuel pump, rear glass, and water pump (we have receipts). Oil pressure has dropped to zero, and we are going to go with another project. This Jeep is a rare find with the 4.0L, 4x4, 5-speed manual transmission, and short bed. We are including a roll bar and a receiver hitch. Jeep has always been in eastern NC, so rust is not an issue. We have reduced the price to $1100. With the extras thrown in, we are just about at the point we'd be better off to part it out. Send me a PM and I can give more details. Thanks for looking. We look forward to finding a good home for this great Jeep.
  9. We (son and I) are in the process of slowly rebuilding our MJ. We are trying to decide on an exterior color. Wife is trying to convince us to go with black. Our son's XJ is black with a gray interior. The MJ has a tan interior (it is actually the butterscotch interior, but I am replacing certain parts with tan from newer XJs). Anyone have any pictures of a black MJ with a tan interior? I do not think they came from the factory with this combination. The picture shows our MJ, although it is not the best shot for the interior. Thanks.
  10. We have a burgandy colored MJ, and we are going to paint it bright red. We are getting ready to start some prep work. What color primer is best to use with the bright red paint? Gray or red? Thanks.
  11. DansGreyMj - Could you give more info on the universal mat you purchased? May be of interest to many of us, including boardmanMJ. Thanks!
  12. To me, the history of the MJ should include it's relationship to the XJ, and the fact that the XJ started the SUV craze that we still see today. Also, you can go the "Heritage" section of the Jeep website: http://www.jeep.com/jeep_life/legends/heritage/ Here, they trace the lineage of the MJ all the way back to the original WWII Jeeps. Good luck with your project.
  13. CWLONGSHOT, I like how you extended the width of your bar to match the width of the cab. I don't have that option on this one, since it does not curve out as it goes up (as yours does). Nor do I have the welding skills or tools you possess! But for us, this is going to work just great. Thanks for the comments.
  14. Seeing as how I started this, I figured I'd report in on the roll bar we lucked up on. We picked it up last night. Found it on Craigslist. Not a factory roll bar - came off a Nissan Hard Body pickup. However, it is not a Nissan factory roll bar. It is some sort of aftermarket roll bar, but it fits with no modifications whatsoever. Here are the pictures: Before roll bar: After roll bar: The fit inside the bed (not yet bolted in): I was not real crazy about the "double" bar next to the cab, but I like the overall look of this bar. And I could not be more satisfied with the fit. Thanks to all who have posted pictures and shared information.
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