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  1. Unfortunately shipping would probably be quite a bit to Ohio, that and right now the axles are still under the truck. (also, buy your textbooks online if you don't already, campus bookstores are a ripoff.)
  2. so it looks like they are worth about what I have into them, and I will more then likely be getting offers for a bit less then that. Thanks for the input.
  3. I have a D44 and high pinion dana 30, 4.56 gears with a lock right in the 44. both have solid axle covers on them. anyone know what I could get for them? Thanks.
  4. Thank you to those who were able to vote, she found out today that she won, so she is getting $2000 worth of laser removal, so thank you again.
  5. Hey guys, I have a friend that has a tattoo that did not turn out that great, a local radio station is having a contest and the winner gets credit towards a cover up or removal, any votes would help, you don't have to use your real email address just put in a fake one and register with random info (though you can opt out of any mailing lists in the registration), you can also do it with as many made up address as you want. it looks like most of the other tattoos are just poor decisions while hers is more that the artist was not very talented with drawing hands. Again, anything will help and thank you. http://www.rock101fm.com/cc-common/contests/photo_contest.php?id=235827&image_id=340856
  6. I have been absent from the forum for a little while, not much has changed, I have my Cherokee up at my brother in laws being slowly taken apart, I will hopefully be able to get the Comanche up there this weekend. Thanks BIGHEEP 89Comanche4X4, what kind of info were you looking for? I will also send a pm.
  7. I got one of the Bluetooth ones that you hookup to your Android phone and it works awesome. that may be a different route to go. obd2 unit was about 15-20 bucks, the torque software was 7 ish.
  8. I have no idea about the return line, I opted to use a fuel cell and xj pump for my upcoming swap. but it would be a lot easier to get parts for the xj.
  9. from what I have read the xj tank will not fit due to the drive shaft. and the mj sender is set up different from the xj so you cannot just swap the sender.
  10. I like those, how is the light output from them? I have some stop/tail/turns like that I will be using and I will have to get a set of backups too.
  11. Got my fuel cell back today from my aunts work where the ring was being welded on. With Cherokee sender. I just have to extend the sender down a few inches so that it sits on the bottom of the tank.
  12. project name updated to "project over". I am not giving up on this I am just temporarily renaming it due to the fact that it is over budget, over schedule, overkill for the type of wheeling that will be done now, and it is all overwhelming at the moment. last year I went wheeling once, broke off the newly relocated rear shock mounts and then only drove it a few times. then the slave cylinder went out again ($*@*# ba10) anyway. pulled out the interior, started pulling the engine, and started striping my 98 Cherokee (needs new head) in preparation for the 98 swap. Mostly I have been collecting parts such as: RCI 19 gallon fuel cell and aluminium 97+ Cherokee fuel cell ring. Wagoneer D44 front and rear with ARB locker and ARB compressor (still has Wagoneer mounts). 2 OX lockers, Built Wagoneer D44 front and rear with 5.13 gears, spools, chromoly shafts up front, HD steering, half diff cover, all set up for a TJ and a small Viair system. so the plans are: 98 swap with a new head using the fuel cell to solve the sender issues, custom utility bed with a compartment at the front to house the fuel cell and Viair (separate compartments) and space for storage. Put the OX lockers in the built D44s replacing the spools. Either cut off the rear coil mounts and put on leaf spring mounts or convert the rear to coils (brother in laws idea I am not completely sold on it). Sell D44s I am not using with the spools and sell the ARB stuff to try and recoup some money. Hopefully I can actually get this done, it is getting quite discouraging just looking at the truck and not being able to drive it. Everyone I go wheeling with has already built up and sold several rigs all progressively bigger (encouraging me to also go bigger along the way) and now they either don't have anything or have gone with a smaller lift tire combo and don't plan on up sizing at all. leaving me with a rig that will probably be overkill and will probably take the fun out of wheeling. But I am to far into this to give up now. stay tuned for updates (hopefully)
  13. yea, he is a friend and I know he is going to be using it himself. I want to get the most that I can for it so I can put the money back into my truck so I may have to go on craigslist and try to sell it there. still wondering what dealer cost would be on them though.
  14. Looking to see what this is worth, I am looking to sell it locally but I don't know what its worth (I bought it with a set of axles as a package deal so I don't now what it's worth alone). The locker is NEW, never installed ARB RD116 and the compressor kit is the CKSA12. Anyone know what a good price for these would be? anyone know what dealer cost would be for these 2 items? (the person that is thinking about buying it is a dealer so he can get it at that cost). Thanks, Jonathan
  15. forgot about that writeup :rotfl2: yea, the true answer is hidden in there http://www.justanswer.com/jeep/2sn5h-ke ... -it-s.html
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