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  1. (2003 WJ)I want to do a small budget lift 2 inch. I am reading allot of info that says you can and can not lift A Quadra drive Quardtac II WJ. Any one have any input. I know all reasons some say you can and why.
  2. sinkrun


    Just got hit Thursday with 20 plus inches in central Pa first time in around 20 years.
  3. if i can't find a set i just might one tow point better than none
  4. would love to have set need shipped to PA for decent price and no i am not paying ebay prices
  5. thanks guys i have line on two near pittsburg i post up how it works out.
  6. WTB near PA will travel need a pair of rust free fenders for 99-04 grand.
  7. Can you add a 3.5 port to a cd cassette combo out of a 2003 grand cherokee?
  8. To bad your not closer i have a 4.0 with around 5000 miles on a real rebuild .030 over all quality parts .
  9. I know GOOD LUCK, worth A try miles does not matter I have a rebuilt engine with under 10,000 miles on it. Prefer Pa but may travel.
  10. Found a cheap but rusty ram been sitting 3 years. Known issues are minor however i am not crawling under it (lots weeds and ticks) until i get the owners final word. He lives out of town and told his daughter which is where its sitting to send it to junk. Very rusty I can deal with body rust. Was there and issues with frames on these in rust belt? Needs a tail gate cab corners rockers. says it run but has A poer draw? steering box is bad, said it ran fine when parked. Just wanting to know what problems these are known for.
  11. sinkrun


    From what I have seen they used no rust proof coating at all on these frames only good thing is there cheap on Ebay. Good cars to buy cheap and flip due to the frames there can be had cheap.
  12. sinkrun


    I just did the front and back frames on a patriot they were gone but I only paid 300.00 for it pretty decent otherwise. I can't say how good it is but I used fluidFilm all over in and around the underside and frames.
  13. sinkrun

    rear bumper

    cheapest, Westin 63000 Bumper Rear Black (Fits: Comanche)
  14. Also a PCM for 2000-2001 xj 4.0 auto if there cheap I would take.
  15. Hey Brent, 2000 2001 xj engine bay wiring harness if you see one decent shape auto 4wd, i have a gremlin I can't find. 35-50 bucks or less would be great. Thanks
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