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  1. sinkrun

    Renix retrofit

    Can A 2002 TJ engine even be used? I thought A 2002 TJ engine would bolt in different like one from Grand Cherokee?
  2. sinkrun

    scam or not...

    The sellers location on the feedback page is Japan the sale page is in the US. I call scam on it, just last night the wife found a phone she wanted thats normally around $200.00 it was %38.50 free ship. I paid for one and hour later the sale was cancelled by Ebay it was A hacked account however I got my money right then refunded from paypal.
  3. sinkrun

    One of our own is down

    All the best to Don and his family I sure all will be good soon! And thanks for the update Abby and you take care also.
  4. sinkrun

    Spray nozels?

    Help section at the local auto parts ??
  5. sinkrun

    Cause of knock?

    So what was the issue piston, lifter or other??
  6. sinkrun

    Cause of knock?

    Sounds like busted piston skirt to me and I have done A few however they sounded that way cold also. Not sure how hard it is to pull the pan on 2.5 but that would tell you if you find a piece of skirt. Listen to some busted skirt videos on you tube see what you think. I have done them with the engine in that was 4.0 never worked on 2.5.
  7. sinkrun

    Driver Side Manual Window Regulator.

    I have one but it was for a 89 I think, not sure of what it will fit / I can get some pics, it was in a shed that the roof leaked I will have to check it over.
  8. Not in great shape the holes have some cracks around them in the and one has spot that was hit with grinder and put grove in it. $20.00 obo plus shipping can get pics if any interest
  9. sinkrun

    1989 4.0 auto ECU or Computer and renix TB

    ECU sold and shipped!
  10. I would use silicone just make sure its 100% silicone.
  11. As the title says its nice clean working when I sat it on the shelf few years ago it was even wrapped up so not dirt got in it. Had to sell my truck so this needs to go. $75.00 obo Also renix throttle body untested $25.00 obo Central Pa will ship also will have more up for sale soon.
  12. sinkrun

    T & M Metal Fabrication

    I like the battery tray brace /patch would be great in the rust belt. Maybe something for krusty to make?
  13. sinkrun

    Black visors

    I have set of 97 up visors in grey from xj if they would help any?
  14. sinkrun

    97-2001 cherokee rear flare retainers

    Wow cheaper than I found, thanks