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  1. There was a limited in local yard that had one not sure if its there will check I am going back soon.
  2. Great shape will add picture later theres one on Ebay for $44.00 with extra shipping I will do $35.00 shipped in the USA.
  3. sinkrun


    As A few of you know I am A picker have been buying and selling stuff for 30 years before all the Tv show crap. I will have some componet stuff for sale I just picked up couple turntables amps etc I will be selling once I test them if anyones interested also just got some decent 60`s rock 4
  4. Would this work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Converts-Propane-LP-TANK-POL-service-valve-to-QCC-Type-1-outlet-Brass-Adapter/153461161431?hash=item23baff7dd7:g:0u8AAOSwBKBcvrvP
  5. Both real plates sold, gift shop plates left if anyone wants them all for$ 6.00 plus ship or $3.00 each. I go to ton of estate and garage sales will look for more!
  6. Thats what it is and its spoken for. Sorry mods did not intend to make it a for sale. Good news though Petes getting $5.00 dontaion for the club.
  7. $3.00 each for the ones on the left there fakes then right ( Ralph plate $10.00) (Alaska $5.00). I have a 70`s blue classic Pa plate that I can't find. Plus shipping
  8. I have few odd ones will put a add in classifieds when i get chance
  9. This has been on my shelf for around 15 years or so I can't remember. We put new engine in my 89 Comanche and replaced the CPS during the change as the old one got busted. I am pretty sure I used one from the Jeep dealer. Well the new engine would not run we messed with every sensor and finally found broken wire in the engine harness. During all this I pulled the new sensor I put in and replaced with the old one I knew was good. The Comanche is gone now and I am cleaning out and I am sure if this is Factory someone would want it was only in the truck A few days. It actually says RENIX on it.
  10. NOT MINE, Found this near to me they will not even talk about getting title must have lien on the title or stolen. What a shame! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/422922418284879/
  11. I dig it out this weekend (I hope)
  12. Hey Pete do you have the Jeep book from 2000 that has pictures of all the jeeps thru the years has a Comanche on the cover? If you don't I have one here somewhere little wrinkled i send it to you.
  13. I have spare however I am pretty sure its driver side never tried it got it from ol Jim Oshell years ago.
  14. I am going to say piston slap very common on the older 4.0.
  15. Whats a renix 4.0 throttle body worth to you shipped? May also have a 2000 xj one I am cleaning out and close so shippings cheap.
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