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  1. sinkrun


    Anything associated with Bloomberg Is Trouble in my opinion.
  2. your welcome and i don't blame you,I have silver one thats the same as yours except the paint its never been run either if you get hard up.
  3. My wheel is close to same white black stripe factory however it has 8 windows yours has 6.
  4. I will check first thing Saturday and get pic, its factory so it should have it.. depends how far away from the east cost you are for shipping? Whats you zip code ?
  5. I think I have one on a spare if I do its never been run on the road. I will check satuday for sure its in the shed. $35.00 sound ok plus shipping?
  6. I work on my own cars so this thread has been of interest to at least one person. Wife got A 04 few years ago it was Rebuilt wreck R titled my brother in law did the work and he let my niece drive it so I know it was good. Needed nothing and has been the wifes work car for 3-4 years great on gas no rust had 80,000 on it when we got it around 140000 now. I think there ugly as $#!& cars though however they are durable. In the 3-4 years it has had a rear wheel bearing,valve cover and tires. It really needs A oil pan its nothing but flaking rust which I read is normal and would like to do the timing belt thats a job for spring. OH and I didnt get it cheap it was $3,000.00 but did have low miles no rust and needed nothing.
  7. RIP old friend you will be missed.....
  8. I have factory used one $15.00 shipped if it helps you any.
  9. Can A 2002 TJ engine even be used? I thought A 2002 TJ engine would bolt in different like one from Grand Cherokee?
  10. sinkrun

    scam or not...

    The sellers location on the feedback page is Japan the sale page is in the US. I call scam on it, just last night the wife found a phone she wanted thats normally around $200.00 it was %38.50 free ship. I paid for one and hour later the sale was cancelled by Ebay it was A hacked account however I got my money right then refunded from paypal.
  11. All the best to Don and his family I sure all will be good soon! And thanks for the update Abby and you take care also.
  12. sinkrun

    Spray nozels?

    Help section at the local auto parts ??
  13. So what was the issue piston, lifter or other??
  14. Sounds like busted piston skirt to me and I have done A few however they sounded that way cold also. Not sure how hard it is to pull the pan on 2.5 but that would tell you if you find a piece of skirt. Listen to some busted skirt videos on you tube see what you think. I have done them with the engine in that was 4.0 never worked on 2.5.
  15. I have one but it was for a 89 I think, not sure of what it will fit / I can get some pics, it was in a shed that the roof leaked I will have to check it over.
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