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  1. We got a factory seat for it last month. I'm on the hunt for a rust free X/MJ floor to graft into the truck. Our floors have all the right bumps and flats to work perfectly for the chassis swap and body drop.
  2. I sold both of mine and bought them both back. I gave the 86 to Krustyballer as I knew he would take care of it. Don't do it unless you know it will be in good hands.
  3. He would have an @$$ whopping waiting on him. Glad you are safe and home.
  4. shelbyluvv

    wake up call

    Take care of yourself buddy! I am going to try and make it out this summer to meet you.
  5. The 32 bridge and Flint River Luke Bryan sings about. He grew up a few miles from where we live. We run into him every once in a while. He's a genuinely nice guy.
  6. It's absolutely rust free. Alabama Jeep it's entire life. No accidents and clean title history. I don't think I will ever sell it. I gave wanted another LJ for about 6 years.
  7. I'm currently in South Carolina picking up sliders for it. I already installed a Bestop tire carrier. I also just bought a winch for it last night. It has 4" lift. I don't want to sell it but money talks.
  8. Thank you. It's one of 560 Beryl Green 2006 LJs made. I had to save it.
  9. Thank you. Got myself a little something last weekend...
  10. It's an Erebuni kit from the 90s. Not a one off, just ugly.
  11. I'm an hour south in Albany. You are welcome to leave it there and stay in my pool house if you need to.
  12. Bonnet Creek in Orlando as Hurricane Dorian was coming in.
  13. It was great meeting you guys finally. Scott's YJ-7 has lit a fire inside me and I am actively searching for a YJ to build. Great bunch of guys and even cooler rigs. Hopefully we can meet again!
  14. It's not just a dash swap. You have to swap all the wiring also if you want the stock 97+ gauges to work. If you are making a custom cluster be ready to spend $500+ on all new gauges.
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