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  1. That looks like an intercooler to me. I've never seen a radiator with tubes that big before. It's possible that they used a bad pic?
  2. If we break her truck she'll kick both of our asses!
  3. He is a great guy. We were in the Marine Corps together and have remained close friends ever since. He lives less than 3 miles from me now and we hang out every chance we can get.
  4. A few years ago I did some major work to my buddy's J10. While I had it at the house my girlfriend (now my wife) fell in love with the truck. Fast forward a few years and we're married and settled down in a permanent home. I continue to help my buddy with all his projects and just being there when he needs a hand. We get to talking about how the truck is looking pitiful sitting in the driveway. All the while we are putting all our time into building his super charged LX Fox body Mustang. He says he's debating parting the J truck because he can get way more money for it than selling it outright. I told him if he did that Steph would never forgive him and she would be heartbroken. He asked if she really wanted it? I told him that she absolutely loves it and has wanted it from the day she saw it. He throws me the keys and says bring me $4000 and she's yours. I couldn't find the words to thank him. I know how much time, blood, sweat, tears and money has went went into that truck. It's well over $15,000. A quick rundown of stats, L98 IROC 350, 700R4, Dana 300, Dana 44s, 4:10s, Vintage Air, Flaming River column, 4" OME lift, 33" Wild Peak ATs. To say I'm excited for her is and understatement. It is such a cool rig and will fit nicely beside her 48 F1.
  5. I use www.jeepgarage.com for my WK2 needs. There are several good FB groups for them also. Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 is a decent one.
  6. He is absolutely begging to get rear ended with those painted lights. The front tow points are simply for looks. It looks like a decent truck but his "mods" are questionable at best.
  7. I agree. Moog quality has gone to crap. You can get the same quality from a AutoZone part now.
  8. Damn brother! I'm glad you are ok. Take care of yourself.
  9. She's a great dog. Thank you
  10. It had a super charged 460 in it
  11. You're going to get a minimum of 5.5" from a SOA in the rear.
  12. You don't think that maybe, just maybe... Tires can come off of those wheels? I see Rubi take off tires all the time for sale.
  13. Rubicon take offs fit your 17" and 32" specs perfectly. Look into them. You'd be surprised how cheap a set of 5 can be bought for.
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