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  1. It's an Erebuni kit from the 90s. Not a one off, just ugly.
  2. I'm an hour south in Albany. You are welcome to leave it there and stay in my pool house if you need to.
  3. Bonnet Creek in Orlando as Hurricane Dorian was coming in.
  4. It was great meeting you guys finally. Scott's YJ-7 has lit a fire inside me and I am actively searching for a YJ to build. Great bunch of guys and even cooler rigs. Hopefully we can meet again!
  5. It's not just a dash swap. You have to swap all the wiring also if you want the stock 97+ gauges to work. If you are making a custom cluster be ready to spend $500+ on all new gauges.
  6. The 87+ fender badges say it's not a 86 either
  7. That's a bit more than I want. Thanks for the update.
  8. It doesn't matter really. I'm going to cut it up to fit the tiny cab of the 48.
  9. I need a pre 96 floor for my 48 Ford project. It must be rust free. I need it from door to door, windshield to back cab wall. With the body drop the trans and transfer are too high. If I use a pre 96 floor I can use a MJ bench and HVAC suitcase. I would prefer it to be fairly close to 31721 but I will travel for a good deal of pay shipping.
  10. Sound advice above. It needs to re-learn.
  11. shelbyluvv

    Junkyard gold

    I do, saw it last night and pointed not out to my wife. She wasn't as excited as I was
  12. That works for me. When we have a location and date locked on I can make my travel plans.
  13. We're an animated bunch down here!
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