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  1. Bonnet Creek in Orlando as Hurricane Dorian was coming in.
  2. It was great meeting you guys finally. Scott's YJ-7 has lit a fire inside me and I am actively searching for a YJ to build. Great bunch of guys and even cooler rigs. Hopefully we can meet again!
  3. It's not just a dash swap. You have to swap all the wiring also if you want the stock 97+ gauges to work. If you are making a custom cluster be ready to spend $500+ on all new gauges.
  4. The 87+ fender badges say it's not a 86 either
  5. That's a bit more than I want. Thanks for the update.
  6. It doesn't matter really. I'm going to cut it up to fit the tiny cab of the 48.
  7. I need a pre 96 floor for my 48 Ford project. It must be rust free. I need it from door to door, windshield to back cab wall. With the body drop the trans and transfer are too high. If I use a pre 96 floor I can use a MJ bench and HVAC suitcase. I would prefer it to be fairly close to 31721 but I will travel for a good deal of pay shipping.
  8. Sound advice above. It needs to re-learn.
  9. shelbyluvv

    Junkyard gold

    I do, saw it last night and pointed not out to my wife. She wasn't as excited as I was
  10. That works for me. When we have a location and date locked on I can make my travel plans.
  11. We're an animated bunch down here!
  12. I can only be there the 14 or 15. Otherwise I will be working or in GA.
  13. It stalled because it's hotter than Satan's nut sack here in south Georgia! I've also been traveling a lot.
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