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  1. Thanks again for getting Betty's for me and Brandon
  2. I am a lucky man. My friends are family and I cherish every one of them.
  3. Once my Marine Retired license plate comes in I'll be set.
  4. Thank you. It photos well but it is pretty rough.
  5. shelbyluvv

    New bumper

    Brandon has done it again! He has built me something I have wanted for a long time. He made a trip down to see us and brought me a the only Scar Fab front bumper he has built. I love it.
  6. Oceanside. I'll be at the ball game June 2nd.
  7. It's gonna be hot this weekend. I think I'll just sit around and drink with Krustyballer!
  8. I had to cut a lot of the floor out to get the body as low as I wanted it. Being all wheel drive I can't get too extreme with the axle angles up front. It was a better plan to cut the body to fit.
  9. I will get back to working on it hopefully the next day of so. Then I go on a business trip to California for 3 weeks. I want to at least get the cab firmly mounted and the floor built.
  10. It's a running machine. It has a pretty nasty cam in it. That plays hell with the fuel injection but it sounds oh so good!
  11. That's simply amazing. I know when I drove around to load it on the trailer it had a ton of low end grunt and didn't take much throttle to make it move. I'm damn impressed with the truck. I'd love to own that one some day.
  12. I'd grind a slot in them with a dremel then use a stubby screwdriver to turn them out. They should back right out. I'd also heat them up a little and spray with some good penetrating oil before hand.
  13. Post a marketplace add for free scrap XJ. I had a guy here in less than a hour to get my Explorer and XJ donors.
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