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  1. shelbyluvv

    Need a new WJ engine, looking for best route

    The bottom ends are normally pretty solid. If it was just heads I would put improved heads on and roll new bearing in the bottom end and be done with it. My ex-wife has my 04 WJ and it has 180K on it. It still runs like a top. She does stay on top of the maintenance and services. Treat that 4.7 right and you will be fine.
  2. shelbyluvv

    Memories of Jim

    I'm wearing the CC shirt
  3. shelbyluvv

    Memories of Jim

    Here is my favorite pic with him. He was a great guy.
  4. shelbyluvv

    Memories of Jim

    Here is my favorite pic with him. He was a great guy.
  5. shelbyluvv

    Buying a house...

    Did I miss the appliances in that rental?
  6. shelbyluvv

    Ram 3500 "Grayce"

    There are no Marines stuff on my truck. I did put the stock emblem back on and it made a huge improvement.
  7. shelbyluvv

    Ram 3500 "Grayce"

    While I love the look of the factory grill I wanted something different. I picked up this grill insert from Realtruck.com for $150. The quality is amazing. It was a tedious job but I am very happy with the results.
  8. shelbyluvv

    15x8 Wheels / Beaufort, SC

    That'll work, I just need to get some time. I'm going out of town for business for a couple weeks. If you can hang onto them, I'm a buyer.
  9. shelbyluvv

    15x8 Wheels / Beaufort, SC

    I'll take them if shipping them to 31721 doesn't destroy the deal too bad.
  10. shelbyluvv

    Bad fuel pump?

    Jump the relay and see if it get the required pressure to run. If not then you have a clogged filter, bad FPR or a bad pump.
  11. shelbyluvv

    ‘88 “Eliminator” on Ebay

    There were a few LWB Eliminators. IIRC they were only made in 91 and 92. There was one a few years ago here. It was a hunter green, LWB, HO, 4x4.
  12. shelbyluvv

    One of our own is down

    , Abby, tell your pops it's going to be in this order!
  13. shelbyluvv

    One of our own is down

    Thanks for the update Abby. Looks like I need to get over there to see Chief. Don, take care buddy.
  14. shelbyluvv

    I wasn't even sitting down when I read it

    Congrats Eagle! Now you need to submit for a revised DD215 with your correct awards on it. I just received a Navy Accommodation Medal award after I retired and have to have it added also. I wish they would have given it to me before I signed my DD214.
  15. shelbyluvv

    new ebay code 15% off home and outdoor

    They show up in mine. Did you turn off push notifications? Turn them back on.