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  1. shelbyluvv

    Post A New Picture You Took Thread!

    I took it at the Shelby place in Vegas Friday. They sold all his Dodge Shelbys and only have pics of the them on the wall. Very sad way to remember his legacy.
  2. shelbyluvv

    Any of my old friends still here?

    I'm still here. Still have Onyx but sold Betty to our resident fab guy, Krustyballer.
  3. shelbyluvv

    Post A New Picture You Took Thread!

    Shelby F350
  4. shelbyluvv

    97+ swap fuel pump problem

    It should be black. It has a ring terminal on the end.
  5. shelbyluvv

    97+ swap fuel pump problem

    It'll be close to the rear driver's door plugs
  6. shelbyluvv

    97+ swap fuel pump problem

    Depends where you put it. Mine is inside behind the seats.
  7. shelbyluvv

    97+ swap fuel pump problem

    Sounds like you missed a ground
  8. shelbyluvv

    To my fellow veterans

    Thanks Eagle and the rest of our Vets. I officially "Retired" 1 Nov after 25 years.
  9. shelbyluvv

    What the heck!

    ECU relearning the idle. Totally normal
  10. shelbyluvv

    What the heck!

    Clean both. I just battled this with the 99 XJ
  11. shelbyluvv

    Anybody else have an MJ and and XJ?

    MJ, WK2 and a couple of XJs
  12. shelbyluvv

    Front Leaf Spring Conversion

    Our 48 Ford has leafs and a solid beam up front. It has death wobble. My CJ5 had leafs and had DW. My old Chevy 2500 had leafs and DW. The 48s is so bad it was driven once before I decided that swapping in a new suspension was easier than dealing with the DW.
  13. shelbyluvv

    Comanche Club Apparel

    Yep, still my favorite
  14. shelbyluvv

    Comanche Club Apparel

    I say keep the OG logo and go with it. No offense but with the drawings above I would not buy one. I have several of the old issue CC shirts, hats, cozies and I like them but they are starting to fall apart,
  15. shelbyluvv

    48 Ford F1

    Now that I am retired from the Marine Corps and have a little bit of extra cash and time I decided to get back after the F1. We picked up the donor last week. A 99, Awd, 5.0L Explorer. I am doing a body swap onto the Explorer chassis. I got the donor for $500. It has 100k on it. The one issue is the fuel pump is dead. I decided replace it the easiest way I could think of. Yep, cut the floor open. I am not using the body so why not?