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  1. shelbyluvv

    Black seats out of a 2 door cherokee

    Pull the fabrics and ship them without the foam and frames. That's how I buy most of my seats now.
  2. shelbyluvv

    One Week Anniversary Today

    I have a irregular heartbeat from caffeine. Luckily I drink a lot of beer to offset it
  3. shelbyluvv

    One Week Anniversary Today

    I quit smoking 7 years ago and gave up Copenhagen 5 years ago. I don't touch either now. Don, congratulations! Keep at it brother. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.
  4. Common issue with most of RRO's products. Good luck getting that crook Glenn to resolve any issue. You don't need them on an MJ as our mounts are much beefier than an XJ. I have been running RE DBs for 8 years with no braces or ill effects.
  5. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    It was a one owner car (old man) who never drove it in the winter. It was bought by a guy in my club and gently modified and restofied.
  6. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    It's has full Koni adjustable suspension, RT interior, stage 2 turbo and ECU. Rumor has it it runs low 12s in the 1/4!
  7. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    Thank you! I'm essentially doing the same thing I was in the Marines. I only wear nice clothes vice cammies, lol. I plan on spoiling the hell out of this little girl!
  8. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    It is in Kenosha. It's being stored indoors until I get my house and garage situation settled.
  9. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    Thanks Pete. I'll come hang out with you and go to the yards again. I'm going to make a trip across the border to see you Chief! Brandon, go up to Wisconsin and get my grandpa mobile and bring it to me!
  10. shelbyluvv

    Made to Georgia

    The ride was long and slow. The Cummins averaged 13.9, the WK2 Hemi got 13.3 and the XJ rang the bell at 22 mpg! The trip was pretty uneventful until the 96 XJ started to run like crap in New Mexico. We pulled off the interstate and I went to troubleshooting it. It was running terrible and shutting off randomly. I unplugged the TPS, IAC and CPS then plugged then back it. Fired it up and she was running better. I told my daughter to take the lead and if it dies to pull way off the shoulder. Luckily it didn't stall again. We drove another 2 hours to Las Cruces NM where we found a AutoZone. I bought a new TPS and a bottle of Heet. I threw the TPS in the glove box and the Heet in the tank. It was cured after that. I think we pick up some bad gas in Tuscon. We made it to Georgia Sunday afternoon, tossed the two dogs, three cats, five fish and one vanilla lobster in the trailer and made our way to see our grand daughter for the first time. I'm glad it's over, we put an offer in on a house and the appraisal is tomorrow and I start my new career as an Equipment Specialist for a DoD Contractor.
  11. shelbyluvv

    looking for installed pics of my products

    All mine are in the vendors section
  12. shelbyluvv

    East bound and down!

    Will do buddy!
  13. shelbyluvv

    KL questions

    This is a local KL. 2" Hazard Sky lift, Rocky Road sliders and winch mount. They look very good lifted!
  14. shelbyluvv

    KL questions

    The V6 is a 3.2 Pentastar and it is a beast! I would not have at 4 cylinder. We had a rental car with it and it was a dog. You won't find a shifter in them. Just a knob to engage the SelecTerrain. I hated them also. I am a believer now. If you can get the Trailhawk. They are not much more money and you get so much more.
  15. shelbyluvv

    KL questions

    www.jeepcherokeeclub.com I had a 14 Trailhawk and it had transmission issues. So much so I worried me that my wife would get into an accident because of the missing 3-2-1 down shift. Other than the flash to "fix" a failure prone snap ring, that removes the down shifts it was a great little Jeep. I was just telling my wife I kinda miss the little guy. "Real Jeepers" and I use that term loosely. Will talk $#!& and bash your Fiat. I wheeled the piss out of my KL and I loved it. It is a damn capable Jeep. If you ever plan on towing make 100% sure it has the factory tow package. If it doesn't it is limited to 2k towing. 4k with the factory towing package. Do not let the dealership lie and say they can install the package. They can't. The difference is in the diff ratio not the cooling system. As one of the few that have owned a KL I would absolutely buy another Trailhawk (16 or newer) as a play toy/daily driver.