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  1. The Mega Cab went bye bye to make room for the dually. We were in the market for a 5th wheel and the Mega Cab 2500 didn't have the payload capacity that we needed. The 2017 3500 does great towing and I'll never go back to a single wheel for tow duty. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  2. She was a big girl! Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  3. Keys, The Ridge wallet, Moto G Power, S&W Shield .40 Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  4. If you consider living paycheck to paycheck and using old stuff to make things run again, I'm rich. Most here have a hell of a lot more disposable income than I do. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  5. I will never run it in this truck again. I just put 15 gallons of non ethanol in it. I'm my defense I never ran ethanol in this truck. This is from the previous owner. It sat for about 2 years before I got it. I got running then it broke down again. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  6. In case you were wondering what ethenol will do to your truck if it sits for more than a few months, here's the results. The pump module was nasty. The ethanol ate the supply hose completely through. It also ate the liner out of the tank! I don't recommend using ethanol based gas in anything that will sit for more than a few days.
  7. I got the tank, pump module and gauge sender cleaned. I also added a 89 Camaro 350 TPI correct fuel filter. The wife and I fought the heavy @$$ tank back between the exhaust and frame rails. Only to have to drop it because I had the wires on the pump wrong. It only too us 30 mins to drop it, fix the wires and put it back into place. Then this happened! VID_20201212_174450039.mp4 I took it for a ride around the block and she is running better than it ever has. It had waaaaay to much fuel pump and the fuel filter was for a carburator setup. The pump was bypassing internally and hurting pressure. The filter was slowing flow to the engine. All is good now.
  8. I will leave the TPI for now. It is running good. If it acts up it's going in the trash. I honestly do not like that system.
  9. The J10 shut off and would not restart. I could hear the fuel pump running but had no pressure at the fuel rails. I figured it was out of gas and dumped 10 gallons in it. It still refused to start. While I was messing with it the fuel injection system stopped working all together. I was helping a buddy with his TPI setup and found a blown fuse hidden under my hood. I replaced it and the fuel system came back alive but would not build pressure at the rails. I dropped the tank and discovered the fuel line off the pump had melted and the filter was collapsed. I tossed it together enough to send fuel to the engine and she fired up after a year. VID_20201205_164635342.mp4
  10. It looks like it's been sitting for 6 months, which it has. There is something wrong with the fuel system and I'm too lazy to deal with it and that garbage TPI setup. The plan is to trash the entire TPI setup and wiring. Then install a TBI from AFI and enjoy it. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  11. This should explain how I feel about that dumb $#!&. I would have thrown it back at her. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  12. Me too! I have only driven this truck up the road one time. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  13. No, I bought a billet tilt GM style. The steering wheel, column, joints and shaft cost more than the Explorer! Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  14. I am getting back to the 48 finally. When we left off the cab was off. I got the cab sat on the frame again. Once the cab was back on the frame I chopped up the Explorer radiator support. Then fitted the front end on I then set off to install the brake pedal, booster, gas pedal and throttle cable. It rained for a few days so I started the process of building my firewall harness. When the weather broke I mocked up the running board location. I also got my rear tire size figured out and fit checked. With the truck being all wheel I have to keep the tires the same diameter. I decided to keep it old school and have fat rear and skinny fronts. I also have to keep them fairly tall to keep the trans happy and make it a highway cruiser. 28" tires fit the bill nicely. The rears will be 275/60R15 on 15x8 and the fronts will be 235/70R15 on 15x7. I have most of the parts to install the steering and should be able to get them installed in the next few weeks.
  15. shelbyluvv

    LJ Thoughts

    It's not a simple swap. It looks good on paper but is very expensive because of the Hesco crank trigger and new ECM. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  16. shelbyluvv

    LJ Thoughts

    My abused transmission says otherwise. The PO overheated the trans because several times because he didn't know how to use the OD switch. I had the stock cooler fail 8 months ago and this is the third time flushing the trans. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  17. South Georgia or North Florida hit all your requirements. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  18. shelbyluvv

    LJ Thoughts

    Unless you have abused your body for 25+ years as a Marine and and your knees are shot... Autos are popular for other reasons besides people not knowing how to drive a manual transmission. I had sticks all my life. I don't have the desire to feel my knee grind and pop every time I have to shift. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  19. Sherptek makes a bed for a truck camper. It is really expensive though. Somewhere around $25k for the bed. I decided against the 4500 when I stumbled on an amazing deal on my 3500. We finally decided on a Eagle Cap 1200. With the current situation campers are bringing a premium and dealers are asking crazy prices for them. Once things get back to normal I'm sure the market will be full on new campers people lost interest in when they can go on vacation again. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  20. shelbyluvv

    LJ Thoughts

    Swapping a manual isn't easy. You will need a new harness and PCM to do it. These new Jeeps are much more advanced than the older ones. The 42RLE gets a bad wrap. It is a very solid trans. The biggest issue with them is heat. People slap big tires on them and don't regear. They overheat the trans and blame it. Don't shy away from a clean auto because of the lies being spit out about them. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  21. shelbyluvv

    LJ Thoughts

    I love my TJ Unlimited. The PCM can be troublesome and cause issues with shifting and CELs. There is also the OPDA issue that will wipe out a cam in no time flat. All in all they are great Jeeps. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  22. Slit the pipe, use a band clamp. It will not leak and will come apart. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  23. Did you slit the pipe like I suggested? Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  24. No worries. Everyone calls me by my name Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
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