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  1. Try turning the key just a bit further forward. I fought this for several months on my truck and it was just the ignition switch was out of adjustment.
  2. I favor anything besides cRusty's, Rocky Road and Rough Country. All are garbage. At least RC stand behind their junk. Good luck with the other guys.
  3. I'm headed to TN right now. Just crossed into NC.
  4. Here's a hint. 90 and lower use 3 wires with a common ground. 91+ use 4 wires with 2 separate grounds. Find the grounds in the 4 wire plug. There will be 2. Tie them together and use your last wire for the sender.
  5. I'm down for that. Or anyone else that wants to meet in the area.
  6. Did the PO switch the cluster to a 91+? That is a XJ HO pump and sender.
  7. I'm a diehard Mopar Man. My driveway is full of them. When it came time for my daughter to buy a quality used car we went with a KIA. For the money they are hands down some of the best cars you can buy. The factory warrant transfers to the second owner but caps at 60K vice the original 100k. Just another option for you to look into.
  8. I'll be in Seivervelle TN from the 1st-8th. I'm always down for a M&G with you.
  9. No, it replaces the stock flasher to put resistance in the system to stop hyper flash when there are LEDs installed. It "should" work the same when removing one of the bulbs to retain the old front end. I've never done it but in theory it should
  10. https://www.amazon.com/EF27-Electronic-Signal-Flasher-Relay/dp/B0031GR7BA They do make a flasher for LEDs and I think it will solve the front bulb issue. Don't hold me to it though.
  11. There are several write ups in the DIY section. It's still the best "mod" I ever did to my 89 Eliminator.
  12. The 97+ has 2 turn signal bulbs. The 96- has one. You have to mod the light hole on the 96- to accept the 97+ bulb holder. You then have to remove the unused bulb plug and put a resistor inline or you will have hyper flash from the missing bulb. You may be able to replace the flasher with a heavy duty one to avoid the hyper flash. I never tired so I don't know.
  13. I hope they will see her for what she is one day. Until then it just sucks. Crazy story about your past. I gives some insight about who you are. I am able to start understanding why you can be a bit of a "perfectionist". I'm not sure if you still have a drink but I'd like to meet you some day in person for a beer or a cup of coffee.
  14. My son hasn't talked to me in a few years. His loss. My daughter is headed down the same path. It is all because their mother is trash and poisons their minds. I have not seen my daughter since Feb 3rd. Totally her mother's fault and the state won't do $#!& to help me. Oh well, see you in court b*@ch. My step daughters on the other hand are amazing to me. Two live with us and our youngest stays with her Dad but is with us all the time. She stayed there because she didn't want to move to California and when we moved back we are in a different county than her. She want to stay close to her friends and we totally understand that. Plus her father needs her in his life. He's a great guy. My girls all came together and bought me something I have wanted for a long time. They got me a Smith & Wesson SW1911 E-Series. What a masterpiece this gun is. I was overwhelmed by them. I love these girls like they are my own.
  15. I'm going to Sevierville to week of the 4th. Anything I can help with brother?
  16. https://www.youtube.com/user/howtobbqright
  17. Pete, Me and Brandon right before they left. I had a great time and can't wait to do it again. Thank you both for coming down to hang out.
  18. We had the pleasure of having Pete and Brandon at the house this week/weekend. If you ever wondered who the man is... Here ya go! He is as genuine in real life as he is online. He is holding my grand daughter and Brandon's son. It was a great time and can't wait to get together with them again.
  19. Thanks again for getting Betty's for me and Brandon
  20. I am a lucky man. My friends are family and I cherish every one of them.
  21. Once my Marine Retired license plate comes in I'll be set.
  22. Thank you. It photos well but it is pretty rough.
  23. shelbyluvv

    New bumper

    Brandon has done it again! He has built me something I have wanted for a long time. He made a trip down to see us and brought me a the only Scar Fab front bumper he has built. I love it.
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