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  1. Fellas, there is such a thing as minor death wobble. If you have been around these turds long enough you can feel the DW coming on. It will start as a pretty decent shake in the steering wheel. Not a shimmy, a pronounced shake. If you are fast enough you can stab the brakes to stop it and take the vehicle out of the vibration zone that is bringing on the wobble. Yes it can strike with little to no warning. With my LJ and WJ I could tell when it was coming. I fought them for so long I just learned not to induce it totally. Mike has probably nursed his rig home from the desert 1000X trying to avoid the DW. I know I have driven from the Hammers to 29 Palms several times at 46 MPH to keep the shimmy shakes away. I could keep my XJ just on the edge of full blown DW. It would shake the hell out of the steering wheel but not go into full on DW. With that said, to say there isn't such a thing as minor DW is just not correct. There is a difference.
  2. I plan on using a "GM" column so it has the collapsible feature. I also plan to add 3 point seat belts. To lift the cab I will use a engine hoist through the door and put eye bolts in the floor to lift it evenly.
  3. No it has a 327 SBC in it. It runs great but the entire suspension, brake and steering systems are down right dangerous. We are chassis swapping it onto a 99 Explorer. That way it will be all Ford.
  4. I'm building her a super charged 5.0, AWD 48 Ford F1.
  5. I have an S10 hard cover on mine. It fits pretty good.
  6. We got the J10 home last night. I spent the morning adjusting the IAC, TPS and timing. She runs great now. I also washed and waxed it. It has been sitting for about 2 years outside untouched. She looks amazing now!
  7. shelbyluvv

    Jeep J-10 Price

    Yes it is. I have the center hoop but need the bed rail hoop
  8. shelbyluvv

    Jeep J-10 Price

    $4000 for this one a few months ago. I'll buy the roll bar of it's not all rusted out.
  9. Problem with a lot of the newbs in this thread are they have been drug here from FaceSpace and Intsatard. They want their stuff instantly posted. Look at how many only have 3-5 posts. Sadly, social media is going to be the death of forums and message boards.
  10. I wonder why they swapped in the porno red interior?
  11. RLJPTRK If you didn't know already. Just seeing "Manche" drives me insane. I don't know why it irritates me but it sure as hell does. It is really that much harder to say the extra syllable?
  12. LS swap it. It will fit and there are a bunch of them out there running around.
  13. I love that World Top and that Super Jeep! I totally forgot about that event. I should have went.
  14. The TPS on these things hate to get wet. That is where I would start.
  15. You should be fine. Most new springs sit a couple inches higher than advertised when new. With the shackle you should not have any rear squat for a long time.
  16. Party at my house? MJ meet? I'm down. Make it happen. Deep South Pow Wow, 2019!
  17. The Tesla will drive itself. I have a buddy with one and it is the craziest thing.
  18. I missed the original article. I read the first one and was like, this doesn't sound bad at all. Then read the new article and realized it was the same one. I was all kinds of confused for about 5 minutes!
  19. Remove Rough Country arms, toss in the trash, go back to stock arms. With 1.5-2" of lift you don't need adjustable arms.
  20. That looks like an intercooler to me. I've never seen a radiator with tubes that big before. It's possible that they used a bad pic?
  21. If we break her truck she'll kick both of our asses!
  22. He is a great guy. We were in the Marine Corps together and have remained close friends ever since. He lives less than 3 miles from me now and we hang out every chance we can get.
  23. A few years ago I did some major work to my buddy's J10. While I had it at the house my girlfriend (now my wife) fell in love with the truck. Fast forward a few years and we're married and settled down in a permanent home. I continue to help my buddy with all his projects and just being there when he needs a hand. We get to talking about how the truck is looking pitiful sitting in the driveway. All the while we are putting all our time into building his super charged LX Fox body Mustang. He says he's debating parting the J truck because he can get way more money for it than selling it outright. I told him if he did that Steph would never forgive him and she would be heartbroken. He asked if she really wanted it? I told him that she absolutely loves it and has wanted it from the day she saw it. He throws me the keys and says bring me $4000 and she's yours. I couldn't find the words to thank him. I know how much time, blood, sweat, tears and money has went went into that truck. It's well over $15,000. A quick rundown of stats, L98 IROC 350, 700R4, Dana 300, Dana 44s, 4:10s, Vintage Air, Flaming River column, 4" lift, 33" Wild Peak ATs. To say I'm excited for her is an understatement. It is such a cool rig and will fit nicely beside her 48 F1.
  24. I use www.jeepgarage.com for my WK2 needs. There are several good FB groups for them also. Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 is a decent one.
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