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  1. Thank you're a life saver! Asked my local Jeep Club and they told me to ask here lol
  2. I'm looking for a in cabin Fuse block, I have a 1988 MJ pioneer 4x2 with the 2.5L i4, would a 1986 block and harness matter? (MJ or XJ) I've been told the whole front clip is identical, but I'm not 100% certain if year takes in effect between 86-92. Were the fuse blocks universal for the diesel, 4x4, 4x2's, i6, i4?
  3. Looking for the fuse block that goes underneath the clutch master cylinder in cabin. You can guess what happened to mine. And Dana 44 rear
  4. I have yet to open her up, once it's not 0 degrees here in KS I will crawl under and open her up! Last year it was drivable with clicking noise and a jerking motion, then it wasnt haha. So I'm thinking it is just the spider gears, could be wrong, (kinda want it to be so I can tell the wife I need to spend more money on the MJ for something better). The pump probably is under warranty but ima see if I can get my money back and try somewhere else. Took 4 clutch master cylinders for O'Reillys to get me a good one and I'm getting older with less time haha. (Gas tank)So last time
  5. Later on down the road, Jeep Syclone :D. For now... just to get it up and running, maybe daily it to work.
  6. Hello, its been a while since posted here, but I could use some advice. I believe my Gas tank is leaking. The power steering pump i just got (remaned at O'Reillys) leaks as well. And the rear Dana 35 doesn't grab anymore (whoopsies). Should I replace Gas tank with OEM ish and swap it out, or try an find a lighter alternative like a fuel cell or something. Where can I get a reliable power steering pump?!? And should I try and replace gears in the Dana 35 or replace with something else? Thank you!
  7. 31" BFGoodrich KO2s, just ordered and mounted 4 TM5s as well!
  8. here's my 1988 Comanche 2.5L Pioneer US Olympic Edition. 122,769 miles.
  9. i took out the clutch master cylinder, and got brake fluid everywhere! theres a FB post about it
  10. ok sooo. i found out... maybe my hydraulic concentric bearing was not the problem, i think. In fact my clutch issue IS my clutch master cylinder. and BTW, hydraulic concentric bearing aka Slave Cylinder. Sooo i dropped my transmission twice, for no reason. and spent 140$.... for, no, reason. *sigh* trial and error trial and error. So i gotta wait another week for my tech buddie to get back in town and finish this up but soon it will be done! >.< ~Kyle
  11. woot yeah, had to leave early though, blew up our 302 boss BAAAD. then on the way back in BFE the suburban's Tranny Blew lol, we got screwed. had my gf drive 6 hours to pick me up. if you wanna see 2009's pic they're on my Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1186530215 add friends if you want too idc :P TAKING BACK MY THREAD!
  12. lol yeah, i rode up in a lifted Suburban... like this one
  13. lol Thanks! I'm actually from Kansas east side. Someone told me to checkout this site from Bonneville last year, it was a Light Blue Comanche with "Worlds Fastest Jeep" printed on the back. I Also went to Bonneville this year and was told to checkout the site again. and its starting to rust but i hope to get that stopped and fixed here soon. :D
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