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  1. Having put 2x more money into my 89 Comanche than I paid for it, I said good bye Thursday afternoon as it went down my long driveway thru our woods with the new owner at the wheel. Initial figures indicate I may have just broken even, expense-wise; but really in debt as far as emotions. (lots of swearing, pleading, scratching of head, etc.) It was the most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned in my 76 years, not the most unpleasant, just never to be relied upon to start...especially when I just HAD to drive as it was too nasty to ride my Honda. So, I will be saying so long to the forum as I have no further interest in Jeeps. I will stick to my always reliable Toyotas and Fords, thank you very much... :wavey: PS: I do want to thank all those who offered great suggestions for fixing it.
  2. Ok, it ended up being a missing PCV valve by the previous owner combined with a new vacuum line that started sucking oil from the valve cover into the air filter in such a quantity that it entered the Idle Air Sensor which prevented the starting. Hoo Boy....the mechanic found this as Might never have looked.
  3. Florida Temp at 45 deg or below, eng spins strong but will not start until temp is up to 50 deg or higher. After sitting overnite, initial attempt will produce about 1 sec of running then dies out and will not start again until it's warm out. Just got it out of the shop yesterday. New Fuel Pump, new Ballast Resistor, new Idle Air Sensor, TPS checked and cleaned, all fuel lines checked, new fuel pump then removed and shop checked for pressure (OK). Drove it yesterday, multiple starts and stops all day with ambient air temp around 70 deg. PERFECT. Let it set last nite and this morning with temp at 39 deg, no start (except the 1 sec run). Will let it set until later this morning when it warms up to 50 deg and yep, it will start I betcha! Any ideas? MAP Sensor? TPS voltage?, ????? I am ready to put a 4 sale sign on it. Too bad since it is a good straight truck, new paint, 5 spd, good glass, fiberglass topper, but I don't need a gray yard ornament! :help:
  4. Thanks guys....got one at my local independent Bumper To Bumper parts store for $45....the same as an online order without the wait. I really appreciate how knowledgeable you all are and how willing you are to help out a stranger. At 76 years I can no longer work on my own vehicles (due to pacemaker) and must rely on a paid mechanic. It is nice to know I can get some verification on some things before digging into my wallet. Charly :cheers:
  5. I have eaten up the second serpentine belt in 3 months on my 1989 Comanche, 6 cyl and the mechanic say a bad "Crankshaft Damper Pulley" is causing the belt to move off line and thus chewing up the edges. I read where this is also called a Harmonic Balancer. One place listed it as a Hollander #309-402 or OEM 35002920. My mechanic says this is only available from a Jeep parts dealer and that he had checked the aftermarket but no availability. Anyone want to comment or suggest?
  6. OK guy, thanks for all the suggestions. I fixed the problem yesterday by replacing the ballast resistor that was cracked internally, evidently intermittent. A$5 fix, one of the cheaper ones I have made. Drove a lot today with multiple starts, and all is well.
  7. OK, what is the CPS and where is it. I have a Shop manual but not referenced... :help: Thanks,
  8. Ok here is my problem: 1989 straight six fuel inj, runs great after it starts. For now, just grinds away. In the last 30 days have replaced the Fuel pump, Fuel filter, Fuel Pump Relay, battery cables, serpentine belt, plugs, removed and cleaned gas tank...all by pro mechanic at his shop. Just had the fuel repair work done week b4 last and all was well. Truck sat for 5 days, and it started and ran yesterday for 2 minutes or so just to test it. Then today, will not start....just cranks. No fuel at the fuel pressure valve spurts out. New fuel pump has been removed and tested externally as excellent. Any ideas?
  9. AM? FM? AM-FM? Doesn't matter, no use for CD or Tape either. Truck is so noisy with windows open in FL ( no A/C ) it doesn't matter much anyway. Prefer old style with no buttons, just two knobs (on/off & tuning) Opening is 7-1/4 x 2 x 7+. Price IS a factor :wavey: You can email direct if you prefer: buckeyecharly@gmail.com
  10. AH well, since the PO has bug-bombed the whole truck in flat gray with overspray, I could have about anything I guess. Yes, I will start a new thread about the.....er ah....well, not here. Thanks for the suggestion :cheers: BTW, I had asked about turn signals in a previous post and I thank all who made suggestions. I actually did nothing and a week later they all work...go figure? :doh:
  11. Thanks to everybody for posting such a plethora of information....my head buzzes!! OK, so do I have a Comanche Chief, with my 7' bed? Does anybody make a slide-in RV for the long bed?
  12. I just bought my Comanche and thus joined the forum. What do all the model initials mean? MJ, XJ, etc.
  13. My horn does not work at all. I cannot find any instructions for taking off the horn pad on the steering wheel to get at the nut to remove all. I suspect a bad ground ring, but don't want to crack the plastic horn button. I have download the pdf manual, but there are no instructions. Thanks. :help:
  14. Ok, sounds like a plan. If I just snip off the old double-contact sockets and buy some new ones that fit the holes dia and snap in, they would be of a universal http://www.oemsurplus911.com/automotive/ligtsockets.htm. And to verify the bad socket before buying, I could just temporarily wire around the socket or use a multi-meter to see if 12v is actually reaching the bad socket by exposing the incoming wire and checking the reading before it goes to the contacts. :hmm: Again, thanks for the input.
  15. Well guys, thanks for the input. My bulbs are new and to spec. No light at all out of all 4 when the T/S lever is activated on either end. The bulbs light up for brake and running and the two new flashers do not "click" either. Not much else to check except to pull the flasher mechanism from the steering column and replace it and that I chose not to do. I am not trying to "restore" this vehicle, just make it legal & so I don't have to stick my arm out the window when it is raining. I think I will just install a hot rod T/S system with a clamp-on-the-steering-column flasher lever and 4 new exterior light assy's, mounted on the body. I have chosen to handle the horn in the same manner, a button strapped up top and maybe an OOGAH horn under the hood. I have named this truck "the BEATER" and it is living up to it's name. :banana:
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