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  1. Hey, still alive and so is Jefferson. I don't really wheel anymore but did do several upgrades before stopping. Here's a semi recent pic (the only one on this phone). I've gotten hardcore into rock climbing and my cbr600rr, so the manche sits...
  2. Not really an issue as long as you keep a decent filled tank but I went sump free and tapped the bottom middle of the tank for the feed line. I haven't had an issue since. Several friends had the sump issue even with it facing backwards. It just means going down it'll sputter but gravity should help out unless it's a tricky downhill maneuver
  3. Quite a few folks were tokin' up while I was there. I didn't par take but man how it would of been nice to not have the 5-0 bust balls because of it back in the day. I even went in a dispensary just to check the "flowers" LOL! The fact that Colorado is outdoor Mecca is what gets me. There's everything and then some to do.
  4. I just returned home (memphis) from Colorado. I've been all over the state and every major city. Stay the hell out of Denver! I was not a fan at all. While it has nice things, like all cities, it's way to over crowded. Traffic is a constant b*@$£ and people were not friendly. Go north or south or west of Denver and pick a town. You won't go wrong in any direction and your still close to your family in Denver. Colorado is an awesome place and I plan to move outside Colorado Springs in the spring of next year (if things go right). There were jobs available and people were decent. Life shouldn't be how a lot of people think. You have a chance to do something new and change your life for the better. Take it..
  5. I say do what you want, after all this is America the land of the free. Someone showing pride isn't an insult to me. Your proud to have that flag up there or you wouldn't want to do it.. It's not like your throwing it on the ground and throwing up a black power sign....
  6. With the bed cap on there it doesn't look right without the swooshes (choice B ). The two tone jobs I have always been a fan of, so it's a tough choice between A and C for me..
  7. $#!& I wish we had those temps here! Also windrock was a choice. There were 6 I believe. The members who showed interest voted and it was badlands.
  8. I'm out. I just sold my tow rig and in search of a new one. Trailer still needs new boards as well. I urge people to still go! It's this weekend!
  9. Last two posts are awesome! CC members coming together for the run. As of now I'm a 50/50 shot. My trailer needs several new boards, the mj took a serious beating this past weekend as well. Broken front shock, steering box is making all kinds of noise, assuming the cps is out and front driveshaft ujoint broke. All relatively easy issues but issues none the less. Fingers crossed because I'd still like to make this
  10. The info is in the first post but I'll post here too (we're all lazy lol). It's August the 1st, which is a Saturday. I and some others plan to arrive Friday but I'll be leaving Saturday late or Sunday early. Anyone can stay as long as they'd like but the main CC cruise around is Saturday. Meaning whoever shows will gather around I'd say 9am and set up groups and ride. This isn't a big club ride (lack of... Something) or I'd have a meal planned and shirts to hand out. As of now it seems it's a "let's meet other Comanches and ride" type deal. No specifics besides what's mentioned. I'm all for going into town as a group to eat or whatever. I'm in go with the flow mode on this now haha
  11. Haha I feel as if we're getting off track here. I've been doing a lot of YouTube searching on badlands. There definitely is something there for everyone. I can see a stocker cruise'n around, having a good time as well as a built rig beating around. We need to remember (hopefully) it's not just us crawlers going. Although mission impossible looked fun :)
  12. I talked to a guy from Indiana while at Windrock and he said it's for real a sxs place. There are some rocky trails but not a lot. So I don't know what to believe lol
  13. Also the first time firing it, you'll need to bleed the air from the pump forward. Just loosen the line at the pump and you'll hear it. I've had to both times I've taken the tank off.
  14. Yes it's a pusher pump. The electrical side down stream (engine side). I bought airtex and I'm pretty sure it's marked as well. Mine is mounted below the tank as close as possible to the feed ( I added a bulkhead to the bottom of the tank for better "free flow" aka gravity lol!)
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