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  1. Well guys I have some bad news. After the Rubicon trip I told my wife how much fun it was. She said it sounded like such a good time she wished she and my son could go with me. I started thinking about it, and I sadly came to the conclusion that I needed a four door wheeler. So I put the MJ on Craigslist. I ended up doing a straight trade (no money) for a 93 Toyota 4Runner. 93 4Runner, 4.3 Vortec motor, 4L60E tranny with shift kit, SAS in front, chromos front and rear, 5.29s front and rear, ARBs front and rear, hi steer, OME front leafs, chevy 63 rear leafs, on board air with
  2. One last update before the Rubicon. When I was tuning up the MJ I noticed the coil was rusty and cracked in some spots. Bought a new coil and replaced the old one, MJ starts quicker now. My buddy convinced me I needed a CB for the Rubicon so we could talk car to car. He gave me a Firestik antenna for free and I bought a Cobra 75 WX ST and hooked it all up. Also picked up a fire extinguisher and a Rugged Ridge mount and mounted it to the roll cage in the bed. I'll be sure to post plenty of pics when I get back from the Rubicon! Old coil VS new coil New CB and antenna cable
  3. I'm planning a trip to the Rubicon Trail in a week, so I figured I better get the Comanche in tip top shape. Did a long over due tune up. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and air filter. Swapped out the CPS for a new one (had some occasional power loss and believed CPS was the culprit). Picked up some new Volvo 746 fuel injectors from ProgramBo on Cherokee forum and installed them. Also ordered up a CO2 on board air kit from Instant Air Supply and mounted the tank in the bed. Today was a good day for the MJ! Tune up parts and a new CPS Volvo 746 injectors All put back t
  4. Fixed it, like everybody recommend I checked the starter wire connections and they were loose and covered in gunk. Cleaned them and tightened them and it fired up. I think it also helps to take a break and quit tinkering with it when u are frustrated, lol Thanks guys [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]
  5. Just went from neutral to park a bunch and nothing changed. I'm at a loss right now. Time to start drinking beer and light the BBQ, will re-evaluate the MJ situation tomorrow.
  6. The other day I was driving the MJ home from work. I have an aftermarket fuel pump that is super loud and I heard it shut off. Within seconds the truck dies. I Had my wife pull me the rest of the way home (1 mile) with a tow strap. Today I figured out my toggle switch that turns my fuel pump on went out, so I replaced it. Fuel pump turned back on after installing the new toggle switch, but when I went to start the truck absolutely nothing happened. No crank, no clicks, nothing. I hope I didn't screw anything up by flat towing it home? Any ideas?
  7. Here is my setup. 2013 JKU towing my 2014 Cherokee Wolf Pup 16 foot trailer. Works great for my little family.
  8. Thanks guys! I definitely plan to have some more updates in the future. Right now my plan is to just get out and wheel as much as I can before summer ends. Will post pics when I take her out. Wanted to take a quick second to thank Josh Cooper, Jesse Balter, Isaiah Craig, and Rob Krause for all the help with the MJ. Also wanted to thank all the members of CC for all the help and great info along the way.
  9. It's a 21 spline for sure. I'm actually thinking about not going through with the purchase now. I think it's a good deal, but there is so many bad reviews about the Tera Low.
  10. I have a 89 MJ with an AW4 and a 21 spline 231 t case. Was looking at putting a 231 t case from a 95 YJ with a manual tranny into my MJ. Both are 21 spline, but I have read conflicting things online that they may be clocked different? Anybody know if this would be a direct bolt up or is modification required? For info I'm looking at swapping because the YJ case has a 4:1 Tera low, HD chain, and a SYE kit.
  11. Oh, and it's definitely no Comanche, but we have taken my wife's offroad a bit and it does surprisingly well.
  12. My wife has a 2015 renegade trailhawk. She loves it. She is getting 31 mpg on the highway. We have about 7K miles on it with no problems.
  13. Picked up some 97+ mirrors to replace my stockers. Got tired of the mounting bracket always breaking on the stock mirrors. Had to pick up some new bolts also, for some reason my factory mirror bolts did not work with the 97+ mirrors. All mounted up. Look better and work better. Took a moment to take a couple overall photos.
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