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  1. Isuzu 44

    Pulled the 87 waggy 44 front end went to check out the Isuzu 44s and all the covers have been drilled through to drop the oil from the diff....sucks only 1 had a limited slip (turning axle shaft) but to pull one of those axles i would need help.... its literally like a tj rear axle
  2. Sounds like the ignition control module is finally on its last leg
  3. Isuzu 44

    OK so pretty much post #35,36 on the pirate4x4 link defines what rear axle rodeo/passport to get..... i just saw that the jy has a 95 passport hell, just thinking about it for the front waggy 44 I might grab a later model rodeo lsd carrier and throw it in there to save for funds later down the road...
  4. Isuzu 44

    From reading some of the posts on different forums and specifically the pirate forum mentioned above it’s gotta be from 97- axles that used common Dana 44 internals Good info... the pirate4x4 link shows for 98+ Dana 44s on rodeos/passports that have the differences in sizes
  5. Isuzu 44

    Would 1” spacers help? What would be considered early models? All ive seen by far are 98-01 models
  6. Isuzu 44

    I’ve seen as far what threads have mentioned 4.10, 4.30, 4.56 (rare) i want to go 5.38s for my 4cyl to prep IF I go 37s
  7. Isuzu 44

    What’s up fellas got my eye on a Waggy 44 front in the junkyard but looking into details of that and I ran into the Isuzu 44s to match the front wheel lug pattern... if I were to get both these axles I want to install them into my 4cyl comanche i currently have 4.88s and 35s but I still feel like I need a bit more grunt.... i know the waggy front I would have to regear to match the rear but are there any install kits for the Isuzu 44 from 5:13s and up? Sorry for beating a dead horse but there’s a lot of vague threads leading up to the install kits... Thanks in advance
  8. 88 Grand Waggy

    There’s one in the lkq yard in Fort Lauderdale if your missing parts for it... i was considering grabbing the Dana 44 front axle out of it if it’s still there when I go back
  9. The Blue and Black Manche

    Ever considered going with 3” coils?
  10. The Blue and Black Manche

    Are you still on stock suspension?
  11. My 99' MJ Limited

    Cool thanks bud
  12. My 99' MJ Limited

    Got a part # on those studs? Thinking about doing the same
  13. Krustyballer Fabrications

    Lol I’m sure a lot of us would be excited there’s really no market for the mj and your making a big difference
  14. name that part 2

    Wait wait wait that looks like my future wife engagement ring
  15. Rubber floor

    I think rockauto has it cheaper with a 5% discount