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  1. 88whitemanche

    D30 carriers

    Yeah spider gears are all the same
  2. Badass dude! Coming along very nice
  3. 88whitemanche

    Bored throttle bodies

    I don’t think they are the same... i have a spare tbi one if you want to try it out... just gotta find the time to ship it out
  4. 88whitemanche

    Bored throttle bodies

    62mm and 88
  5. 88whitemanche

    Krustyballer Fabrications

    Any luck from this happening yet gas tank skid plates....
  6. 88whitemanche

    Bored throttle bodies

    I just saw this.... I’m down for it!!!!! Anything bigger what the 48mm is I’m sure it’ll give some oomph in the butt dyno
  7. 88whitemanche

    Project 4Banger

    Lol I mean I’ve had time off but mainly to travel to different cities... best one by far was dc on 4th of July...
  8. 88whitemanche

    Engineering School Daily Driver

    Looking good bud, love that your enjoying the truck look into the aussie I have one in mine with no issues by far....
  9. 88whitemanche

    Project 4Banger

    What’s up fellas haven’t been on in a while... cps decided it didn’t want to work anymore good thing I keep a couple spares, Front driver side brake caliper seized on me on the way to pick up a Comanche specific topper gotta pick up parts Monday to swap new brake parts on.... currie axle side joint popped loose as the snap ring came out of place...gotta fix that and still got a pile of parts to install but haven’t had the time due to working 7 days a week for almost 2 years now....
  10. 88whitemanche

    RCV axles discount

    Discount code doesn’t work just tried on the site unless it was only for the weekend
  11. 88whitemanche

    "Wendy"- 88 Jeep Comanche Build

    Looking good bud gotta paint that front bumper though lol
  12. 88whitemanche

    Replacing oil dipstick o-ring

    only spot that has oil on the engine currently and for sure I’m losing oil and i am quarts shorts when doing oil changes
  13. What’s up fellas what techniques you guys use to swap the o-ring out? Is it just that simple? Pull whole assembly out replace o-ring and reinstall?
  14. 88whitemanche

    how fast is it: part 2

    0-60 in 7 seconds 😳🤣
  15. 88whitemanche

    "Wendy"- 88 Jeep Comanche Build

    1-plug looks like the o2 sensor plug and the 4 prong one is for an automatic transmission if you had one... but all older model Jeep harnesses had them all equipped the same to save time and money at the factory