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  1. The 2 door looks familiar wasn’t it picked up in south Florida not that long ago? Looking good nonetheless Here’s my combo 88mj /98xj
  2. What’s up fellas have been in Colorado road tripping and saw this VERY clean pioneer
  3. There’s another one in the same yard... pretty clean one but not 4x4 though
  4. Wow, always have had a thing for a white Comanche got more details on drivetrain, suspension, and that tent set up?
  5. What about the 2.5L with an ax15/nv3550 combo?
  6. I’ll check my spare tb and get pics for you guys... jeep driver if you got part #s on the parts you used that would be great... ive done hornbrods fuel pressure gauge on my 98xj but never knew it could be done on the 2.5s
  7. How did you get this to work? I don’t recall a nipple on the tb
  8. I don’t think the 2.5 has a spot to check fuel pressure...
  9. Ah ok, had reused the strainer from the previous pump... this pump is definitely bigger than the previous one.... but truck fired right up after I primed it and it’s been running good the last 15mins no issues
  10. Do you happen to have a strainer on yours? If you do, have the part #?
  11. I see rockauto has the carter pump set that mentions having an actual or Bosch pump...should I get that one instead?
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