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  1. Oh definitely, I hated not having it after I got a functional vehicle that has a properly working a/c... so it’s gotta be in it when I get it back up running again hey bud, mill be looking to convert to a 4.0 from 93-96 so luckily I don’t have to search long and hard for remix parts
  2. Spicy! That long arm kits looks mighty familiar lol... I can’t wait to see it getting done
  3. Yeah it’s been a while, bought a house and just have been using the truck for supplies for the house... here’s one when I had 100 landscaping pavers in the bed
  4. Hello everyone, it’s been a long time coming but the one of the angry squirrels finally broke the block, I am in the mix to swap in a 4.0 from an xj. Ive just been scouring OfferUp to find a good donor to get back to really enjoying the truck... biggest part has to be a/c as the wife would really like to have that to actually enjoy the truck
  5. Hey bud, It’s been so long since I’ve been on the forum, the first 3” coil were the rough country brand the The rest were rubicon express, no complaints with RE, the rough country ones ended up getting too soft after hard use....
  6. How have you liked your BWE Comp Mount?  

    1. 88whitemanche


      What’s up bud 

      ever since I’ve gotten it, I haven’t had the time to install it, life got in the way and everything is on standby unless it’s really needed to be fixed...

    2. A-man930


      Understood.  Thanks for the reply!

  7. Ended up being the fuel pump relay... now there’s another issue... lately I’ve been a lot of more mileage than what the truck is used to,but when I’m getting slow down to a stop I normally press the clutch and put the transmission to neutral the rpm gauge drops so low that it wants to shut off, the past 2 days it’s turned off on me twice Both times going around a bend at 70mph on the highway and I just pressed the clutch to prepare to brake as the car in front of me was slowing down... luckily I was able to start it back up again at the moment
  8. Mine has been emptied out, no regulations down here.... ive been monitoring it lately, yesterday afternoon it was acting up a lot locally then didn’t trip when coasting 60-70mph On the highway...
  9. Thanks cruiser I’ll be doing that this weekend No luck still doing it... This may be the cause now that I think about it has happened to me before....I’ll check this weekend the tps readings and readjust and hopefully it fixes it but I’ll be ordering an extra just in case
  10. Fuel pump has been changed to a Bosch bump recommended from a member I believe back earlier this year.... i have not changed out the fuel filter(it’s been about a year) I do have a spare wix filter in the tool box to swap out...
  11. What’s up everyone I have been having this issue with my truck when driving down the highway it will out of nowhere bog down and pick back up right away. It’s not shutting off and rpm gauge isn’t showing any signs of any immediate drops.... ive done the grounds upgrade, upgraded wires, c101 delete, etc etc.... maybe you guys can give me some insight or something that I might be missing...
  12. ill be doing torque pattern again...but with a bit of thread locker just in case I don’t gotta worry about bolts backing out
  13. Nah I mean at the head, but I’ll double check sequence but I’m sure i started at the bottom middle of the headers
  14. Just recently replaced my exhaust manifold and my truck as most of our trucks have issues if the bolts backing out what are you guys using or suggest I used so the bolts stay in place thanks in advance
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