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  1. Mine has been emptied out, no regulations down here.... ive been monitoring it lately, yesterday afternoon it was acting up a lot locally then didn’t trip when coasting 60-70mph On the highway...
  2. Thanks cruiser I’ll be doing that this weekend No luck still doing it... This may be the cause now that I think about it has happened to me before....I’ll check this weekend the tps readings and readjust and hopefully it fixes it but I’ll be ordering an extra just in case
  3. Fuel pump has been changed to a Bosch bump recommended from a member I believe back earlier this year.... i have not changed out the fuel filter(it’s been about a year) I do have a spare wix filter in the tool box to swap out...
  4. What’s up everyone I have been having this issue with my truck when driving down the highway it will out of nowhere bog down and pick back up right away. It’s not shutting off and rpm gauge isn’t showing any signs of any immediate drops.... ive done the grounds upgrade, upgraded wires, c101 delete, etc etc.... maybe you guys can give me some insight or something that I might be missing...
  5. ill be doing torque pattern again...but with a bit of thread locker just in case I don’t gotta worry about bolts backing out
  6. Nah I mean at the head, but I’ll double check sequence but I’m sure i started at the bottom middle of the headers
  7. Just recently replaced my exhaust manifold and my truck as most of our trucks have issues if the bolts backing out what are you guys using or suggest I used so the bolts stay in place thanks in advance
  8. it’s the only thing shiny on the truck but it’ll change colors soon lol
  9. It’s been a while since I’ve updated, haven't really done anything except replacing front brakes as one was seizing, I just replaced the exhaust manifold this weekend as it’s been long over due and Comanche has been become my daily driver as my Cherokee 4.0 has really bad piston slap. Gasket was really bad the gasket that came with the newer style headers was off so I had to call 5 auto parts stores and 1 only had it in stock and newer manifold installed still gotta go to an exhaust shop and fix the set up past the rear routing but definitely feels/sounds different in the cab
  10. The 2 door looks familiar wasn’t it picked up in south Florida not that long ago? Looking good nonetheless Here’s my combo 88mj /98xj
  11. What’s up fellas have been in Colorado road tripping and saw this VERY clean pioneer
  12. There’s another one in the same yard... pretty clean one but not 4x4 though
  13. Wow, always have had a thing for a white Comanche got more details on drivetrain, suspension, and that tent set up?
  14. What about the 2.5L with an ax15/nv3550 combo?
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