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  1. I have it in Gray but I would like to get the bench seat off you if you have it still, fair trade? I would like to get a bench seat with the matching console if possible. I have a set of bench seats and the console to go with up for trade. Out of an 89 MJ manual.
  2. Looking to trade my bucket seats from my 89 MJ for a bench seat. Located in Western New York. Willing to buy as well but would like to trade even if possible. We can trade center consoles as well so both match the new seats. I drive a stick but it should still work for an automatic.
  3. I was told by somebody at a gas station that a Ford Ranger sport bed would fit on the short box Comanche. Could any one confirm that? I haven't seen anything about it in my searches. My bed is pretty rotted up on the sides. Should I look for a ranger bed or repair the sides? I don't have a big budget by any means. Lol. It needs the outer walls above the wheels and the inner wheel well on one side, maybe both. I was thinking for a repair that pop riveting or welding sheet metal bent/cut to shape on both sides would work nice. After cutting the rot out of course, and make them the same on both sides so it doesn't look absolutely terrible. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for all the help and ill definitely post again if i need any more!
  5. So i put a ground on the skid plate bolt to frame. Also noticed my old pump assembly missing a rubber boot on the end that insulates it. And that the PO had the pump in wrong! I have never done one on this style tank before and didn't realize until now. So thats why it shorted, it was touching the inside of the tank. I installed the new assembly correctly and plugged her in and I'm good. She's alive again.
  6. And when i put it in the tank with out the gasket it almost started when it primed and ran but seems to not have enough pressure. But i think thats because its letting air in with out the gasket in. So still at a loss.
  7. Okay, also it ran with out the gasket that goes in between the pump and tank but not with it?
  8. Sender wire is purple, ground black, and + wire is grey.
  9. Is there any idea or reason as to why the tank would short the pump?
  10. That would make sense. Except they both work out of the tank sitting on a piece of wood on the ground even by the plug coming from the truck. Itll prime when i hit the key. So its something to do with the tank itself. Both assemblies are fine I'm more than sure. Also there are three wires for the pump plug, a ground, the sender unit (float) and the power to pump.
  11. Both new assembly and old run out of the truck hot wired/jumped or on the normal plug. Primes when i hit the key and everything. But as soon as any piece of either assembly touch the tank, it will not work. Or the hot wire lead wants to burn up. I'm stumped. Drop the tank and inspect above it? Idk...
  12. I disconnected the ground i made and it was unplugged. And i tested the new one in the box.
  13. So new pump assembly i just bought reads the same as old. Except the float arm has a larger ohm scale. .001 to .089 on old, .001 to .117 or so on new. And i have continuity on power wire pin to pump assembly frame where it meets tank. And continuity on ground. Testing in the tank when i get home. At least i know the assembly and pump are all new.
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