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Found 4 results

  1. I'm chasing down a short on my 92xj and have gotten it down to the dome circuit group. the amp draw is a bout 1.25 amps. I know that the interior lights, power door locks, power mirrors?, keyless entry and not sure what else (I poured over every wiring diagram I could find). I want to test everything in the circuit but am not sure what the circuit feeds power to. the fuse is only 10 amps so it shouldn't be to heavy. there is a keyless module in the rig but there is no fob for it, how do you test a keyless system? also I have no power mirrors. the overhead lights all work but haven't checked all interior lights yet (glove, and etc). I just need to know what all was on the dome circuit, plus any advice too I can get too. Bryce
  2. I was told by somebody at a gas station that a Ford Ranger sport bed would fit on the short box Comanche. Could any one confirm that? I haven't seen anything about it in my searches. My bed is pretty rotted up on the sides. Should I look for a ranger bed or repair the sides? I don't have a big budget by any means. Lol. It needs the outer walls above the wheels and the inner wheel well on one side, maybe both. I was thinking for a repair that pop riveting or welding sheet metal bent/cut to shape on both sides would work nice. After cutting the rot out of course, and make them the same on both sides so it doesn't look absolutely terrible. Any thoughts?
  3. I have a new to me 88 Comanche. Suddenly it quit running. Discovered if I turn off air conditioner, it runs fine. Apparently a short kills fire to the fuel pump as soon as air it turned on. (not the blower) but air. I've had jeep shop search for cause without success. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thanks.
  4. Hello all, i bought my 1st comanche yesterday and all of the signals DID work except for the front left.. it would stay on continuously no matter what, aslong as the headlights were on, and the hazard lights wouldnt do anything... now today NONE of the signals work, and the front left still stays completely illuminated aslong as the headlights are on, and the hazards also still don't work, and now i have noticed the interior arrow lights no longer light up and no longer makes the clicking noise when you turn. Ive ripped right into the dash, check all of the relays, fuses appear to be good, etc if anyone can give me some helpful advice on how to get my signals working it would be greatly appreciated Thanks fellow Comanche owners!!
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