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Found 6 results

  1. Looking to trade my bucket seats from my 89 MJ for a bench seat. Located in Western New York. Willing to buy as well but would like to trade even if possible. We can trade center consoles as well so both match the new seats. I drive a stick but it should still work for an automatic.
  2. So I took some measurements, and it looks like a gen 2 dakota bench can fit in a comanche. Has anyone ever done this? I'm sure it will require some fabrication for brackets and such. I loved the bench in my wifes dakota, but since it slung a rod, I'm now just using it for parts.
  3. Hey gang! My project is moving on to the next phase and I've got the idea that it would be fun to have a 97+ interior with a bench seat and AW4 with a column shifter (I've got my reasons). I've searched and searched, but I can't seem to find anyone who has been down this road before. I'm gonna try it anyway, but it would be awesome if someone knows anything about this swap. PLEASE AND THANKS! It would seem that a 94+ Dakota is the obvious donor:
  4. Can't cut/paste here, so go to Charlotte, NC craigslist; type in Comanche/owners in Auto section and it should pop up. Looks sturdy.............
  5. Not mine, but kinda nice. In Salisbury, NC just north of Charlotte by 30 miles. (can't cut/paste here) so just go to Charlotte, NC Craigslist, Type COMANCHE in Autos/owner section.
  6. Want to buy MJ seats. Prefer MJ bucket seats but a MJ bench will work. I'm located on Fort Drum, NY and will travel a bit to get them. I'm visiting Manchester, CT this weekend so anything in that area will be great. Surface rust on the brackets is acceptable.
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