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  1. Looking to get back into an MJ. I have new tires(any size) and some $. Need good mechanical condition, will be more on road than off. I'm in Charlotte area, but could drive awhile to see it. Not much in my price range, or willing to swap near Charlotte/Greensboro. Thanks
  2. Looks cool. Good lck w/it. Go see the guys at Kent's Tire there in Wichita Falls. They've been around for a long time, and shoot decent prices.
  3. Rocks91 Thanks, I'll be going to Richmond in mid December, and will see if still there. I may call now.
  4. That says about it. I don't have a floor lift, or chests of tools, but have basics to get back into it('88 Olympics, '90) Have tires and some $$ for a decent driver.
  5. still wanting to get back into an MJ. I live near Charlotte. I'd like to swap a set of new tires for partial cost of driver/runner. Thanks
  6. I've been following site off/on for years. With and without a MJ. But may buy an 86 w/auto, 4x4, and 2.8. I see recent threads that the engine bay is shorter than other years. Is that because of using the GM 2.8? Maybe I should just look for a 4 cyl or 4.0....... anybody have one near Charlotte and want to receive some new tires as part of price??
  7. Can't cut/paste here, so go to Charlotte, NC craigslist; type in Comanche/owners in Auto section and it should pop up. Looks sturdy.............
  8. Not mine, but kinda nice. In Salisbury, NC just north of Charlotte by 30 miles. (can't cut/paste here) so just go to Charlotte, NC Craigslist, Type COMANCHE in Autos/owner section.
  9. Hi, Still want to swap tires for an MJ. 'I'm near Charlotte, and can travel a distance. Don't need a highboy built for offroad. , 4cyl/6cyl, 2wd or 4wd is good. More for street use without needing alot of mechanical work. Let me know what size/quantity of new tires you need for the MJ. Thanks
  10. On ATLANTA craigslist. Mostly AMC racing stuff, but a few JEEP flags, signs, shirts. (can't cut/paste on here for some reason,) so go to ATLANTA craigslist and type in Comanche in section "items for sale" look for AMC/Jeep collectables
  11. :dunno:Hi, I've had a few MJs over the year, but never knew differences between trims: Sport, Eliminator, Base. And what differences will metric ton version over the standard vehicle(yes, I know about carrying capacity). AX15 is good/bad trans?? Different than RENIX? Slainte :cheers:
  12. Oh yeah: RT 75 SOUTH AND NORTH BETWEEN EXIT 231 AND 201 IS A SPEED TRAP. DO ONLY 5 OVER AS MAX. Unless you can follow a tractor/trailer with CB.
  13. I visit area frequently, so here goes: Pasta Max in downtown McD-- great Italian food and you can't eat it all. not cheap but mid price. Indian Wells State Park-- real hot springs you can enjoy-- President Roosevelt spent lots of time there, not $. 3 dollar café - 1 mile east of 75 at exit 218. good sportsbar OB's Barbecue- between exit 218 and 216 on east frontage road of 75. Tres Peso- next door to OB's- great margaritas and homemade food There's a Walmart at exit 218 near Ruby Tuesday and cracker barrel. Summit is east of 75 at exit 216. Snapper is west. I usually stay at Hilt
  14. want to get back into an MJ

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