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  1. $1800 or a 97+ XJ truck is in texas. It's a project I don't have time for I need to get my other Jeep builds finished. It's 88 Comanche short bed with the complete 99 Cherokee motor and drivetrain swap. Auto with d30/8.25 has keyless entry and power looks and windows. It needs to be finished I have everything for to be. Wiring is the only small hold up on it. It's all in place has new starter and alternator everything powers up. But the signal doesn't get to the starter, that is where I am at on it. Everything is loosely together because it was tossed on its axles to be transporte
  2. I hear that lol I have full house now! 92 mj, 88 mj, 01 TJ , and a twin to your black XJ . How's heavenly metal coming and this mj turned out great!
  3. I haven't updated in awhile. We drove it 19 hrs to Havasu Falls in AZ 8 hrs into the trip lost the radiator then got lucky and found one at O'Reilly's I change every hose thermostat flushed the entire system. Then carried on for the last hours with the AC on lol And yes thats is the actual color of the water no filters on the pictures. .
  4. thats the rack setup i have been looking for one
  5. ?? did you get rid of your black XJ? it so funny we now have the same jeeps lol
  6. man that looks good! Iwant it lol what year isuzu was is off of?
  7. swb and shelbyluvv i could finf the pic
  8. I'm looking for a factor Roll bar or camper topper I'm located in Texas anybody have anything
  9. thanks guys it rubs a little i need to ether get lower adji arms or toss a set of long arms i have on it. l am looking for a roll bar right now for it no luck so far
  10. i love my sliders on my xj! awesome build to the white and black chiefs are my favorite trim
  11. Awesome build man! its funny we have the exact same year and trim model MJs expect mine is 4X4 if it was 2wd i would the same thing to mine! PS how do you like the odd mirrors! i hate mine
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