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  1. Thanks for this post. It's a huge pet peeve of mine about how America handles this particular holiday. For most it's a day off, with time to hang outside, and go shopping. Every year the holiday seems of more importance as I think about those it is for. I think about the guys in my unit that were KIA. I just checked the weather and it shows 100% chance of rain for Monday :/ the parade in town here is a big deal, I go anytime I can. Remember this quote too: Only the dead I've seen the end of war.
  2. Smart idea too. Thanks for that. Best I can do is call them and keep the call log as proof. I could also send certify mail to verify what kind of terms we agree to. And I'll use a money order for payment and keep the receipt. Seems the best way to verify everything with them. Now I haven't made contact with tow company. A more important issue has arised. Since my parents took me in I have been doing okay on finances for the most part. Well their apartment was condemned by the town. Let's just say there is no water there anymore. Landlord has to pay for their room and I'm not on the lease. So I'm not supposed to stay at the motel. Which makes my fiancé, baby girl, and I homeless again. Things are better this time being homeless. It may be record high (give or take some degrees) now in May. Which is far better than negative 20 in NY. I don't have the XJ anymore, and the MJ is clearly what this thread is about. But I can use my parents' Ford sedan or Jeep TJ as I need. I also have a great job lead which should come through any day now. So things are far better now. As always, thanks for the help, advice and support CC guys!
  3. Good advice, but I can't take it lol. Let's just say I need to stay out of trouble now. Update: nothing follows. I'm a sucker for trying to keep a friendship. He answered a text today but no calls. I might as well go through with the plan to call impound for a deal.
  4. That's my kind of road trip too!! My friends thought I was crazy for taking the 90 XJ with a homemade trailer from NY to AR when I moved. Even more so when I went back to NY with a small uhaul. My 90 XJ story ends with one last crazy trip. I was unable to pay my last shop bill, so I posted it on eBay. A CC member bought it out of state. I convinced him that I would deliver far cheaper than a shipper. Turns out the shop didn't fix the overheating problem. Ran the XJ on a mostly watered down coolant system. So the last trip was done on almost all water in a closed cooling system. But wait, there's more! About halfway I stopped for more gas to be safe. Turn it back on and all interior and running lights are dead... Checked the fuses and guessed it was the headlight switch. Drove the rest of the way with a flashlight to read the gauges every once in awhile. New owner was fairly impressed by the trip.
  5. Excellent help. Much appreciated. I trust certified mail the most, costs a few extra dollars, but worth the extra cost. Thanks again :) Also excellent advice. I plan on doing that in the morning. Pretty much gonna say exactly that lol. They are a big company so maybe I can use that to my advantage too. Thanks again. Current plan: Call the friend after this post is up. (He has been sending my calls to voicemail, which isn't set up. Assuming it goes to non-working voicemail, send a follow up text after the call. Call the tow company about making a deal on just paying for the tow on payday. If that call goes well, let him know that I need the keys mailed by certified mail. If this works out, then I might just avoid small claims court. But might do it anyway for the headache it'll cause. As always, thanks again guys :)
  6. These look cool. When I get a MJ in my hands, I'll have to order some. Good price too!
  7. I didn't give them any of my info so I have considered contacting the police about it being stolen. I was hoping the same thing about reduced fees. Good points about civil suit, its more to prove a point. I've never heard of an impound yard that would cut any deals, but you can always ask. IMHO you should sue your FORMER friend. He certainly didn't do you any favors. You won't get anything, of course, but it'll send a message. It only costs a filing fee to sue in small claims court, and I believe you can have notice of the suit delivered by registered mail. (I'm not sure about that.) More than likely he won't bother to appear at the hearing, since he's in another state, so you'll win automatically. The problem is, you'll get an award in Connecticut, and then you'll have to do something to have it enforced in New York. I don't know how that would work, and that's why you probably won't actually collect anything. The legal costs of transferring the judgment to New York could be as much as whatever you get in the award. Overall, it sounds like a hard and expensive lesson. I agree, with everything you said. It'll be a hell of a lesson for both of us. Good advice too. He has a Ram truck with a blown head gasket, a Harley Davidson that is not registered, and a Honda Big Red. Ram is worth nothing to be and I don't know how to drive the other two lol. But they are worth more and have more collectors and value. Interesting story. My statement about the title was poorly written. In NY, I believe, it is hard to obtain titles. Even for shops. Especially without it being registered and no way as of yet to contact the owner (me). Now I could be completely wrong and you are right, and they could start paperwork any second. And supposedly my friend has the keys so the tow guys have no way to start the truck. With it being an 89, I imagine a steering column would be fairly easy to swap or even an ignition of a similar XJ etc... My phone that had my notes is now dead. But I will estimate about 200-250 was received by me at most. Money was wired so I should have kept the receipts from money wire, but I never do, bad habit. I also agree they won't give it back for free, but I'll have to give my sob story. Army veteran, new father, going to school soon, need to get to doctor appointments... I hate asking for anymore help, but its all true. I think I'll contact them about the situation and arrange payment. That might be possible at auction, if its a public auction and not a private/dealer auction. Good point on sob stories, you don't call tow company generally when things are good lol. I see what you are saying about court. I valued the truck higher than $500, but the Jeep community doesn't lol. We had agreed on a higher price and hence his few payments, totaling around $200-$250ish. I currently have time to sue, but don't have the filing fee or gas to do it at the moment. Toward the top of this MultiQuote I listed what he owns of value. A Ram truck with blown head gasket, Harley Davidson, and a Honda Big Red trike. Ram is essentially worthless to me. Harley I can't drive, but is worth good money. Honda Big Red I can't drive either, but they have a good collector/nostalgic value, especially in CT. Big Red would be closest to my price and easiest to flip and transport. Thanks for all the advice guys, it has really helped settle my mind in the 12 or so hours I posted this thread. This is a great community. You all never fail to help when it is needed. Even if I never get this MJ back, I'll be on here for when I get another MJ... (BTW first attempt at a MultiQuote, hope it worked well!!)
  8. That's a true life lesson. Like it wasn't that long ago I was homeless in the winter with a pregnant girlfriend. So I've tried my best to help others where I can. You know like karma and such. But this is just one case where I got burned badly. I seriously can't help most people anymore. Of course this wasn't the first time something like this happened either. But at least your Comanche story went pretty well :)
  9. Wanted to start this off with a big thank you CC members for everything you all do. Not to long ago my XJ sold to a CC member and we was VERY gracious on delivery conditions with me. Plus he saved the XJ from my local repair shop from keeping/scrapping it since I couldn't afford the shop bill. Now I could use some advice, the legal kind, on my MJ. With the XJ gone, I need my MJ to be my new DD/work truck. Easy right? Well it gets complicated. (Story starts with XJ still running fine, not in shop) I had the MJ posted here and everywhere online. Had one buyer lined up in NY not too far from where it was being stored. Buyer agrees to a time and date. So I hit the road and give him a heads up, hey I'm two hours away. He backs out and I have no second buyer lined up. So now I'm stuck in a conundrum. Do I keep the MJ in storage? Do I trailer it home with no affordable storage? Or do I help a friend and let him use it? .... I decide to let my friend use it on his farm. This seemed like the safest and most thrifty option. MJ wasn't registered, so it'll stay on the farm. Friend falls in love with it especially for with 7 foot bed, good torque, looks, etc... Friend decides to buy it but doesn't have the cash. So we set up a payment arrangement. He sends me some money, about two or three times. Then all of sudden, no contact. His phone is out of service, no money is being sent, can't reach him through anyone we know. Obviously I get mad, but there is nothing I can do, short of driving to NY from CT. So I send up going to NY for other reasons and stop by his farm. MJ isn't there... Gives me a sob story about the phone, money, and lack of truck. Short story is he took the truck into town, with no plates, and got pulled over so now it is in impound. I figure out where impound is and ask how much is storage fee. They say $55 a day. It has been there over a month. So 55x30=1500+ for a $500 truck... So now I'm ever more mad at him. Still haven't received anymore money and truck is impounded still. I'm asking for any advice you guys have. I still have the title but no key. Do I sue my friend? Do I ask impound to work a deal on the bill? (Title would be hard to get for impound guys in NY) Do I take this as a huge loss and life lesson? Is there another option that I don't know about?
  10. The Renegade and Comanche Concept look small online. In pictures they are same size as the XJ. Maybe a few inches shorter. Haven't looked up exact specs but have seen them up close.
  11. Really like the truck. Wish I had the cash. Doubt you want payments on it? I'm looking for work trucks for my new to be small business. And if my friend doesn't return my 89 MJ, then that situation gets messy with him owing me money. Anyway. Nice find :)
  12. I love the 87 2WD red one in NYC... If I magically fall into that kind of cash, I'd hope on it. Cleanest one I've seen in the Northeast in a long time. 1987 2wd 2.5l auto with low miles. Wish it was four wheel drive but I love the combination for the drivetrain. It'd be a great DD.
  13. No sources really. Sorry for slow reply. The Tacoma thing I said is because of the Comanche Concept youtube video. Guy drives the truck and mentions it, I never researched it but assumed it to be true. It's the Internet! While a quick Google search shows nothing saying the new 2016+ Titan is a rebadged F-150, it just looks like it to me.The grill, headlights, and side vent (that what its called?) under the hood all resemble Ford style. A salesman posted one on a local Facebook group and we had fun with it.... (such as: Didn't know y'all sold Fords now... Nice 60k F-150... etc..) I don't see many Colorado/Canyon around me so I didn't even known they were around. I imagine their fuel economy isn't that great.
  14. 88 is a hard year, lots of MJs and XJs made. Problem is its during the Chrysler buyout and transfer. My 88 MJ didn't have a build sheet available online. Found part of it under the bench seat :/ 90 XJ was easier to get. Worth an email to Chrysler anyway.
  15. Akula, you are completely right. Especially with "Ram" only making trucks now. Its genius marketing idea on their part honestly. But obviously times have changed. The small and mid size truck market for new trucks is almost nonexistent now. Ford gave up on the Ranger in 2013, bringing it and Bronco back in 2020. Toyota dropped the Tacoma recently. Mazda can't do trucks without the Rangers, in America at least. The Ranger is still made for Asia. Really cool four door actually, we have them to Afghanistan Army and Police. Nissan's Frontier is still around but the new Titan is a rebadged F-150. Not sure if Colorado or S-10 equivalent is still in production. Part of the problem with trucks in last decade is the president/EPA mandates for fuel economy. They were expected to increase fuel economy but a set date. The full size trucks, Ie F-150, have equal or better fuel economy than say a Ranger. I'm comparing a 2013 F-150 ecoboost automatic transmission to a Ranger of the same year. I remember working at a Ford dealership on 2013. My general manager bought every Ranger available from Ford, local dealerships, paid extra on trade in, and paid good cash for ones off the street. They were gold to him in his eyes, good call for Upstate NY, high gas prices, and near an Army installation. I'm interested in the Comanche Concept as I stated in that thread. I think its the best small truck in a long time. Of course they'll reuse the Comanche name when the time comes. Look at the Cherokee name and the Grand Wagoneer resurgence of names. Interesting times for Jeep and family. I like how Fiat runs the company, advertises, and brands their companies. May not always agree on designs but I'm not always their target market. The new Cherokee took time to grow on me, I was a hater when it was announced and first on the road. Hate the exterior, almost all of the exterior. But love the interior. So yeah there's my two cents or so.
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