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Found 1 result

  1. Wanted to start this off with a big thank you CC members for everything you all do. Not to long ago my XJ sold to a CC member and we was VERY gracious on delivery conditions with me. Plus he saved the XJ from my local repair shop from keeping/scrapping it since I couldn't afford the shop bill. Now I could use some advice, the legal kind, on my MJ. With the XJ gone, I need my MJ to be my new DD/work truck. Easy right? Well it gets complicated. (Story starts with XJ still running fine, not in shop) I had the MJ posted here and everywhere online. Had one buyer lined up in NY not too far from where it was being stored. Buyer agrees to a time and date. So I hit the road and give him a heads up, hey I'm two hours away. He backs out and I have no second buyer lined up. So now I'm stuck in a conundrum. Do I keep the MJ in storage? Do I trailer it home with no affordable storage? Or do I help a friend and let him use it? .... I decide to let my friend use it on his farm. This seemed like the safest and most thrifty option. MJ wasn't registered, so it'll stay on the farm. Friend falls in love with it especially for with 7 foot bed, good torque, looks, etc... Friend decides to buy it but doesn't have the cash. So we set up a payment arrangement. He sends me some money, about two or three times. Then all of sudden, no contact. His phone is out of service, no money is being sent, can't reach him through anyone we know. Obviously I get mad, but there is nothing I can do, short of driving to NY from CT. So I send up going to NY for other reasons and stop by his farm. MJ isn't there... Gives me a sob story about the phone, money, and lack of truck. Short story is he took the truck into town, with no plates, and got pulled over so now it is in impound. I figure out where impound is and ask how much is storage fee. They say $55 a day. It has been there over a month. So 55x30=1500+ for a $500 truck... So now I'm ever more mad at him. Still haven't received anymore money and truck is impounded still. I'm asking for any advice you guys have. I still have the title but no key. Do I sue my friend? Do I ask impound to work a deal on the bill? (Title would be hard to get for impound guys in NY) Do I take this as a huge loss and life lesson? Is there another option that I don't know about?
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