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  1. A company called Uphill mfg popped up in Midland after Nate's vanished. Looked like the same products. Their website seems to have gone down in the last 2 weeks but the Facebook is still active. Krusty, I will keep you in mind when I get closer to completion. Based on the pile of parts showing up I will be busy for a couple months at least.
  2. I've owned 3 YJs all 80s so must have been an option later or I just got really lucky.
  3. Cool thanks. Hunting around for Kentrol YJ wiper arms, headlight buckets and door latch brackets (sick of losing belt loops on the stockers)
  4. Intellitronix updated so I will be hoarding gauges, Summit is offering 25.00 off 300.00 kind of lame. Didnt see anything stellar on 4wd.com, Morris4x4center, extreme terrain or Quadratec. Turns out ebay had the best deal on the winch. Found: Smittybilt X20 12K Winch Intellitronix Gauges for MJ and boat Affordable offroad XJ Slider and and armor EQ 360 Monster heads JCR rear XJ cut and fold Barnes4x4 wagoneer 44 to MJ axle truss and a pair of u-bolt eliminators Still looking for D-SS PRO SPOT SM /2 these seem to be holding at 220.00 may have to stack some summit coupons Tuffy 6.5" YJ center console Kentrol YJ headlight doors (No Kentrol sales so far) Warn Premium wagoneer 44 lockouts 128.00 seems to be the best in town
  5. They are weld in for the XJ project. Those are from affordable off-road. I will be looking into a pair for the MJ eventually, Nate's had some I really liked but they seem to have discontinued them when they reorganized or whatever they did.
  6. So far looks like I will be getting my quarter armor, rock sliders and truss. Summits sales are a joke and Intellitronix lists 40% off select items but I don't see anything discounted on the site. So gauges and winch seem to be in limbo
  7. Affordable off-road will be posting a code for 15% off the entire site and a chance at a 500.00 giveaway. www.affordableoffroad.com Dirtbound off-road 15% off site wide code BF15 20% off DIY and kits code BF20 Free shipping on purchases over 500.00 https://dirtboundoffroad.com/
  8. Barnes 4wd 20% off sitewide through 12/2/19 and some sort of 3 link giveaway that I didn't bother reading about. No coupon code required. https://www.barnes4wd.com/ Wagoneer axle truss and u bolt eliminators here I come
  9. lucked out on 4wd.com last year if they do anything good this year may spring for 35s
  10. I have always hated the Black Friday rush. Running out of Thanksgiving dinner to stand in a line in the cold to get a deal on a low quality TV has never been my thing. However over the last couple years punching in coupon codes and buying a years worth of Jeep parts over 4 days has been quite gratifying (and expensive) So this years shopping list consists of bedsides, bumpers, front axle truss and gauges for the MJ. Winch, Tuffy console and Rigid Leds for the YJ, armor and some other parts for my Brother's XJ (Finally got him partially off the Dodge kick after 15 years). I will be posting codes as I find them and if anyone else finds anything good, toss it up. Hope everyone has fun and stays out of divorce court So far.. https://www.cylinder-heads.com/ 10% Off Your Order thru Nov 30th by using promo code "BLACKFRIDAY" https://www.intellitronix.com/ 15% Off your next purchase Promo code "SEASON" (wait on this one it usually ups to 30-40% on Black Friday)
  11. Donor for his Renix to HO swap...
  12. Throw 40k at anything and it will probably make power and probably be reliable...
  13. I was looking at turbo 4.0s like I do every few months and I found a YouTube video that led to this. https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/turbo-4-0-cherokee-240581/ Pay attention to the July update with the Clifford manifold and 102mm throttle body. Hardest part of turbocharging for us is the computer/fuel delivery https://fitechefi.com/products/30004/ Installing one of these on my brothers NA 360 magnum in a few weeks. From what I have seen it works good on turbo V8s. The only problem that jumps out at me right now is it seems like the 4bbl intakes on the in line motors resulted in outer cylinders running lean and inners running rich. Not sure how problematic this would be. Probably wouldn't get to try this for another year or two but looks fun and possible.
  14. I think it's what's served at some BBQs
  15. Yeah I'm pulling up an old thread. Dakota digital cluster from the wagoneer didn't pan out but this looks promising. https://www.intellitronix.com/product-page/create-a-dash-universal-gauge-kit Installing a new dash in the YJ with Intellitronix gauges. If they hold up without issue the MJ will be next.
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