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  1. Barnes4wd has the truss you need for the waggy front was around 400 I got mine during a black friday sale so ended up paying 300. As for the rear 96-97 rodeo/passport axle
  2. Leaning towards the Zone off-road comanche.
  3. Thanks guys, the baddad looks like a winner, I did not find that one in my travels. Wasn't planning to spend 700 on a manche bumper but it looks to be worth it for what I am up to.
  4. Trying to find a front bumper that will play nice with the Hannemann fenders. Jaime's "Fender" post got me started again. I am looking for something made out of tube but most of what I am finding is discontinued or worse when I open the web link I find out that the bumper is for a RC truck. Those are what I am looking for orange truck has a protofab bumper (discontinued) and the next two are ORFAB bumpers both discontinued. Has anyone seen anything similar in their internet travels that is still in production? This one is from Jaime's post, no clue who made
  5. Resumed work on the front axle (yeah I know I am lazy) Removed the wagoneer carrier and was ready to swap the 99 Isuzu carrier in. Pinion diameter is bigger on the Isuzu, as in Yoke, seal and bearings will not fit. Fortunately I only had 80.00 in that axle. So Friday off the the junkyard for a few 97 or older axles. Just posting this as a warning to anyone trying a 44/44 swap on a Comanche. 96-97 rear axle will work on the rear of a Comanche. 94-97 rear axle internals will work as a donor for a Wagoneer 44 front. 98+ will frustrate you and join the scrap pile.
  6. Incognito mode bypasses the paywall. It gets more pukeworthy from there. Goes on to suggest that the cash for the trailer hitch add on should be donated.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/why-jeep-should-change-its-problematic-monikers-11593197387 I will gladly take any Comanches or Cherokees off your hands
  8. Yes rodeo. Passport was a rebadged rodeo so that works too. The 99 parts axle I'm using for the wagoneer front has the finned aluminum cover. My 97 rear axle had a steel cover with a Dana logo stamped in it.
  9. Everything I find on this subject on other forums is filled with speculation and bad information. I just came up out of the garage and I am almost done with the 44 rear for my YJ. (yeah sorry YJ is getting the first one MJ gets the next one) So here goes. These are 6 lug and match a wagoneer 44. For MJ/YJ you want a 96/97 (anything newer is way too wide with the wrong brackets anything older is 1" narrower) The stock perches are setup for spring under. These all came with disc brakes. If it has drums it is not a 44. These are availabl
  10. So far rebuilding my wagoneer/Isuzu 44 axles for the YJ. Then probably start on a set for the MJ.
  11. I can see this getting out of hand quickly..
  12. A company called Uphill mfg popped up in Midland after Nate's vanished. Looked like the same products. Their website seems to have gone down in the last 2 weeks but the Facebook is still active. Krusty, I will keep you in mind when I get closer to completion. Based on the pile of parts showing up I will be busy for a couple months at least.
  13. I've owned 3 YJs all 80s so must have been an option later or I just got really lucky.
  14. Cool thanks. Hunting around for Kentrol YJ wiper arms, headlight buckets and door latch brackets (sick of losing belt loops on the stockers)
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