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  1. Is there a write up anywhere for adding aux to the factory head unit? At this point I will settle for that.
  2. Oh side note, I even pulled the head unit out of my tj, tried it, and it doesn't work.
  3. I'm really confused. I tested the head unit with the battery trick. It works. My wiring is all correct (I even redid it all just to be safe), the wires are getting power, but it's still not working when I hook it up and try to turn it on.
  4. Dome lights work. Cigarette lighter works. Dash lights work. All fuses are good. I'm going to triple check my wiring harness in the morning. I'm thinking I had to make a mistake somewhere or the head unit is just garbage.
  5. OK so since getting my truck back on the road, I figured its time to get some music going in the cab. My stock radio doesn't work (no antenna currently). I bought a cheap dual headunit from Walmart, got my wiring connector thing, and a mounting kit. I hook everything up, and.. Nothing. Doesn't even turn on. I rechecked all my connections, and they all look good. However there are two extra wires from the connector that aren't in use. One is for dash lights and the other for dimmer. Are these supposed to be connected to something I'm missing? Man I hate wiring.
  6. New battery seemed to do the trick. Its now reading 12.6 while the truck is off and 14.8 while running. Its still idling weird, but I guess that will be my next mission. Thanks for the replies everyone! :thumbsup:
  7. New alternator didn't do the trick. Can't afford a new battery right now, so this will be on hold for a little while.
  8. Picked up a new alternator (one not from autozone) I will be swapping that in when I get some time. fingers crossed
  9. excitement got the best of me. I went out and swapped the batteries just now. Jumped it off, let it charge for about 10 minutes, took the cables off, and it continued to run for a good 15 minutes. When it finally died the battery read 11.60. Which is an improvement, because when I took off the jumper cables, it read 10.3. So I'm still not sure what the culprit is. I would think if it were the alternator, it wouldn't have charge at all on its own, correct?
  10. Picked up a new multimeter. Two of the 3 batteries read 0.0, and the third, read 8.4. So tomorrow I will be swapping in the battery that read 8.4, jump it off again, see if the alternator will charge it up. If not, then I will take the alternator back out and get it tested.
  11. Is that true even if the battery was drained to the point where it won't hold a charge?
  12. So I'm trying to find out why my truck keeps dying. I jumped it off, let the vehicles run for several minutes, took the jumper cables off, and it runs for about a minute, then dies. I also noticed its idling weird. it will idle high, then get really low, then sound like someone is tapping the gas pedal. It will die soon after that. The alternator is brand new, I tried 3 different batteries (can't find my multimeter at the moment to make sure they are good, they are all about 5 years old). So I think I have it narrowed down to the battery, or a connection to the alternator. In the morning I am
  13. I figured it was time to start a build thread for my new truck. It's an 88 Pioneer 4.0L with the 5 speed tranny. 2wd. Someone along the line converted it into this "zombie" themed truck. its cool, but not really my style. I posted a wanted add on craigslist and the PO sent me these pictures asking $1500 As you can see, the PO attacked it with Plastidip :doh: I talked him down to $1250, and ended up getting it for $1150 plus a new alternator. I changed the alternator, checked fluids, got title and tag, drove it for a couple of days, and.. Had to get it towed home.
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