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Found 16 results

  1. I'm thinking about replacing my radiator in my 88 4.0. Does paying more for a "high performance" radiator make the difference? Aluminum vs stock? I've been doing some research and came across the Mishimoto MMRAD but I'm not sure I feel like forking over $400. Does anyone have something they really like? Thanks.
  2. Hey. I just did a cluster swap on my 88 4.0 from dummy lights to gauges. So far everything is working fine except the oil pressure gauge. With the truck off, the gauge is at 40. When I'm moving, the gauge just goes up from there. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone!!! I am officially new to the site, but have been browsing for quite some time as this is the best source of information for my new jeep project. I few months back I was lucky enough to pick up an 88 MJ in good shape. it has the 2.5L, so it is kind of a dog but I'm not trying to race anyone or do any rock crawling at the moment. However, I am in the process of installing a 4.5 Rusty's long arm kit, and ran into an issue late into the project last night; I set the lower arms to right specializations (35 3/8" eye to eye only about 3 full rotations of the joint) and mounted them fr
  4. Hey all. I've been trying to buy this 88 Comanche for a couple of months and he hasn't been able to sell it to me because it won't pass California smog. He's replaced the O2 sensor, sparkplugs, wires, catalytic converter, MAP sensor, dist cap, fixed manifold gasket, adjusted the tps, and still won't pass. I don't have the numbers right now but I'll add them later when I get it. Any thought would be helpful. Thanks.
  5. Several months ago i replaced the orginal front axle for one out of a 94 XJ. During the swap i replaced all front end bushings, ball joints, u-joints, and axle seals. I also installed a rough country adjustable track bar (The truck has an unknown lift that came with it). The front end was aligned right after the swap. After the swap i noticed a hard clunk when going around tight turns mainly switch backs, and when hitting bumps while turning. I had the mechanic that performed the alignment try to search for the cause, but he couldn't narrow it down. The one thing he did notice was that the
  6. I figured it was time to start a build thread for my new truck. It's an 88 Pioneer 4.0L with the 5 speed tranny. 2wd. Someone along the line converted it into this "zombie" themed truck. its cool, but not really my style. I posted a wanted add on craigslist and the PO sent me these pictures asking $1500 As you can see, the PO attacked it with Plastidip :doh: I talked him down to $1250, and ended up getting it for $1150 plus a new alternator. I changed the alternator, checked fluids, got title and tag, drove it for a couple of days, and.. Had to get it towed home.
  7. So, chances are very likely that I will be buying this truck tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone on here has seen this truck before, anyone know any of the history on it? Seller says it's an 88, 4.0, 5 speed. Which is everything i'm looking for, minus 4x4. So I'm pretty excited about it. If I do end up driving it home, I'll post more pictures on friday.
  8. FNG here, call me Grumpy. My MJ is NOT pretty. It has led a tough life. Got her off the 'net for $400 . It was sitting under a tree in a self store, with a flat tire, and windows open. The bed was full of some ladies treasures, leaves, and a foot of water. No water in cab, because driver side floorboard was rusted away. Got her home, cleaned her up, had the flat fixed(rusty rim) bled the clutch - and have been running her ever since. Pulled the manifolds and trued them, new fel-pro gaskets. New vacuum tree, new valve cover gaskets. New waterpump, made a new piece to adjust the belt (the li
  9. I just picked up a 2wd 88 eliminator and id like to do a 4x4 conversion. What all will i need to do to accomplish this task? I believe all i will need will be a front axle trans and matching t-case all linage involved a bell housing and a front driveshaft. Now this is my plan: I'd like to do a Dana 30 with 4:10 gear ratio, a bell housing from a late 93+ Cherokee with the external slave, an AX15 trans with matching NP231 t-case 23 spline, a new center console to account for the 4x4 shifter lever, and a custom front driveshaft. Now am i able to keep my original rear axle or will i have to swap t
  10. Sometimes it is just better to buy something already built. I have wanted a Comanche for a while now and this is almost to the letter what I had in mind building. Couple highlights without going on to much 88 body/chassis with a mix of 88-98 parts Built 4.7 ax-15 ARB front and rear, 4.56 gears 35" tires Warn hubs Roll cage ZJ rear brakes Comanche Club sticker I daily drive this thing. It handles great both on and off road. In the short term a winch and some electrical work. In the long term some body work and paint.
  11. I'll start this off with, this is not a build, it is a hypothetical project that I want to work on in near future. So one day I'm driving around Upstate NY somewhere. And I'm allows on the look out for Jeeps, even have a lame roadtrip game for Jeeps. Then I see a rusty Comanche in a yard. Naturally I pull over to investigate this fairly rare sighting. Go to the owner's porch and knock on the door. He seems confused to see a stranger on his property. I tell him I'm here to talk about the Comanche. I bring up how I am driving my 89 MJ longbed. Instantly earn his respect and attention. Tel
  12. Hows it going I just got a new clutch kit and flywheel for my 88 Comanche also comes with the hydraulic throw out bearing /slave cylinder... I know how to bleed my clutch but I don't know how to bleed a new hydraulic throw out bearing and I think it has to get bled before installing to prevent it from rupture... can anyone please help me thank you
  13. Hey guys, New to the forums here - Glad to find a club specifically dedicated to these diamonds. For my 22nd birthday my dad bought me a 1988 Comanche 4x4 4.0 5 speed for $140 and some old rock sliders off of my XJ (Pavement Princess doesn't need them.) THE FUN STARTS HERE. Let's break down first impressions. She's missing the whole header panel and passenger side fender. The windshield is cracked. The seat is out of a Grand Caravan, and is secured to the floor with... nothing. It's resting on a piece of wood thats deck screwed into the pan. There is some god-awful form of make
  14. HOWDY ALL! So I've been lurking around here for a while researching MJ's and making the decision to buy my first one. I've got an XJ already, but really wanted a long-bed to use for camping on forest roads and as a ski chalet in the winter. Ultimately, I'd like to do a full 4wd (maybe auto) HO swap with 97+ facelift (lmk your opinions on that one), 3" lift and all the comforts of home inside a nice topper. I'm going to try to make this a fun to read thread with lots of updates. I'm making my posts in blue so it's easy to follow. Thanks for reading! Being married, our budget is small; so I
  15. 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4x4, Limited Edition "Olympic Comanche." Only 71,300 original miles! 6 cylinder, 4.0 liter engine, 5-speed manual, bed liner, metal tool box, sliding rear window, new tires, AM/FM/CD. A must see truck! Hard to find another all-original in better condition. Price negotiable. Please call (570) 407-4152 for additional details. http://scranton.craigslist.org/cto/3955560438.html Very nice but very expensive for a 25 year old truck. Not mine.
  16. Hey there Comanche Club. Noobie here. Just wanted to start this as my Build Progresses. Few weeks back I Picked up this beauty an 88 4.0 shortbed Comanche for $1100. Besides the cancer i think she is pretty. Yes I Plow with her. The previous owner had already done some Mods, check out the interior Also Has the 4 inch lift and Nice tires. has the x15 tranny. Frame looks to have no rot surprising up this side of the east coast. Now only owned her for a few weeks and have had to do a break line, waterpump, thermostat and replaced a cracked housing around the water pump. I was going to
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