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Found 11 results

  1. Apologies on reviving an old thread. A month ago I took the oil pan off to replace the gasket and RMS. Doing so, I took the oil pump off to fully remove the oil pan from under the truck. Putting everything back together and starting the truck, I noticed the oil pressure gauge now sits at zero regardless of how long I’ve been driving it. I’ve replaced the sending unit. I’ve disconnected the wire, and the needle went far right, grounded the wire, and the needle went far left (0). I also took the sending unit off and stuck a zip-tie in to see if there was sludge build up
  2. I’m trying to swap a 1992 XJ gauge cluster out a “country” package, into my 1988 MJ Pioneer. I can’t seem t find a proper wiring diagram for either of the models gauge cluster plugs and need some help. I have to use the XJ clusters plug so I need to splice it into the MJs wiring, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Recently purchased a 1988 Comanche with a 1998 4.0L swap. Gas gauge wasn't working and was always sitting on E with the light on. Previous owner told me it was the fuel sending unit. Replaced the sending unit/pump and the gas gauge worked till I took it to the gas station and turned her off. Once I turned her back on the needle was back to 0 with the E light permanently on. Occasionally the needle will go up to a quarter, but the light will stay on and the needle will return to E shortly after. Any ideas?
  4. can't seem to figure out how to disconnect speedo cable from back of speedometer on my 88 mj, 2wd, a/t. Couldnt find any definitive posts or videos. There are 2 retainers ( I'm presuming anyway ). One you can't see. Trying to do gauge ugrade to instruments. So far so good until this. as you can see I haven't figured out how to undo the cable from the shift indicator as well. may go with Ididit indicator kit on column, not sure. I like the cut-out idea on the tach to keep the original indicator too. Thanks
  5. Hey. I just did a cluster swap on my 88 4.0 from dummy lights to gauges. So far everything is working fine except the oil pressure gauge. With the truck off, the gauge is at 40. When I'm moving, the gauge just goes up from there. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. The other day I started up my '92 MJ and noticed the speedometer wasn't working and the radio clock had reset to 12:00. The radio still worked and turn signal lights in the dash worked. I pull the fuses for "Clock" and "Gauges" and they're both blown. I put in new fuses after I get home and the gauges work fine. I set the clock and turn it off. A few days later I start it up and the gauges are dead and the clock is reset to 12:00. I pull the fuses and they're both blown again. Before I start opening everything up, can someone point me to a logical starting point? Should I pull the gaug
  7. Been working on my jeep on and off, mostly done. But life keeps getting in the way.. Anyway, I'm having power issues. My fuel pressure is ~20PSI with vacuum connected, and ~22 no vacuum. Seems low, right? I changed the diaphragm on the rail, same results. There is no ballast in line, direct wired. I'm thinking the fuel pump. Just looking for ideas before I order another pump.
  8. Hey guys I am New here i am now the proud owner of a 1990 4.0l renix thanks to the other forums regarding this, I am 95% complete. I am in the process of swapping out my idiot gauges for a full panel, i have only one issue so far and that is the part number for coolant temperature sending unit. I bought one from autozone its part number is tu108, however i do not know if that is for an idiot switch or for the temperature gauge, if someone has a part number it would be awesome. thanks Dis i have almost every major auto part store near by i prefer, oreillys or autozone(onl
  9. I'm going to add Oil temp, Oil Pressure, water temp, AFR, trans temp, and some other gauges. Questions, Where is the best place to pull oil pressure? Near the factory one would be best, but I can't find any spliters for that. Water Temp, The engine is an HO from 92, and has a factory sensor up on the water neck. but, the old school temp sensor is still on the rear of the block. Can I replace that with a sensor from a gauge? I've looked hard, and and I can't find a "Deep" alum. Transmission pan for the Automatics in these trucks, do they make them? Those usually have a temp sensor h
  10. He guys, I'm looking to find a gauge cluster with working gauges and a tachometer to swap into my 88' MJ. The JYs around here suck so if anyone is around a pick'n'pull and can find an XJ or MJ with one that would be awesome. Please let me know. Thanks, Brett
  11. so this has been an issue since ive gotten the truck only the tach and spedo and mabey the battery light work? the fuel gauge bounces around the temp gauge sits in the blue the oil pressure gauge is stuck over to the right? but just today i was going into town and a friend passed me and he called me asking why i was driving so slow ( my spedo said i was going 65) when i get to about an indicated 68mph the little pointer thing starts jumping around. also is 4000rpm normal for a 86 2.5 4x4 in 5th gear going 55-60? one thing i do know is that my tires are not stock size...i have 235/75/15 now wic
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