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  1. I know lots of people add power steering but how could I remove it just switch to manual. Can i just remove the pump cap the steering box and throw a shorter belt on or do I have to replace the steering box with a manual one. The main thing is i don't want to spend the money to replace the leaky steering box. or should i just suck it up and do it?
  2. For an electric fan i just bought a 16" fan online and a adjustable control er with a radiator probe. its all installed have yet to test it yet working on to many other things. and my belt routing isnt like anything previously mentioned. the truck had factory air and the alt was moved to the ac spot. its a serpentine to.
  3. There is spark and yes its tbi a bad sensor would cause this?....huh....
  4. been working on jeep did the intake/exhaust gasket along with all the other gaskets involved egr tb ect got everything hooked all wires sensors vacuum lines hooked back up go to start the engine turns over but doesnt start look down the throttle body and crank it getting fuel and the engine is getting spark but still no start. the cap rotor wires plugs coil are all 6 months old and everything is fine. why won't she start? could it be timing componets? you would here that you would think?
  5. i got a rusty dodge dart with a 904 and a slant six with 65k on it sitting in my front yard i get 24mpg with that sucker and besides the oil leak that i need to fix the thing is great (engine not the car. car is pos lol) these engines can't go wrong i know someone with a old d100 with a /6 that has over 300,000 on it runs great. and on the multi port check this out.http://www.slantsix.org/articles/dibiase_efi/efi-conversion.htm he uses all junk yard parts basically. its a gm setup but I'm sure you could do something similar with the renix like u say. since i got my jeep ive always wondered about swapping a /6 in that sucker. just way to long(for my 86 that is)
  6. yes the fan controller i purchased has a relay and i think i got a extra fuse holder someplace around here
  7. ya ill have to end up just going to the fuse box i just didnt want to have to run the wire into the cab haha thanks tho ill do that
  8. really like your jeep have went though your thread before because there is not alot of people doing anything with 4banger jeeps so i like seeing another 2.5 out there being used and enjoyed!
  9. I'm pretty much done with the electric fan swap but have run into an issue with the wiring part. the fan is just a single speed 16 inch fan and i got the normal controller and wiring kit with a radiator probe i have all the wires done now except the controller wire lead needs to be connected to something that is "hot" in run only neither of my books have good diagrams so i figured my best bet was to come here! so basically what would be a good wire i could splice into for the controller power on a 86 2.5. i can post more info on controller fan pictures if yall need. thanks for any assistance!
  10. thought just popped into my head...has anyone done custom gauges on your dash? be cool to see some pictures ideas ect. just throw out any ideas on what you think if ya want.
  11. the exhaust manifold studs for a 2.5 are 3/8-16 1.75 inches long it looks like and the intake manifold bolts are 3/8-16 1.25 inches long just for finding the sizes of various bolts and nuts try hear, http://www.factorychryslerparts.com, hope this helps
  12. That is great! Because I'm afraid of those breaking to but what about the intake manifold bolts the top ones??
  13. Doing some tinkering today and noticed that a couple of the bolts are missing.the ones that attach the manifold to the head.(this would probably explain the vacuum leak) anyone know the size of these guys would be greatly appreciated (p.s i did look in the bolt screw section wasn't there)
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