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  1. I agree, if I didn't spend so much money going out drinking my MJ would have been finished long ago.
  2. My new favorite craigslist add. Classic
  3. maddzz1

    Flv Malware

    It may be from a toolbar/search bar that u loaded by accident. Spent many hours fixing the computer at my work after this happened. Had to remove the files individually from IE, Firefox, and chrome. here's a great link shows how to check and remove it (the search/toolbar can have a different name but all basically from conduit): Whenever you download a video player or something and its says regular(recommended) or custom, choose custom. The only difference when you click custom is you can stop it from loading annoying toolbars. Also, I like super antispyware better than malwarebytes. I've run it after malware bytes and its found over 100 things that malware missed.
  4. I always seem to find extra nuts/bolts when i put things back together. I bag and label everything but there is always something left over, does this happen to anyone else? I swear someone is messing with me and throwing extra nuts/bolts/screws in the bags when I'm sleeping.
  5. Ill be putting my lift on in a few weeks. Come do some wrenching and u can have the old ones. The pass side may have one broken leaf, if u have your old set you can swap that leaf out.
  6. Those two pics of the relays are the same, just taken from opposite sides. First pic is from the view of the pass side, the other is the view from the drivers side.
  7. here's a nice write up (with lots of pics): http://comancheclub.com/topic/7656-making-xj-buckets-work-in-a-mj/
  8. Are u using the little round flare piece to measure and make sure you don't have too much or too little brake line sticking thru the flaring tool before you start to flare. Too much or too little line will make the flare not press into the fitting properly and not seal right causing the leak. Also, if you have a cheap flaring tool (like mine) and tighten it down too tight on the brake line it will warp the line causing a bad fit. Ask me how I know?
  9. Sometimes it takes like 5 min for a post to pop up, and the screen just freezes where you post. You have to click the forum button at the top to get off the screen, and in the main forum your post isn't showing so it looks like it never posted. If you try to click on the thread you tried to post in it brings you to a screen that says comancheclub.com database error
  10. HAYNES: Simply Translation: A word that should never be used in conjunction with such shatty instructions
  11. Hay HAYNES: Simply Translation: A word that should never have been used in this book.
  12. It was a while ago, but I'm almost positive it was one of the small red wires next to the battery, going to the starter realy
  13. I had this problem on mine when i got it, It was a bad wire near the battery and the fusible links. I think it was one that went to the starter relay i think.
  14. Dummy lights? :hmm: It has all the usual gauges on a full cluster, Fuel, Tach, Volt, Oil PSI, Coolant temp. I was asking if the board you needed was the same in both clusters (the one with dummy lights and the one with gauges)? I have a dummy light cluster that I could pull the board from. But Correy said it won't work with yours because yours has the gauges.
  15. Is it the same as the one with the dummy lights? If it is I may still have my old one and can send it to you? I may have thrown it away tho.
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