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  1. yes, that black box is the set up i have. could it cause my issues?
  2. not sure about the I'm bolts but 2 of the 3 exhaust manifold bolts are sheered off since iv'e had her, about 8 years. my son had her on a road trip about 5 years ago and the down pipe let go off the manifold. well him being knowledgless about engines, just drove it nd WHEN it caught fire, it fried the entire vacuum harness and most of the lines. that map sensor tubing is pieced together with a few different sized tubbings but is not leaking. that line goes on the bottom tb fitting correct? and the second fitting is connected to a port on the side of a 1990 something metal valve cover from a wrangler correct?
  3. my 87 2.5 with the AW4 when shifted into reverse stumbles with lower rpm's than in drive to the point that she stalls 95% of the time and the other 5% you have to feather the throttle while holding the brake. i know the egr is bad but has never affected the reverse operation before. i don't know if the other problem i'm having is related or not but she also is very very (near impossible) to start half the time when warm, unless i pull the intake to throttle body hook up from the tb. it looks, smells,and cranks like she's flooding out. if i manually work the throttle plate while not running, she will then start. what is the name of the part that has the little button like plunger in the linkage that (i think) is supposed to allow fuel to remain in the tb for a faster next start. would this part cause either or both of my problems? if not, can someone point me in the right direction? thanks in advance, i can say that cause you knuckle heads have never failed me yet.
  4. i've got this for the 2.5 87 renix
  5. getting ready to pull my manifold due to sheered off front and rear bolt heads so i will be interested in the answer here too. i do know that the reason the 2.5 exhaust mani bolt heads sheared was because the original factory torque specs had all 3 at the same. there was a recall i believe that re-torqued the end ones at a lower torque so just a heads up make sure u have the updated specs and not the original.
  6. asking for a friend. he has a 1996 4.0 cherokee and when cold out she has a no start condition. warms up, fires right up and runs great. tried either and the 1st time was no start but tried a second and she fired up and ran great. she does crank strong. this problem is only on cold weather days. wheele her in doors and a while later, bang, starts and purs. ideas??
  7. guys, with out breaking the bank, whats my best options as far as new t-case linkage goes? mine's old tired, rusty, and hasn't seen 4 low in a while.
  8. do you have any of the jeep logo'd steely center caps? and a set of oem steely wheel covers for an 87 mj 2.5 with 15" wheels? how about a vacumme harness for that 87 TBI 2.5?
  9. my other rides and not to offend some but my true passion.
  10. new Moog hubs and bearings and brakes
  11. if your calipers are working fine now, i would just replace the guide pins with new well lubed ones. .
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