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  1. 2 questions, #1, is this the sensor located in the intake manifold known as the MAT sensor. #2, will it work in my 87 2.5? i know my MAT is nla, and i also know that there was different ones with different input/output values so just any one won't work.
  2. this guy does a pretty good job for not being an enthusiast.
  3. replaced my plastic original cover on my 2.5 with an aluminum cover from a 93 i believe, wrangler with no problems.
  4. while you're at it, clean the ports on the tb, on my 87 2.5 AW4 the port on the tb from the valve cover was so clogged up, it took me the better part of an hour to coax that stuff out. when done, idle along with all running conditions was 110% better.
  5. where did you make your cuts and i wonder if they'll be the same for my 2.5
  6. i had that issue. snapped right in 2. i found that on a windy day if you throw it with the wind, they fly quite well, all the way to the back of the yard, over the fence and into the woods.
  7. as far as the screw that will live in infamy, try turning the hose on it or wacking it with a broom. that's what mom and pop did when the dogs got screwed together.
  8. i'm from philly, we have our very own dialect. Like,(i'm goin over muncles house), or,( ya gonna doit lygiss or lygat?)
  9. i said it before, and i'll say it again, map gas and an angle grinder although it looks like you may have used 50/50 acetone and atf too.
  10. hey, hey, hey, i resemble that remark. 410k on the clock,
  11. oh, i have to get in on this. Sorry OP. Map gas along with an angle grinder. seriously though, can you get a pair of tin snips on it?
  12. This popped up on my marketplace feed. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/173603331191989/
  13. thanks for the replies fellas. i'm going to keep her. i just could never give a vehicle up that when sitting at a light along with any other group of brand new trucks, without fail, they are all looking at mine. same goes with my bmw.
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