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  1. does not conect to anything. try putting the truck in reverse and give it a quick stab of the accelerator then brake.
  2. This is in regards to the fuel spitting up through the hole correct? If so, is the spring chamber in the fpr?
  3. gonna get into it this weekend. i'll geterdone
  4. tell me about it. i changed the cps and the old one says RENIX on it.
  5. i'm gonna say the H.G. is good due to the lack of cross contamination between fuel and coolant.
  6. SUPPOSED TO ONLY GO THROUGH INJECTORS. It is shooting up out of that hole in the pic above, like 4 or 5 inches straight up. what is that orifice's purpose? i can find nothing refering to it either on line or (now don't lol) in the haynes manual.
  7. well, it certainly does flow more gas into the engine. lol imho one or more of the sensors that are related to the ecu determining fuel to air mixture are nfg. the truck with all her faults starts right up on the coldest of days but once warmed up tp operating temp, the ecu is still receiving cold engine info hence the gas shooting up through that orafice and flooding her out. just a shade tree guy here but from what i can gather, it's the O2 sensor, the MAP, only 2 years old but going to test to be sure, the CTS, TPS, and the MAT
  8. No, not yet but since my sone used it for a 300 mile road trip and on said trip exhaust became unattached from down pipe, the ensuing fire fried the vac. Harness, and electrical connections in surrounding neighborhood. It's still in the truck but while throwing a new O2 sensor in her along with a CPS I wanted to get a jump on what and where I could get 1 if needed. While I have ur attention I included a pic of the hole inside the TB that gas shoots up out of on warm start ups. She's flooding out.
  9. Have been researching for a MAT sensor and what iv'e found was Tomco 12134, GM. 25036751, and a combination of WELLS su343 and su113 for my 87 2.5. can someone post an absolute will work first time rout i can take?
  10. not to threadjack but i will. on the lower photo, what is the very small hole on the inside of the carb throat for? my 87 2.5 has been, what seems to be flooding out when trying to be restarted after it's warm and fuel squirts up out of this whole.
  11. Happy Holidays Guys, My son just bought a 96 cherokee sport 4.0 automatic 4x4. the truck needs front end work. From a quick visual she needs tie rod ends, sway bar links ball joints or the suspension parts with ball joints already installed, steering stabilizer and shocks, probably a trac bar too. is there a fairly decent budget priced kit available or a vender that sells something that's not junk and won't brake his bank?
  12. The cable is unattached from the trans linkage nipple. The hayes manual says release the locking clamp , attach the cable then depress the clamp to lock in place. Question is,where is that locking clamp? And is it accessible from beneath or above in the console.
  13. I'm hoping that is the case. What would be my worse case scenario?
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