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  1. i have the same cards. came with Laredo's.
  2. crank no start=check for spark and fuel crank and fuel but no spark= test crank sensor crank and spark but no fuel=check fuel pump and pump relay and filter
  3. crank position sensor is my first guess. next time it does it, pull plug wire from plug, remove plug reattach wire to plug. using INSULATED pliers hold plug as close to a body ground (any area of the body that is bare metal and the plug can reach)without touching it and have a helper try to start it, if no spark and not starting i would go straight to the crank sensor. don't just replace it, there's a test you can do and if bad, DO NOT i repeat, DO NOT replace it with auto parts generic 20 dollar brand. i think Napa has oem or the dealer. stay as far away from off brand sensors as possible. if I'm off the mark here you gurus please feel free to correct me,
  4. it's cool she can dish it out as well as take it. 35 years we've been together.
  5. i'm only 5'11" but I'm 220 and 66 years old. it took me years to figure a way of working under the dash but back then i knew i had to be prepared for old age. my solution? the newest updated honey under dash repair wife. with the new honey under dash repair wife you'll no longer have head rushes while coming out from under your dash for that wire splicing tool you forgot. the honey under the dash tool will do the job for you. headlight switch burn up, easy as 1, 2, 3. the tool as we refer to it,(oh, note to self, don't talk about the tool in the 3rd person, it hates that) even cleans up after it's self. my tool is the upgraded unit, i ordered it with the FSM's for the 87 Comanche, my sons 96 XJ. the 02 Ram, and with my 1 free import FSM included with purchase i got the 1986 BMW 3 series. below we see the tool replacing the brake light switch. i highly recommend the Honey Under the Dash repair tool. Also available in both dish and cloths washing models and the soon to be released Netflix and chill, and shoulder massaging versions. they were going to release a cooking model but it was cancelled due to burning toast problems that could not be worked out.
  6. can these front and rear harnesses be fitted to the 2.5?
  7. mine has don that since i've had her. snapped off exhaust manifold studs. i liken her to a line from tommy lee jones in space cowboys when he's describing the SR71 Blackbird. "down here on the ground she leaks oil and hydraulic fluid all overbut get her up to 80,000 feet and all the seals swell up , and she just" I forget the rest, any how, that's what my 4 angry squirlls do, when she warms up the metel swells up and stops the cooler air from getting in and she just purrs. Ok, maybe i might have bin a little base when comparing my 242,000 mile 2.5 to the SR71, the SR71 has floor boards.
  8. i almost sprung for these but i got reigned in by the wife. something about i still have both sets the truck came with.
  9. castrol semi syn. 15/40 238k on the mj and 410k on the 86 bmw e30. imho, the older high mileage engines love the diesel additives.
  10. 2 questions, #1, is this the sensor located in the intake manifold known as the MAT sensor. #2, will it work in my 87 2.5? i know my MAT is nla, and i also know that there was different ones with different input/output values so just any one won't work.
  11. this guy does a pretty good job for not being an enthusiast.
  12. replaced my plastic original cover on my 2.5 with an aluminum cover from a 93 i believe, wrangler with no problems.
  13. while you're at it, clean the ports on the tb, on my 87 2.5 AW4 the port on the tb from the valve cover was so clogged up, it took me the better part of an hour to coax that stuff out. when done, idle along with all running conditions was 110% better.
  14. where did you make your cuts and i wonder if they'll be the same for my 2.5
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