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  1. Took the early 2000s aftermarket radio out and replaced it with a stock tape deck from a 96 Cherokee. Looks much better and just in time for cassette tapes to make a big comeback.
  2. 1990 Comanche 4.0, manual trans, 2wd, short bed White exterior, charcoal grey interior .Found in a junkyard in southeast VA. It is in rough shape and mostly picked over. Only got a pic of the interior.
  3. Three of the renix jeeps at the yard had the cruise control unit on the firewall so I may try and piece together the rest of the system.
  4. One of the nearby junkyards got a 1990 Comanche in last week so I went down this morning to pull what I could. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it and got all the good stuff. I looked around and found 4(!) renix era Cherokees to grab from and got these two parts that I am not sure what they are for. I found this yellow box on the floor of an ~87 or 88 Cherokee. It has a few adjusting ports labeled sensitivity, speed, and centering. Cruise control computer or something else? I also found this overhead console looking part on the headliner of another Cherokee. What would have been mounted in it? Nothing was inside it at the junkyard and I figured it could be a good place to add an auxiliary switch.
  5. Sic Semper Tyrannis
  6. Picked these up off ebay. 1984, 1986, and 1987 Cherokee sales brochures and a 1986 Jeep accessories catalog. Id like to upload some high quality scans of them, but don't have a big enough scanner right now.
  7. Thats the truck I saw earlier this year. I've never seen one with the same paint scheme as mine until then and I couldn't believe how clean it was. I think this truck had some interior work done since the seat and door panel fabric look different than mine. This will be tempting to buy, but $8k is a little steep since I got mine for $2.4k several years ago.
  8. Moving a pile of paving bricks from one part of the yard to another
  9. I have been having the same problem recently. Truck starts up fine, but if I try starting after I shut it off, it puts up a fight and keeps cranking. I suspect the fuel pump is starting to go, so its getting replaced this weekend and I will report back if that fixed the problem.
  10. Thats the truck. It has to be one of the cleanest comanches out there and I'm glad its still on the road.
  11. I don't see too many Comanches out on the road and have never seen another with the same two tone paint scheme as mine so I was surprised to see this guy on the highway. This is my 87. I wonder how many of these silver-brown trucks they made.
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