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  1. Buxmj,dzimm,Eagle ,Thanks. For your response . I will try to get some before and after photos of the project .. Like I’ve always said it only cost 80% more to go first class. Later.
  2. Dzimm,Thank you for your response I was starting to think no one new the answer or cared about my concerns . At 66 I ask questions before anything . Your response is my decision it is so hard to find parts locally could I just use the local bedside,with out freight charge with no rust ?. My bed is full of rust spots , I hate to cut up a good short bed , I guess the price with freight for the new side is close to the same ,thanks again for your help. Stroker
  3. Thank you for your reply , I am in Huntington WV.. Just 5 hours from Pittsburgh I can contact locals if they go to your city or area. I can not get to my truck ,but I thought the bed and frame would un bolt behind the cab for a easy swap. I have not been under the truck .
  4. Hi men I have a 1986 long bed and need a drivers side bed side . Found a local short bed with a couple of dents for sale. What has been done on the easiest to change the beds? Will the rear axle slide forward on the short frame , yes I do about the unibody construction . First time caller long time listener.. thanks for your help
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