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  1. Oh and the kicker, I have a classic car show I'm entered in Sept 8th, so I have to get this done asap.
  2. Hey fellas, I've searched the forums and can't find any answers. I'm building my own lift kit based on a suggestion from a guy on "All Things Jeep Comanche" on facebook and I've come to a standstill. Here's what I've got for it so far. RE RE1300 3.5" Coil Springs for the front. I'm keeping the stock 2WD leaf pack in the back and putting on Chevy 2" drop shackles, which should net me 3" lift in the back. My question is which shocks should I get? It will primarily be my DD and maybe some light off-road use, until I do a 4WD conversion. Eventually...
  3. Rust Free Doors

    doors close.JPG

  4. Brett I have pixs on Craigs under Jeep Parts.

  5. I might go grab em’ all. These should be there a bit, he said they haven’t moved in 5 years, so I don’t think he’ll crush em’.
  6. Per side. I just picked up one driver side for mine.
  7. I was trying to replace my drivers side door, since somebody hit it. Thanks though.
  8. I’ll be selling them for the same price I pay for them plus shipping. Not trying to make money. it took me four years to find one replacement tail light that wasn’t $250 on eBay. I'm putting this out there to see if it’s worth me buying up the last three tail lights from my local junk yard. (I took the one I’ve been looking for, obviously). Just trying to to pass on the lucky find. I found them for $100 each.
  9. Found some OEM tail lights in good(ish) condition. Does anybody need? I pulled one driver side, but there’s more. This is just to see if anybody needs em’.
  10. Damn auto correct. Not planning* prerunner*
  11. 4.0 with a stock Dana 35. I plan on regearing and possibly upgrading the diff. But for now it’s all street use. Not it planning on heavy off-road since it’s 2WD. Like I said, maybe pretender style with sand in mind and light trails. Also I'm not opposed to trimming. Had my eye on some flat fenders, which require trimming. Just don’t have the $$$ To buy a lift, wheels/tires and flares.
  12. Alright y'all, I have scoured the forums to try and get an idea on what size rim and tire I need for my setup. I just need a little guidance from those that have done this before me. I'm about to install a 3" or 4.5" lift on the truck and I want to get the best size tire/wheel combo that I can fit, preferably without major fender trimming. I'm looking at either 32" or 33" X 11.5" by R15". Which do you think will work the best with these lift options? Also, depending on what tire I get, should I get a 15X7 rim or 15X8? I also have 1" spacers already inst
  13. you have any pics? I'm in Denton, 38 miles north of Ft. Worth. interested in a driver side door.
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