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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I was looking for some info on gauge clusters. The one in my mj is fine, but its the one with no tach and the dummy lights. I would like to switch it out for actual analogue gauges. I found a whole cluster on ebay and when I went to buy it, it had been sold. Now my question is there some sort of way to build your own gauge cluster in the original location or will it take too much work?
  2. can't seem to figure out how to disconnect speedo cable from back of speedometer on my 88 mj, 2wd, a/t. Couldnt find any definitive posts or videos. There are 2 retainers ( I'm presuming anyway ). One you can't see. Trying to do gauge ugrade to instruments. So far so good until this. as you can see I haven't figured out how to undo the cable from the shift indicator as well. may go with Ididit indicator kit on column, not sure. I like the cut-out idea on the tach to keep the original indicator too. Thanks
  3. Search failed me - Is the electric speedometer on the HO more or less a standalone component, as in as long as you have the cluster and the little tach gen box that goes on the speedo drive and a couple wires it will work? Or does it integrate with something like the PCM/ECM/whatever other magical boxes and miles of wiring? I want to use one for a swap rather than a cable drive simply so I don't have to route a cable. It just seems like a better solution. Yes Hornbrod, I am admitting that certain Chrysler components are better.
  4. Is it possible to put the HO electronic speedometer in the Renix cluster, or put the other Renix gauges in a HO cluster, in order to make a hybrid cluster that will work with the Renix sending units (temperature and fuel level) but allow you to run an electronic speedo? Obviously you would need to at least add a few wires to the chassis side of the harness, plus if using the Renix cluster you would either need the HO circuit board for it or to add those wires to the cluster. I'm not sure if the pin location is similar on the plugs, or if you could adapt/splice to make it work. Is this anything that anyone has ever tried?
  5. so for the longest time ive been using the proper speedomenter gear (according to the charts) for a 31" tire with a 4.10 diff ratio. but my speedometer is still off compared to several GPS apps. According to General Tire my Grabber AT2 tires are 30.8" tall, but when i measure them on the jeep the front is 29" and the rear 29.5" I also don't know if using full time 4wd affects the speedometer. So my question is after checking my tire pressure again when i get home. should i use a gear that matches the manufacturer tire size or actual installed tire height?
  6. My dad had the truck at the farm and hit a couple bumps, stalled, and would not restart. Had it towed home, I poked around, jiggled a few wires, would not start. Jiggled a few more wires and it started fine... I drove it around the yard a bit hitting bumps and I could not stall it. I let it run and tapped the ecm and a bunch of other relays, sensors, and harnesses. The fuel gauge doesn't work but every now and then it will start moving. I've double and triple checked the ground wires for it. Fresh and clean at the rear tail light and then another closer to the sending unit. But I have a feeling its the actual sending unit or whatever that thing is that holds the pump in place. The speedo has gone weird after this incident, it will sink further down at idle or going reverse but reads upwards fine. I need some more heads.
  7. so this has been an issue since ive gotten the truck only the tach and spedo and mabey the battery light work? the fuel gauge bounces around the temp gauge sits in the blue the oil pressure gauge is stuck over to the right? but just today i was going into town and a friend passed me and he called me asking why i was driving so slow ( my spedo said i was going 65) when i get to about an indicated 68mph the little pointer thing starts jumping around. also is 4000rpm normal for a 86 2.5 4x4 in 5th gear going 55-60? one thing i do know is that my tires are not stock size...i have 235/75/15 now wich replaced 215/75s but talking to the guy i bought it from said that those wernt stock size either he just took them off his xj and put them on the mj...i got the build sheet from the door jamb and under tires it says 6374 whatever that means? mabey this shouldve been split up into multiple post idk...anything would be great
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