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  1. Forgot about that. It's got that white screw/plunger thingy in front of the brake pedal arm.
  2. Little bump and a little price drop to $3700. The torque converter doesn't stay locked after about 30 minutes of driving. So instead of cruising at 62mph at 2000rpm, it's 2300rpm. My switch works just fine. Fluid level is good. Solenoids are new. No idea what it could be. It's rare I drive it that long.
  3. Back on sale since I am back in Connecticut. Couldn't find employment down south. $4,000. Would consider a trade for a 1970's ford 4x4 pickup or a 85-92 Ford mechanical diesel.
  4. $4000 and a bump. Any big interest down south? I'm going to the South Carolina coast, if there's a major interest I can try to find a way to move it down faster.
  5. Posted it locally on Cragislist https://newhaven.craigslist.org/cto/6725619115.html I can go a little lower on the price for CC members contacting me through here.
  6. A couple things I overlooked: Odometer reads 107,392. Hitch is wired with a 4 pin harness.
  7. 1988 MJ long bed, 'big ton', Dana 44, Straight-6, automatic. 15 years ago when I bought it, the engine was rebuilt by the previous owner with a .010 overbore, forged pistons, and a new camshaft. I have probably only put 10,000 miles on it. I've only used synthetic oil. Unfortunately, no paperwork for it. Flowkooler high volume water pump Hesco high flow thermostat housing with new thermostat, 195. Custom exhaust, thrush basic muffler, sounds lovely. New Alternator New Battery New Starter New track bar, rod ends, tie rod, drag link New driver side front Hub. Relatively new tires on aluminum wheels. 30X9.5r15 Radiator has less than 10k on it. Ford 19lbs V8 fuel injectors Grand Cherokee brake booster and master cylinder Doors from a 94 cherokee, they are removable and the window cranks work perfectly. Quick fresh paint with a brush. Did a lot of rust control. It ain't pretty but it works and easy to touch up. Manual electric fan Basic set of Quadratec brand driving lights. Wired to their own switch. Water temperature gauge plugged into the overflow tank lines, the probe is really long and won't fit into the thermostat housing. Rewired the speakers. Put some nice JBL's behind the seats and some cheaper 3.5” speakers under the dashboard. A head unit that goes with it, just not plugged in right now. CB radio wired and mounted above the transfer case, no antennae. Removed the bed and replaced a lot of frame steel. Did some myself then the rest by SVE Performance here in Connecticut. They only work on Jeeps. There is still one spot under the passenger door. Cut back the rust and folded in the fenders. Replaced some of the steel in the driver rocker, just tek screws and sealer but it's holding well. The passenger side was much worse, I removed a lot of it and sealed the pillar to keep critters out, I just never got around to building a new patch. I will give the buyer a nice sheet of 20ga steel to fix it up. Repaired the floors as best I could, the passenger side is good, the driver side, not so much; just some gussets from scrap I had lying around. Insulated the trans tunnel. New transmission solenoids. (I didn't need to do this, it was another issue. Originals still work) Manual torque converter lockup switch. I don't know why the tqc stopped working, thought it was the solenoids, so I wired in a manual switch next to the transfer case lever. Beefy custom hitch from previous owner. 22 gallon fuel tank. The original J-hook mounts rotted away so I bolted the straps into the bed. Replaced the busted rear brake height valve with hard lines. Posi-lock front axle replacing the vacuum system. A lot of spare parts go with it; gaskets, water pump, two wheels, a brand new tire, a flowmaster muffler, sending units (including a brand new one from delphi that may or may not work but it looks close enough) bunch of other little stuff. It rains inside sometimes. I can't find it. But during heavy rain, there will occasionally be some pools of water in the foot wells. Brake lights can be finicky. Something with the switch. The wiper motor isn't that good. Rear brakes can lock up in the wet weather. Passenger front caliper I think is a little sticky. Some rear leaf springs are different lengths, I don't know the details of this but the main leafs and the thick metric ton leafs are there. There are a couple small rust holes along the seams of the bed wheel wells. Power steering pump is a little weak when cold. $3,700. Located in 06484 Shelton, Connecticut. Original color and primered Frame Repairs Interior Engine bay Chassis Unfinished work
  8. I'm looking to do this but I'm not good at electrical. It just doesn't click in my brain like other things. Where/how does the new harness wire into the switch to turn em on/off? With all the wires snaking around under the hood and dash it seems easier to just do an entirely new switch than using the factory plunger switch. I have a Renix if that matters.
  9. Looks like it will be okay welded. The bolt threads through fine I just need a fresh one. Someone tried to fix this in the past because some of the bracket bolts had anti-seize and the adjustment sleeve itself had JB weld :doh: . I think my crummy welds will do fine. Thanks for the offer Schardein, but save those for someone else in need.
  10. Today I removed my power steering bracket to drill out a broken bolt. I then found this: The adjustment bolt sleeve snapped in half, probably a long time ago, from the bolt seizing, I've always been able to adjust the belt with the two bolts behind the ps pump. I have not found any new replacement parts, doubt I ever will, and this being a Renix 4.0, my local junkyard probably doesn't have any. Anyone know if the HO stuff would work? There is a 95 XJ being parted out nearby. I'll grab the block bracket and the adjustment bracket that sits behind the pulley holding the sleeve in. If not, I'm going to try and weld the sleeve back together and hope the threads line up so I can remove the bolt or at least just shove it back in the way it was....
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