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  1. Little update for you guys, I picked up the 1990 cluster and got it mounted in. Everything seems spot on beside the oil pressure gauge, I may have to replace my pressure sensor. Thanks a lot for your help I really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for help and advice guys. I’ll hopefully be grabbing the 1990 full cluster in the morning and throwing it in
  3. By 1987-1990 full cluster are you talking about an XJ cluster or MJ? I searched for an MJ full cluster for quite some time now and can’t find one anywhere that isn’t under 400$ The XJ clusters are way more available and cheaper and I know where I can get one out of 1990 already.
  4. I’m trying to swap a 1992 XJ gauge cluster out a “country” package, into my 1988 MJ Pioneer. I can’t seem t find a proper wiring diagram for either of the models gauge cluster plugs and need some help. I have to use the XJ clusters plug so I need to splice it into the MJs wiring, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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