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  1. The shorter arms came in on Friday and was able to get everything lined up and get the rest of the lift on... Needs a alignment and maybe an SYE kit. Thanks again for all the help!!
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone for there insight in regards to my issue!! Believe I have it figured out now and will get this Jeep back on the road this weekend πŸ˜πŸ‘ I will post an update of the finished product! Thanks again for all the help!!!
  3. Just got off the phone with the folks at Rusty's and they were more than helpful!! I let them know that 2.5 AX5 transmission also bolts to the forward mounting location and would need the shorter arms as well. Maybe it will make it's way to their website, so this issue doesn't pop up again. I hope to swap out the lowers this weekend and get Jeep on the road!!
  4. I could do that... But since I already have the bracket mounted would it be easier to get the tubes replaced or cut the ones I have? By cut I mean cut the welds remove insert then cut tube 2” and weld the insert back into place.
  5. This makes sense but if you look at my bracket there are two silver hex bolts that that threaded vertically into the existing holes used for the stock crossmember, and the replacement crossmember with LCA mounts went in the exact same location. If I notch the bracket and move everything back then my crossmember will not line up with the transmission mount; which leaves me to believe my frame brackets are in the right location but my arms are too long or my front axel's geometry is totally off.
  6. I'll see about that... I doubt they will want to just send replacements since I have installed on the Jeep already, but I'll see what they say. ThanksπŸ‘
  7. Ok, so what I will try and do is lift the truck get the axle set on jackstands in the exact position (or close too) it would be sitting using weighted string from bumb stop meathod; making sure caster is correct. Thread the lollypop all the way into LCAs and if they are too long I will have to shorten the arms.
  8. The only difference i was told was if it has a Peugeot transmission the crossmember would sit two inches forwards so it comes with 2 inch shorter LCAs ... same with the XJs i beleive.
  9. Well the crossmember is lined up with the bracket and holes in the frame rail, but the axle does not seem to be... LOL Link to the pdf directions: http://www.rustysoffroad.com/media/instructions/RK-405LT-XJ.pdf
  10. Correct the crossmember is sandwiched w/the LCA brackets is sandwiched between the frame rail and frame strengthening bracket. The two silver hex bolts running vertical into the frame use existing crossmember threaded holes in frame rail. Would not be able to move this forwards or backwards, because then the crossmember would not line up with transmission.
  11. The LCA brackets are mounted to the new cross member, so the way it is installed is the only way... and the cross member matches up perfectly with the transmission mount as it is now.
  12. One more that give a better picture of the angle of the spring.
  13. So here are the pictures after we sat back on the ground... I know the uppers aren't adjusted right, but I had wrap things up in a hurry.
  14. Hello Everyone!!! I am officially new to the site, but have been browsing for quite some time as this is the best source of information for my new jeep project. I few months back I was lucky enough to pick up an 88 MJ in good shape. it has the 2.5L, so it is kind of a dog but I'm not trying to race anyone or do any rock crawling at the moment. However, I am in the process of installing a 4.5 Rusty's long arm kit, and ran into an issue late into the project last night; I set the lower arms to right specializations (35 3/8" eye to eye only about 3 full rotations of the joint) and mounted them fr
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