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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys I just bought my first Mj 89 2wd long bed and honestly don’t know what to do or where to get parts. The way I’m thinking is first change the bench seat to bucket seats, then get a lift don’t know if 3 in or 4.5 in works best. And then lastly trying to convert it into a 4x4. I’ll probably do more but those are the main ideas I have now. Any tips or tricks to help me get the process going I would greatly appreciate it. It’s going to be a daily so not looking for anything extreme, just a weekend out on the trails. Thanks
  2. Hey guys! its been a while since I've been active on here and I wanted to give you guys an update on how mt build was going. So I've finally dropped the engine into the Comanche as of TODAY i have a few pics so ill start with that. ENGINE INSTALL: So I had decided to put the 4.0L I6 back into the car since the previous owner failed at doing a 4.3L v6 swap from a Chevy s10 (failed because he didn't put enough effort into the wiring and thus had several problems such as the entire gauge cluster not working, no high beams, and oh yeah, the thermostat was effed up and the heads blew) so once i finished absolutely gutting it, Ive been cleaning, painting, and buying parts for the new engine ever since. PLANS: I am going to finish up either this weekend or next by putting in the Aisin-Warner AW-4 four-speed automatic. I just need a transmission jack I need to swap the axles and do a whole suspension upgrade starting small with things like bushings and hardware. I plan on working my way up to stuff like shocks, coils, and eventually finding out how to get rid of leaf springs for something better. PROBLEMS: The. Seats. I have been looking up the bench seat to bucket conversion and taking the bench seat brackets seems not safe to me (probably because I'm an idiot lol). If anyone has any suggestions on that plz lmk. I've been looking at the threads as much as i can. The roof has been nothing but stress. I removed a god awful sunroof someone had put in even before the previous owner. I'm at the point now where if I see a Comanche at the junkyard i may just have to bring a generator and an angle grinder and take it.(also open to suggestions on this one please please) the heater core. on the donor xj i bought there was a really nice heater core and I messed it up trying to get it out. The bolts that hold it to the firewall were on too tight and when i began to pull it destroyed the plastic. For this I'm planning on trying out plastic welding it since the actual heater core is in excellent condition. just the plastic is messed up. The list goes on and on (as always). I appreciate all the elp you guys have been so far and I can't wait to keep adding stuff to my portfolio. I will try to post once a week but work and manche time take up most of my days. IMG_2334.HEIC IMG_2336.HEIC IMG_2337.HEIC
  3. Swampy

    Fresh meat

    Hey guys, remember that feeling of being a freshman on the first day of highschool? Haha that's me right now. My name is Gabriel, I am from south Florida. I want to thank the admins for approving my membership request. This is like my introductory post, I got my Comanche on July 28th and I have been researching, building, and putting together ever since then. The way I got my manche is interesting, I had a 2003 Yamaha big bear 400 4x4 that I had built up (and I dearly miss) I decided to trade my atv with a guy for 2 jeeps. A 1988 jeep Cherokee pioneer 4x4, and a 1988 Jeep Comanche 2wd. I agreed to the trade and I guess you can I say I came out losing.... in a way. The Cherokee did not run when I got it, was told it would need a new battery. Got a battery and the Cherokee would not start and it has a rod knock. the comanche has holes in the driver side floor board, no taillights, and the transmission needs a new slave cylinder. I b****ed and complained for about 2 days. I decided to make the best of what I have and that's why I am here, my 1988 Jeep Comanche. So pretty much what I have is a 1988 jeep Comanche 2wd shortbed 4spd 2.5l, I believe its a base model pick up. My plan is to build the manche into a do it all kind of rig. Daily Driver, weekend warrior, expedition rig, you name it. I hope to utilize the knowledge here to help me get the build done. I will start a build thread in the next couple of days, and update it as I go. Hopefully it turns out great. Sorry for the long a** introduction guys, talk to ya soon
  4. HI I am new to this community but not to Jeep forums. I tried being active on Cherokee Forum, but I decided to not spend too much on my XJ. I daily drive an XJ and used to want to build it up. However I have always loved the MJ platform and that was what I wanted in the first place. Well I officially got the title to a 1991 Jeep Comanche I bought at the end of January. So it is official and I can dump money in it and start a build thread. I bought it mainly for being a straight body with no rust. It will be a long project but hopefully done by the end of the year.
  5. So, chances are very likely that I will be buying this truck tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone on here has seen this truck before, anyone know any of the history on it? Seller says it's an 88, 4.0, 5 speed. Which is everything i'm looking for, minus 4x4. So I'm pretty excited about it. If I do end up driving it home, I'll post more pictures on friday.
  6. Looking for a NICE 2wd Comanche (any year), must be automatic, long bed preferred, up to $5K. Must be with 250 miles of Greenville, South Carolina!! Or arrange to meet within reasonable distance. E-mail: earlhjr@yahoo.com with "Comanche" in the subject line
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