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  1. Wow... Jeepers are really a community. I appreciate all the tips and definitely will start getting work on getting to know the truck. But like it’s very new to me so if I ask a dumb question just don’t roast me to much. Lol. But I think I’m ready for this lifestyle. Ja feel ps and yeah I’m looking thru my truck find all the extra stuff like, axles/gear ratio, trans, engine
  2. Hey guys I just bought my first Mj 89 2wd long bed and honestly don’t know what to do or where to get parts. The way I’m thinking is first change the bench seat to bucket seats, then get a lift don’t know if 3 in or 4.5 in works best. And then lastly trying to convert it into a 4x4. I’ll probably do more but those are the main ideas I have now. Any tips or tricks to help me get the process going I would greatly appreciate it. It’s going to be a daily so not looking for anything extreme, just a weekend out on the trails. Thanks
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