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Found 10 results

  1. Picked up a 1992 Briarwood. Its in rough shape but should be a fun restore. I’m excited to get started on this rebuild. I’ve got a few ideas for mods on this one so I won't go back to stock like my other restores.
  2. Hey all, been lurking for a while but finally found a Comanche of my own a couple weeks back so wanted to start a build thread to document the process of fixing it up. Little backstory, recently traded in my WJ towards a WK Grand Cherokee. Great vehicle but it's just a bit too generic SUV and I missed the little bit of Jeep-ness of the WJ and the ZJ I had before it. I'd been looking for an XJ to fix up and learn more about working on cars with (I do a lot of DIY projects etc but not super well versed with auto repair beyond the basics) but then I found this forum and got bit by the MJ bug! Got a line on this truck from a guy on another forum I frequent, seller wasn't in a hurry to sell so it wasn't even on Craigslist or anything. Good thing too since it took a couple weeks for me to get down to WV from Philadelphia and pick it up! It's a 1991 Eliminator, condition is pretty decent for a fixer upper, at least from what I can tell. Floors are pretty rusted out but frame seems okay. Runs, drives, shifts fine, needs some brake work though. I've already replaced the rear drums and shoes and will be doing the fronts next. One of the power steering hoses also just sprang a leak so I spent some time this morning replacing them. I know, the grill is upside down! Gonna swap it out for a cleaner one the PO threw in. Interior is not great, not terrible... will spend some time cleaning it up soon. Yes, it came like this and heck yes I'm keeping it! Until I replace with a Hurst shifter These should probably be plugged into something maybe! Who knows! (Please tell me if you know!) Seems to be an oil leak on the passenger side of the engine, saw some posts on this forum and elsewhere that this may not be a huge issue? Will clean it up and see how bad it is. Anyway, glad to finally have an MJ to call my own! I'm sure I'll have plenty of dumb questions for you guys in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks in advance! Oh yeah - any other Philly guys on CC? I can only remember seeing one other MJ in the city here like, ever.
  3. So here it begins, I've always wanted an MJ and when I saw these 2 for $600 couldn't pass them up! They are in ruff shape but they run! one is for parts (no papers) and the other is going to get a makeover...already started this weekend by doing the open cooling conversion, new valve cover gasket and Vent modifications on cover, replaced ALL the vacuum lines and started the newer body conversion on the front end! Keep the MJ's on the road!
  4. backstory- back in early 2015 i saw this comanche for sale but had no money, after about a year of working and saving i started looking again. i came across the jeep again one year later in early 2016, with the same selling owner. i contacted him, drove 2 hours up to north jersey with my father and brought it home
  5. HI I am new to this community but not to Jeep forums. I tried being active on Cherokee Forum, but I decided to not spend too much on my XJ. I daily drive an XJ and used to want to build it up. However I have always loved the MJ platform and that was what I wanted in the first place. Well I officially got the title to a 1991 Jeep Comanche I bought at the end of January. So it is official and I can dump money in it and start a build thread. I bought it mainly for being a straight body with no rust. It will be a long project but hopefully done by the end of the year.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I just picked up my first Comanche yesterday. Snagged a non-running 86 4x4 auto model for $500. I wanted to start this thread so I had a place to post progress on the truck, as well as get feedback and tips. Plans for the truck so far are to get it running, repair any rust, paint, bedliner, wheels and tires, and then use it as a daily driver to keep the miles down on my TJ. Eventually I would like to do a lift, bigger tires, and a motor swap. The truck will mostly be used to drive back and forth to work, hauling loads of mulch, and the occasional light trail riding. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Thanks everyone.
  7. i am looking to make a few bucks on the side by building parts for jeep mjs and xjs.. PM me or reply if you have anything you would like to have built and or would like to see being built. i may be willing to manufacture in small quantities if i get enough requests. thank you
  8. HOWDY ALL! So I've been lurking around here for a while researching MJ's and making the decision to buy my first one. I've got an XJ already, but really wanted a long-bed to use for camping on forest roads and as a ski chalet in the winter. Ultimately, I'd like to do a full 4wd (maybe auto) HO swap with 97+ facelift (lmk your opinions on that one), 3" lift and all the comforts of home inside a nice topper. I'm going to try to make this a fun to read thread with lots of updates. I'm making my posts in blue so it's easy to follow. Thanks for reading! Being married, our budget is small; so I had to be frugal and wait until an exactly right MJ came around. Requirements were: It had to be 4.0L, long-bed with bench seat. I determined that they are all difficult swaps to manage if you don't already have a MJ with it from the factory. Thanks Craigslist: 1988 Pioneer longbox, 4.0L, 2WD, 5speed, with bench seat. $700 and a 255 mile mad dash to be the first one to it. There's no shortage of things wrong with it, but it drove home at 60+mph ignoring ominous u-joint vibration while managing a stunning 255 MILES ON LESS THAN 15 GALLONS. Thinking of U-joint noise. I'm sure it has something to do with this mess of a XJ SOA swap with serious pinion angle issues: Floors aren't too bad though-- should clean right up: The bed and panels have some big dents but the cab and rockers are clean and the panel gaps look straight, so I'm willing to overlook them and wait for replacement: The driver door was almost ripped off in some sort of reverse over-opening snafu. I'm super familiar with this damage because both myself and my brother have done it. Go figure. I really enjoy the PO's charming bathroom door sliding bolt lock: My first thought was that I can easily re-position the door and get it to close. Then I saw this: "Dude, where's my striker?" Further investigation reveals someone was learning to weld while attempting to repair the oh-so-common MJ/XJ hinge issue. More to come! Loaner topper to keep parts dry: JAN 2015 STATUS: Replaced/New parts (excluding basic maintenance stuff)- D44 with Tracloc 3" Lift Open cooing system Fuse box and 100% of the interior wiring. Steering column Dashboard and all interior panels swapped to black Vinyl floor w jute padding and POR-15 Headliner Full gauges Refurbished damper box Foam firewall pad Front brush guard Brake prop. valve Brake front calipers, rear cylinders and some lines Pedal assembly U-joints Wheel bearings Wheels & tires Bed (w topper) Exhaust Doors (w broken hinge repair on d. side and missing striker pin replacement) Windshield Rear Glass Wiper motor & mechanism 91+ Lighting harness Probably a million little things that I forgot!
  9. I recently purchased a 1989 MJ off of a friend of my stepdad. Has 47xxx original miles on it. 4.0 I-6, 5 speed manual, 4WD. 4" Lift, with tubular lower control arms, extended swaybar links, upgraded steering stabilizer, and dropped pitman arm. Front end out of a newer (97?) cherokee, completely rebuilt. Chrysler 8.25 rear end out of the same rig with the shock mounts and spring perches relocated to the top of the axle. Unfortunately it's got the Peugot trans instead of the AX-15, but I'll be swapping that out eventually. Has some minor rust on the bed, top of the frame under the drivers side rear wheel well, and the rockers are starting to puss through in a few spots, and the floors have already been repaired once. Truck has a new radiator, thermostat, water pump, and coolant temps sensor. Fairly clean for anything I've seen in the Northeast. So far I haven't done a whole lot to it, changed the gear oil in the trans, ATF in the TC, oil change, swapped in the tape deck from an 89 cherokee, along with the cigarette lighter, and the manual gauge cluster with a tach! :banana: Added a CB radio, light bar, tow hitch, jerry can mount, and fabbed a mount to hold 2: .50 cal ammo cans. Which hold my tie downs, and tow straps/chains. I've had quite a bit of wrench time on XJ's and my mom's YJ, and plenty on my Datsun pickup. Both of my XJ's are the same year as the MJ, so parts compatibility is awesome. But I still have quite a bit to learn, and hopefully I can find help on here when I get stuck. That and posting a build thread always helps me keep motivated when I get lazy. Now for some pictures :rock on: Truck the first day i picked it up: Image Not Found First time taking it out on the trails: Image Not Found How it currently sits: Image Not Found
  10. Ok guys I'm kinda new to the world of jeeps but I'm looking to get some more power out of my renix 4.0. What are some parts. (Cheap bolt ons) I could get to build more power. I've already made a cold air ram air intake for it. And she's got after market exhaust. What else can I do!? It's got stock injectors I'm going to swap to quadrajets soon. What have you guys done to push more ponies? Thanks guys.
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