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  1. Selling the bed off my Comanche. It’s a short bed in OK shape. (Its not pretty) but it’s a bed. No big dents. No tail gate or tail lights. $200 someone come take it. Thanks. I have no idea how to post pictures, I will figure that out shortly and have pics up.
  2. Looking to buy a wiring harness. As complete as I can get it. I have a 1989 Comanche pioneer, 4.0 renix, manual trans. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. Located in central nj. I will pay shipping if I have to.
  3. Got some more pics of it today, dual rear axle all it does is hold a huge jet dryer to dry the asphalt track and blow speedy dry away. The cab looks really clean. No sign of rust and I bet it has very low miles on it.
  4. That was the one I was talking about. The guy was selling it.
  5. I have seen some pictures of a guy who had one with a utility body, it should be on @ thebigfootmanager on instagram
  6. Figured I’d share this Comanche with everyone, Wall stadium in wall, Nj just bought a bunch of the old track trucks from English town race way park including the jet dryer Comanche. Looks a lot longer than factory so I’m sure they cut and extended the frame on it. Thats all I know about it. Haven’t been able to see it uncovered yet but when I do I’ll hopefully grab a few pictures of it.
  7. This should be good, my truck is lifted, I was worried about them being to short
  8. Have a question for you guys, I looked around for a while and couldn’t find any answers. I need to put a front driveshaft in my Comanche. 4.0, ax15, np231. I had an adams driveshaft in there but that exploded on me. I need something to get me through the winter. Will a driveshaft out of an automatic Cherokee bolt up and be the right length? Or do I have to find one out of a manual Cherokee? Anything input helps. Thanks.
  9. HunterK

    Comanche cap

    Hey guys was wondering how much my cap would go for. It’s an eagle cap, fits perfect and it is Comanche specific. It’s a short wheel base. I don’t really want to let it go but was wondering how much Do they go for?
  10. okay every light works as it should. the parking lights work, when i turn the high beams on the blue light comes up on the cluster, when i put the blinkers on the green signal comes up on the cluster. the only things that don't work is the cluster lights and the running lights in the rear. i don't know how else to explain it. how would i check to see if the switch is bad?
  11. everything works as it should, headlights, turn signals, brake lights. when i turn the headlights on at night the tail lights don't turn on along with the gauge cluster lights.
  12. i need some help with an electrical issue ive been having. For about a month my gauge cluster (89 renix 4.0 ax15) lights have been flickering at night. not when i hit a bump just at random times. now they gauge cluster lights will not turn on at all along with my running lights. any advice on what to look into? or has anyone else had this problem in the past? any advice would help, thanks.
  13. if they are the flat style flairs i am interested and can come pick them up. in in central nj.
  14. I’m in search of a 6’ short bed will take one in mostly any condition as lonn as it’s straight. Nj, Delaware, pa, New York.
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