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  1. 1988 Jeep Comanche cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: manual type: truck It was a 2wd converted to 4wd with 4.10 gears. Larger capacity fuel tank added. ford 8.8 LSD in rear. It has 4.0 from a 96 Cherokee right around 100000 miles and the ax-15 transmission. Flywheel just resurfaced . newer starter 35" master craft tires. 2" spacers up front. Originally was a long bed but it has been bobbed. tool box custom bumpers front and back. sound bar from a Cherokee in roof and marine speakers in doors I'm sure I'm forgetting things Alright everyone wanted a price so I'm throwing 4500 obo out there as a starting point i am located in youngstown pa 15696 7245166380
  2. So i was wheeling late friday got the truck stuck pretty bad. Came back the next day to try and get it out and realized the front driveshaft is spinning but the tires are not. I am hoping that this is a vacuum issue and i didnt destroy the gears in the front driveshaft. After coming home tonight after 7 hours of using a come along and other ways to get it out got it back on the trail and turned around facing the right way, but i couldnt get back up the hill because of the 4wd not working.(trucks still in the woods) I did some surfing on the web and came up with most likley it is some problem with the cad. What i am wondering is if i pull the cover on the axel disconnect and manual slide the gear to the other side baring the fork is ok and it isnt actually engaged already will it stay over there long enough to get me out or will it move back over.
  3. kc91987

    WTB Short bed

    Looking to buy a new short bed for my truck. I am located near pittsburgh pa.
  4. I appreciate it i do have a haynes but this should be more in depth. thank you
  5. boilermaker I know you had said you were going to do a 96 to renix. I'm trying to find the wire colors for the dash harness from a 96 xj ho to connect to rear harness on a renix mj. There are 13 wires to black plug and 10 wires to gray plug. Any help or a point in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks
  6. So i just talked to my mechanic and he said the dash harness was cut where it goes back to fuel pump taillights dome light and I'm assuming the rear doors. He said there are 13 wires going to a black plug and 10 wires to a gray plug can you point me in the direction to find out what wire colors are what and go where. Any help would be very helpful and I would be graateful. I am no mechanic by any means and he talked me into buying a junk 96 from him acting like he would have no problem putting it in and he has clearly bitten off more than he could chew.
  7. Everything you guys have told me was true. It seems i definetly should have done the hybrid swap to begin with but he got rid of the donor jeep and my old engine. Before i knew it it was too late. So at this point from what hes told me he has the engine in and mated to the transmission ive sourced a dash harness and he still can't get it going. From some of my other research it seems I may also need the fuel pump/sender unit from the 1996.Are there any other important tips or information I can give him to help him at this point.
  8. In the process of swapping in a 96 ho 4.0 in my 88 comanche. I'm in need of the wiring harness that is on the drivers side firewall that goes to the fuse box under dashand the cluster. Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm located in 15696
  9. Me not in the slightest but my mechanic is pretty good just trying to gather information for him
  10. Is it possible to use the harness and computer from the 1996 ?
  11. I have a 1988 jeep comanche that had a 4wd and ax15 swap i am now trying to swap in a 96 ho that had an automatic. I am trying to gather info for my mechanic on what issue problems he will encounter and info will help thanks
  12. I have a 1988 jeep comanche 4.0 with the ax15 swap i am now swapping in a 96 ho that was an automatic I'm trying to gather info for my mechanic on what issues he will have any information will help thanks
  13. With the roll bar is the bed able to be removed to do the cab corners
  14. Can I get some pictures of the cab corner rust?
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