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Found 7 results

  1. Parts required from donor XJ: Overhead console (OHC) Sunvisors & clips (optional) OHC wiring harness (runs along passenger A-pillar) OHC mounting bracket & screw (only front most bracket required) Temperature sensor (located behind front bumper, in front of "frame") ________ After scoring a couple of pre97 XJ overhead consoles (OHC) from the parts yard, I decided that one could be modified to work in the cab of an MJ. Figuring this project had been done before, I spent hours reading through threads on here and NAXJA. Some of the info and even F
  2. Sent mail to Painless Wiring and they stated simply that they have nothing for this vehicle and cannot help. Seemed curt and left me with the impression that they'd be uninterested in pursuing any custom work. I'd gotten the impression that they were a better comany than that but there it is. My firewall fuse boxes are intact. But insulation on wiring under the bonnet is dry and cracking on a lot of wires and I don't trust it. I'd as soon have an entire new harness firewall forward AND the interior harness as well firewall in. I'm NOT opposed to building the
  3. Looking to buy a wiring harness. As complete as I can get it. I have a 1989 Comanche pioneer, 4.0 renix, manual trans. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. Located in central nj. I will pay shipping if I have to.
  4. Hey guys sorry if this is already a topic, I can't find it if it is. But I'm doing the 97+ front clip swap on my 89 Comanche and not sure what to do about the header panel wiring harness. Should I use the older one so it plugs in to the plug on the driver side or do I use the newer style harness? If I have to use the newer style harness how would I change the plug to fit the one on my jeep?
  5. I have a 1989 MJ long bed 4.0 2wd with a 5 speed soon to be 4wd. I was at the junk yard checking out 2 MJ trucks for parts (tail lights where gone of course) and one of them is a 91 or 92 because it has the injection module by the air cleaner and has the open cooling radiator system. It looks just like my 1995 XJ under the hood. I'm thinking of doing a fuel injection swap with wiring harness and all sensors throttle body etc. Couple of questions. Will I get more HP out of my 89 4.0? Are the injectors in the junk yard truck the 4 port ones that are talked about running smooth and get better mil
  6. Hello all! I posted a ways back about a new comanche I was lucky enough to find. Right now there is one extremely daunting task that I am debating turning over to a mechanic, but I wanted to stop by here first to see what you guys thought, because I trust this forum way more than most of the mechanics that would be giving me quotes. For instance, I spoke with one on the phone today that stopped me and said "I already know what the problem is. You don't have to say anything more. You need an entirely new wiring harness and need to re-wire everything. Going to run you about $2,400 and
  7. I've currently have a standard (ax-15) in my truck and when i pulled the engine to do a stroker i decided to "clean up" the engine bay harness, well now that i have it all torn apart i havent the slightest idea how to goes back together. Soooo I will be going to the junkyard to pull another harness, approx $25. I want to know if i can use a harness from an auto. I know the throttle body will have two plugs, and there will be extra plugs for the TCU and what goes to the Transmission itself but other than that i can't see what else would prevent me from doing this. The reason why i want to use t
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