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  1. I could use a pair of these for #24.  The old ones long ago fell apart.  I'd replaced them with some poor substitutes.  These look to be much better.


    w/ shipping to 46052?

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    2. TheJeepNut


      Greg we've transacted before so I sent the money via Zelle today.

      Shipping to

      Steve Lett

      2353 Witt Rd.

      Lebanon, IN 46052


      you can call me most anytime if you'd like. 

      I work from home so I'm onsite 95% of the time.




         Steve Lett

    3. schardein


      Just saw it, thank you.  I'll get them boxed up and sent out, probably tomorrow, and send a tracking number.

      FYI be aware that mail is pretty slow right now.  According to tracking info, a package I mailed has been sitting in Springfield for two weeks.  ugh.

    4. schardein


      USPS first class tracking 9114902307224783423135

  2. I got this email from the website. ANOTHER one found I hope. from StreetComanche site User submitted data Name josue danie camargo duarte Email Id josuedanielcamargoduarte@gmail.com Mobile Number Message buenos días acabo de adquirir una Street comanche #37 quisiera saber mas acerca de ella I sent back a reply inviting them to join the club and of course requested some photos and details.
  3. Thanks all. Was hoping for something fast to get the new compressor compressing but as with everything it drags on and on it seems. Having to get the new compressor has delayed work for 4 weeks now. sigh. That WOULD work I suspect but at this point I've decided to run a dedicated 30amp line in conduit. I happened to have enough lengths of 3/4 to do the runs but needed some 90's. Found all but ONE 3/4 elbow by luck as neither Menards or Lowes has squat for the grey 3/4 Corlon conduit connectors/adapters. LOTS of 1"+ or 1/2" but not 3/4... I pulled
  4. So I've got a "Member of the Shadetree Electricians Union" hat that I'm wearing this week. Just got this awesome new compressor. Much larger than my previous tire pump and needs 220-240. I've got two 240 circuits shown in the box. One is a pair of ganged 20amp breakers that goes to a socket in the diningroom as well as to a bedroom. The shape of the wall socket is the 20 amp -.- shape in both rooms. I think the PO ran them for a tanning bed for the wifey. The other is a pair of ganged 40amp breakers but I've never found that they power anything. They
  5. Man I'm thrilled beyond words to see that another was found and has been resurrected! It looks great! One day there must be a Street Comanche Owners cruise in.... somewhere...
  6. wow I like the grille treatment on this one.
  7. I'll take an SP-105 to go please. Thanks Pete!
  8. I guess I think that they must help if only because I'm SURE AMC (or ChryCo) would have deleted the heck out of them to save $1 per unit if it really wasn't needed to help keep electronics under the bonnet dry. After I dump all this money in this thing it had better NOT leak oil...at least not for the first 5000 miles.... yep yep I went to that other thread and read up on that and went browsing... interesting stuff. Basically just sheets of compressed rubber trash.
  9. ok Rock doesn't have them anymore but I've learned a new term.... This stuff is called Masticated Rubber. Can buy it in sheets and cut your own. Or pay the guy on eBay. You'll spend about the same money but if you buy the material you'll have more material to make flaps for "elsewhere".
  10. I need a set of those inner fender flares for #24. I'd consider the entire set inners & outers if you don't wanna break them up.
  11. How's that chrome windsheild trim? Still got it? Is it next to perfect or furthest from? I've got some dents in the trim for#24 that I'm thinking won't come out all that nice but.. If I can get some good pieces that's much easier.
  12. kinda in the same range price wise but this might be more robust than OEM... http://www.rubbersheetroll.com/neoprene-rubber-cloth-inserted.html
  13. Under the front of the MJ is this splashguard. I'd just toss it on a 4x4 but if I was gonna replace one.... What material can you think of that would be good? I've looked online for fibrous mats but not really finding anything thick and tear resistant. It seems to be to be like roofing paper only 20 layers thick. Ideas? Needs to be heat, wind, rain, snow, salt, repellent for #24.
  14. I have a couple of crummy instrument clusters to play with and wondered if someone would have a non-working speedo out of an old hotrod or something that they would be willing to throw at me cheap? I'd donate $20 to the charity of your choice or whatever option you'd prefer. I just want to see if I can manage to modify a cluster to look professional, using a nice 120 speedo from Summit or somewhere. I'm not sure what I'd buy yet. I don't want a GPS unit so I'll need to look for one triggered otherwise. I'd guess most of them would be about the same depth of the factory s
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