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  1. I’ve searched but can’t get an answer.. so I took a 98 XJ that had and auto trans and swapped into my 89 that I’m running a NV3550 in. I used my 89 flywheel/tone wheel and I’m having problems with it running and it won’t rev up. Does anyone know if it’s because the 3 wire crank sensor is not reading the 89 flywheel correctly? Or does it not matter? Thanks
  2. Runs for about 1min or so give or take. Yes complete swap dash harness and engine harness running the XJ tank and pump
  3. So I swapped a 98 XJ engine into my 89. Complete harness and computer. The lower end was junk in the donor so swapped head to my 89 block. Long story short.. engine will run but will die/stall. Fires right back up. Same thing. Can’t accelerate. Have replaced crank sensor, pickup sensor, injectors, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, MAF sensor, idle air sensor, new plugs, new o2 sensors but downstream is not in yet need to weld in bung. etc.. what I do notice is tach jumps around when it does start up? I’m about 95% sure timing is on. But going to double check tonight. Any help would be great or if anyone has experienced this before please message me thanks again
  4. Sorry I decided to just use my seat belts. And the console was in pretty rough shape but I can send you better pics and you decide
  5. Factory wiper motor and linkage located in Wyoming $30 plus shipping
  6. Jeepin35


    Radiator out of a 98 XJ located In Wyoming. No leaks $75 plus shipping
  7. Sorry I sold the wiring harness and those went with it. I think I still have the switch though
  8. I can look and see what are you meaning foot well lights? The ones under the dash?
  9. I’m doing a 97+ swap wondering if anyone has a pinout for the grey plug for the rear lighting/fuel for a 98 XJ. Thanks
  10. Yeah the belts are good I might not sell the belts though depends on how big of a pain in the @$$ swapping the 98 belts would be. The console is good I can send you better pictures this weekend if that works
  11. Ok let me see. A guy was asking about the column
  12. The wheel or whole column
  13. Hi the dash is grey but has some weather cracks on the pad I can send pictures if you like? Are you wanting the cluster as well?
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