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  1. Give me a few days and I will. I would really like to know how many and see one that ordered the "Handsfree cellular phone" lol Are you wanting all of them or just the one with part numbers?
  2. I didn't know where to put this so just choose here. Was suprised to find a mj in the yard few miles from where I live, but even more surprised I found this in the glove box and in such great condition.
  3. So best way for that piece would be to clean real good and paint it while on there? Or just a real good cleaning be better.
  4. Yea, was hoping that the plastic surround would have had a easier solution.. lol. Speaking of "vents" what are the fake ( I'm guessing) vents on the lower dash on the ends? just for "decor" or something acc go there??
  5. ok, I have look and looked and search internet for anything and can't find. I'm spraying interior and going to clean up and respray the vents. I don't know how to get these out. Has anyone done it?? It looks like there are 2 rivets and seems to be glued. How do they come out with out breaking anything? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. scotch pad and hot water with dawn dish soap in it. that's what they said to use to clean it. just scrubbed down good and then first light coat let set for for bout 5 min and then did 2ed good cover and then 3rd about 10 min later just to cover more and make sure.
  7. Ok, I got a mj few months ago cause my grandfather "wanted" it to use around the farm instead of his full size truck. (he's 79 and can't fit in well enough to shift) when he took me to pick it up he said happy birthday. (I'm 39 lol). Just been playing around with it and trying to chase down some electrical things. today I decided to get some duplacolor vinyl paint and try on a door panel. Never tried it on anything before and was skeptical, well, I was very pleased! I will now be changing over the rest of it with it.
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