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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All! Obligatory I'm new to the Club and I was raised a Jeep guy sentence. Anyhow, I have been looking for my own MJ for almost two years now... and finally I found one! I created this topic in order to record my build process, and to hopefully find some input on what to do and tricks on doing installs and whatnot. So far I've made two lists: One for necessary repairs to get done first in order for my Jeep to pass inspection, and a list of potential gradual modifications. It is a Red '87 Comanche SporTruck, with the short box, inline six, 231 transfer case, dana 30 front and 35 rear, and
  2. Well as the story goes, started to do Cruisers Renix upgrades and things were going pretty good. Till I noticed engine oil in the base of the distributor, cleaned it all out sprayed it with electronics cleaner, restabbed the distributor back in, works great. Checked it again this morning found about a tablespoon of oil inside the housing, and noticed it splashing up to the walls of the cap. I had checked the seal from the distributor to the engine block, good to go. I am sure that I am getting oil up through the shaft from the crankcase, but how?
  3. Ok,so I'm very new to Comanches. So new in fact, I had no idea what they were up until a couple months ago when I was forwarded a post of one for sale. Well I bought it and I love it. I think it would be very cool to convert it to 4wd and from what I could figure out, that should be as easy as finding a doner cherokee and switch the trans and axles. Then I know upgrading to the 4.0 would be really cool as well. Unfortunately that's a much larger job than I could do on my own and since this is my daily driver, I can't be without it too long. I guess what I'm looking for is some quick and fun mo
  4. So, I'm building an 87 Comanche. I'm using a 91 HO Cherokee for the engine, transmission, T-case, electrical, dash and so on. Started a awhile back. So, I bought a new CPS sensor. Started installing it. And I'll tell you what, I have quite a few choice words for the guy that decided that location was a good place. I hope he suffers an eternity of having to replace these. On a clean truck, not bad, but on a well driven one... I spent hours trying to get it installed. The dang bolts won't thread in the holes, with sensor. But, sure as hell, I can hand thread with out the sensor. put
  5. I bought a rocker panel from c2c off the rock auto website and i just cut the old bad one off and i measured up the new one cut it to fit and i relized the profile is wrong. the body lines won't match up at all. they must have bent the metal wrong. has anyone run into this problem before and also what brand of rocker should i buy to get an exact replacement for? or what has worked for you and how did you fix it. Thanks Brady 1987 Jeep Comanche
  6. Ok guys I'm kinda new to the world of jeeps but I'm looking to get some more power out of my renix 4.0. What are some parts. (Cheap bolt ons) I could get to build more power. I've already made a cold air ram air intake for it. And she's got after market exhaust. What else can I do!? It's got stock injectors I'm going to swap to quadrajets soon. What have you guys done to push more ponies? Thanks guys.
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