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Found 5 results

  1. I am in the process of replacing a rocker panel. The battery is out of the truck already. I have already cut out the rot and am getting ready to start tacking. Do i need to unplug the ECU? I don't want to fry that thing. I will probably do it anyways. but would like to hear what other people say about it.
  2. Would a Xj rocker fit a Mj? i know some alterations will have to be done but will they look the same? I will probably go to the pick a part or a JY and cut one out of a Xj. Any suggestions ideas on how to make this easier? Its rusted out along the full length on one of my Mjs and i have a rust hole on the other as well!! :fs1: I don't wanna take a pic my DD Mjs rust spot. I'm still in denial even though its now a fifty cent piece sized hole!!! :wall:
  3. Well I've given it all I had and held off the rust cancer for a long time, but I think the day is near when I'm gonna have to get serious and do some major work before its too late. I've all but decided on Spadano Enterprises ROCKer panel sliders to take care of the pinholes developing on the outer panel (http://spadanoenterprises.com/-mj--comanche.html) but I'm not sure about the inner rockers' condition. Is there any way (short of drilling a hole and poking a flashlight in there) to get a heads up on how they are? I took pictures of the floor issues. Water likes to sit here and I was prompted to peel up the bedliner coating and found this: The driver's side was patched with fiberglass years ago and is finally failing; I'm not so certain a replacement floor pan would cover this far up the footwell... The passenger's side isn't as bad, but the firewall looks different to me... has this been fixed before?
  4. So I bought this Comanche about a year ago, after a long day of wheeling maybe 6 months ago the rusty unibody cracked. I have begun restoring the jeep and have plans for a whole frame build.
  5. I bought a rocker panel from c2c off the rock auto website and i just cut the old bad one off and i measured up the new one cut it to fit and i relized the profile is wrong. the body lines won't match up at all. they must have bent the metal wrong. has anyone run into this problem before and also what brand of rocker should i buy to get an exact replacement for? or what has worked for you and how did you fix it. Thanks Brady 1987 Jeep Comanche
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