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  1. Thank you! it’s all about patience. And lots of grinding. I think I wanna do the rear bumper with the same little kick outs on the side. I’m just procrastinating cutting the bottom part behind the tire of the bed off
  2. Before I trimed the ends off the lower Tube. not really a huge fan of the bumper. Not exactly how I planned it to look. If anyone is interested I may be selling it. Winch mount and all
  3. Making progress on the bumpers and sliders. I’ve notched most of the tubes by hand with a bandsaw and flapper disc. much easier then expected once I figured it out. Also used a tube notcher to get the little standoffs for the sliders. My drill press doesn’t spin slow enough so I would start it on the press make a mark and drill the center hole there. Then move to the vice and a hand drill. move tig welded and DA sanded them all. Gotta finish it all up this evening and will post some more pictures
  4. I drilled that out and then made a plate that bolted to the MJ bracket. Worked really well to keep the sliders. I might have pictures. Let me check here’s my suggestion. Make the sliders bolt to a plate since they are gonna be a little wider then the my ones. And just weld the plate to the my bracket. Mine bolted but is in necessary
  5. If you were near nc I have a set of metric ton leafs
  6. When you get them they do not have the body lines cut in. I used a sharpie laid against the body to trace the shape of the fender. I liked that I got to mold them to fit my application instead of being premolded. I was able to move them up 1.5” and forward1” the same with the rear except I went back 2” It took me roughly 5 minutes to shape each fender to fit using a flapper wheel. Getting the two sides to match was much more aggravating then fitting them
  7. Got the knuckle welded with a much larger bead and different rod. We shall see this time
  8. Thanks man! The D50 are pretty tough. Most people who talk crap about them don’t know that they are pretty much the same axle as a 60 on the knuckles outward and the inners are a beefed up 44. Also they are made for a vehicle that weighs 6000 pounds and our trucks weigh in at less then 3000 with way less horse pressure. The big bonus is they are pretty cheap. I got my set with 4.10 gears for $700
  9. Took the truck out for a little wheeling this weekend with a friend in his grand Cherokee. The MJ did the whole trail in two wheel drive except for two parts where I wanted to try and climb a very muddy hill. These trepidor radials are fantastic tires. Clean out at very low speeds. Ended up braking the high steers welds and didn’t notice till I almost got back home and was spraying the truck off. I did finish driving it home with out any problem the high steer has a 3/4 bolt through the knuckle. Time to remake and do it right this time. We heated the knuckle to a high temp tig welded it with the right rod. And cooked it down in a bucket of sand. This time I’m gonna still and tap the knuckle and bolt it down. Maybe that will keep it in place D980AACB-0617-4B84-9FDB-77C4A3BBE896.mov C0BD7145-C485-4097-B1BA-A0CA88B35CF0.mov
  10. I really appreciate the help. And I may remember it being a little tricky to get the lights in...
  11. Ah crap. I even thought I clicked the right section. anddddd that fixed it. I’m a little embarrassed I’ve never even thought about them have a wrong way?! Pretty embarrassing if they wanna move this post I would pay $2 to have it deleted hahaha
  12. The drivers side tail light on my 89 lights up as if the brakes are being press when you turn on the headlights. The passenger side are fine and operate as normal, when the brakes are pressed while the headlights are on the passenger light operates fine. The brake lights operate as normal when the headlights are off. Only When the headlights are on the drivers side stay illuminated. I was thinking a grounding issue so I re checked and made sure to be able to see shiny metal before reconnecting the ground behind the drivers light. Nothing changed. Any advice? Is there another ground?
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