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  1. I drove the truck to work today. 20 minutes each way. No stabilizer. Worn out swampers. 4th gear is everything you want to keep it in your lane. I took all back roads. it did really good actually. 4th gear you have to drive it, it’s not awful but you gotta pay attention for sure. With nothing slowing the steering down it wanders a bit. But it cruises 3rd like a stock truck. Still has plenty of power with the 4.10 gears. I wanna go even lower with the gearing but it’s a start. My stock power steering pump is feeling it though. Over heating and spitting fluid out the cap.
  2. I am currently running 37s and I drilled tapped the box already with intentions to go to a bigger box later. I will look into the smaller pulley for sure. That’s a great idea
  3. On the west Texas Offroad website their is a write up of how to make it flow more by drilling’s out the fitting. I have an extra stock pump that I am gonna try and do this to to see how much it helps. The write up also states that if you drill out the fitting to much you can blow the seals out of the box. thats nuts
  4. If you alter the 97+ harness to the stock MJ plug I should still fit in some relays somewhere.. but where exactly or should I skip trying to fit this to my plug and just build a harness that plugs into the factory headlight plug and just uses the head plug off of one for the high and low beam signal
  5. Do you have to upgrade the steering box because of the fittings?
  6. I have never thought of looking at them online... I feel rather dumb for that one
  7. I have a cooler with a inline filter attached to it. So does the wj pump push more fluid? I am headed to the junk yard this week and will see about the Dakota pumps. Is the bracketry the same? I work at a machine shop so I can machine a new mount
  8. Has anyone done it with a stock pump? How much fluid does a stock MJ pump move? Is it worth doing? The reason for wanting to revalving the pump is to flow more fluid. I am planning on running hydro assist and have already drilled and tapped my steering box.
  9. I finally installed some door parts. The smokers vent windows are well worth it the time to pull them Out of the pickapart I found a thread on here with the part number for the lower window trim. And have the runner trim on the way because the passenger one is shot. The drivers side is really good also I learned a lesson on welding bungs. I was trying to shorten my tie rod and I think I got a bb into the threads and didn’t know it. Of course it’s the left hand thread. I pulled all the threads out of the bung trying to get it out. i was able to mill the end of the hiem off at work and just cut the old hiem off and reweld a new bung in
  10. Now you guys are catching on. Can’t steal what you can’t see
  11. Got my mall crawl pose on today...country style. It needs longer shocks In The front and a good trim
  12. I’ve got her fooled into thinking we need all this stuff I appreciate that man!
  13. I drilled and tapped my steering box while I had it apart to replace the seals. They are a lot simpler on the inside then I thought it would be. I had to take it apart twice because I didn’t get the balls back into it correctly the first time. i didnt wanna talk about redoing the box till I made sure it works properly. I have all the pics to do a complete write up. It works like it should with little play and no leaks. i was worried the holes for the hydro would leak with the plugs in them. I haven’t got a ram yet but hopefully will order one soon.
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