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  1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see it move. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll be able to order driveshafts
  2. Made up a diagram to show how the pinion moves through articulation. I couldn’t wrap my head around it otherwise
  3. thanks for the input! What about a good caster angle? I checked the the caster before pulling the stock axles off and they where around 6.8 didn’t match between the two. I have read that I wanna around that number to drive this on the highway. Which is the end game. Drive to the trail/park wheel the snot out of it and hopefully drive it home
  4. So I made up this little chart while at work. The top link is a little longer then the bottom. It’s sorta to scale... 1/4.5
  5. thats pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I am gonna draw it out this evening and. Get better measurements. To try and see what happens with the pinion
  6. As I’m setting up the front three link I started noticing the top bar is going to be equal to/greater then the length of the bottom two. 3/4” to a 1” longer. I’ve never heard of anybody having the upper bar longer. But I’ve also never heard of anybody saying you can’t do that. I know on a equal length 3 link the pinion stays pretty constant in pointing at the Tcase. If the upper bar was longer wouldn’t it push the pinion up during full droop. And keep it relatively flat during full bump? Somebody please enlighten me on this. Before anybody states it, I am not following the 70% rule for the links.
  7. The links/mounts and coil buckets have all been tacked into place. I’m using a Johnny joint on the body side and a Heim on the axle. The axle sits about a inch to far forward and there isn’t much adjustment left on the joints. I’ve got to cut the tacks loose from the links pull the inserts out, cut a inch off and reweld. the springs sit about two inches further out left to right then stock so they have a litttle lean in them
  8. The mounts for the links on the crossmember come out Straight with the body. I need them to be a little angled to match the axle side of the links. Since the axle is almost 10” wider the control arms are pretty wide on the axle. The crossmember is around 28” center of link to center of link and the axle side is close to 43” center of link to center of link. I was able to get the rear sitting on its own weight on the sterling 10.5, pinion angle set and for big racks on each of the u bolt eliminators. We only had to jack the truck up and set down 8 times before we knew it was straight. I have a string run down the side of the truck off the back wheels trying to square the front with the rear.
  9. Clayton off road 3link crossmember is pretty nice. I’m gonna stitch it to the frame since there are only two bolts holding it and it is gonna have some serious stress on it. I can remove the middle section to drop the transmission. It is about a 1/2 inch lower.
  10. I’ve learned that jack stands are like clamps. You can’t have to many
  11. I sent him a pm. I will get with you when I hear from him
  12. Terrible pic but the axle sorta in position. Needs to be forward a bit more. The sterling measures 12” (no brake rotors) from the outside of the leaf to the face of the hub where the wheel would seat. I believe the stock d30 is only eight and a 1/4.. but I measured from the pad where the leaf would sit to the face of the drum. Since they where already off.
  13. I purchased this for a project and then decided I wanted to go another way. They look sturdy. the hardware, instructions and all the packing peanuts are still in the box. The brackets have some dings from being shipped. My dumb ordering could be your reward. They are $225 +shipping from them and mine are $175. +shipping to you. I am near asheville nc let me know if your intrested
  14. A set out of my 89 d35 &30. I believe 3.08 gears the tag is really rusty could be 3.88. Was working fine before I pulled them. No leafs but comes with shocks. The front are newish. The track bar needs a new joint as it feels worn out. $125 obo I am located 25 minutes from Asheville nc the passenger side control arm got tangled up with the cut off wheel so it’ll need one of those.
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