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  1. The crossmember/tcase skid is complete. All the bolt heads are recessed into the plate so it will be decently flat across the bottom with nothing to snag on. also the tcase output housing is the same size as a 3/4ton outer axle shaft seal if you cut the ears off
  2. I have a friend who does fab work for a living. Way better then me at welding... I’m more of a grinder
  3. Axles are fully welded now. Starting the re assemble and tying up loose ends. I didn’t like the way the crossmember was mounted and wanted to keep it removable. so I drilled and sleeved the frame for a 3/4 bolt. I made cut some pieces of .125 wall tubing and welded it in looks really good. A coat of paint and it looks factory. Next was making the crossmember braces/skid
  4. mocked up the draglink with some conduit and then cut it in half and slipped a piece of a wind-chime to make a slip joint. So I can make small adjustments and dial in the fitment before making it out of 1.5” .25 wall dom. I don’t have full lock to on the axle. I’m guessing the pitman arm is not making a big enough arc
  5. I am not sure on exact measurements. I can measure though. The truck sits nose down a little with a 6” Old Man Emu lift up front. And the Artec truss is supposed to add 2”. So 8” overall upfront. In the rear the shackles are 1.5” longer then the stock ones. I’m also using a set of u bolt eliminators which also add 3/4” to a 1”. With a stock shackle and a regular ubolt kit it would sit level with a 6” lift in the front if you did just a SOA And thanks man! Hoping to paint it before I take it out of the garage
  6. The stock box leaked fluid so as I was replacing the seals I went ahead and tapped it for hydro assist. Much easier to tap then expected. I did have to pull the box apart twice to make it work correctly made a double sheer steering setup yesterday. All out of .25 and got the tie rod up above the bottom of the axle. I’ve gotta make real spacers now to space it up My driveshafts arrived! Adams gave me great service and a good price with two new yokes. Took a week to arrive after I ordered. Now I’m just waiting on brakes and the company I ordered them from is giving me the run around
  7. Well it’s sitting on its own weight, with 37” swampers (more like 36”) i haven’t trimmed anything yet cause I wanna flex it out once I get driveshafts in. it sits a little nose down but the body lines are also nose down and the frame is flat across the bottom 22” from ground to crossmember (lowest point on frame) 25” from ground to frame 114” wheelbase 71” rotor face to rotor face (I should have measured hub to hub but my arms are to short)
  8. Installed the advanced adapters SYE. The instructions for it made it super easy to follow. It took longer to get the tcase in and out of the truck then to do the swap
  9. Got the upper link burned in. Had to knot h the frame to more easily access the upper link. I am considering welding in the cross member since middle drops out so I can remove the trans. The idea of two bolts holding the control arms, trans and tcase doesn’t seem safe to me The opening for the control arm but was to small for a nylock nut. A carbide endmill makes quick work of that Also used the stock superduty shock mounts for mine just cut and altered them to be welded on instead of u bolted
  10. It’s resting on jack stands but only barely you can see how straight the coil is now
  11. At that moment the front was pushed about two inches forward from where it should have been. I had to recut my links so it could go back so they where straight. They bow out passenger to driver a little though cause of the way the truss is made
  12. Thank you! I can’t wait to see it move. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll be able to order driveshafts
  13. Made up a diagram to show how the pinion moves through articulation. I couldn’t wrap my head around it otherwise
  14. thanks for the input! What about a good caster angle? I checked the the caster before pulling the stock axles off and they where around 6.8 didn’t match between the two. I have read that I wanna around that number to drive this on the highway. Which is the end game. Drive to the trail/park wheel the snot out of it and hopefully drive it home
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