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  1. Okay so I feel dumb for asking. But how do I know which pin is 5 and which is 10? I’ve done some serious googling and came up empty handed.
  2. I recently did the ground upgrade for my instrument cluster lights. (Followed cruisers instructions of attaching it to the stud. I sanded it all to shiner metal) I didn’t have any lights before and now they are only working on the right side of the cluster. Would this mean I’m half way there? i moved some bulbs around from one side to the other to see if the bulbs where just bad and no different results.
  3. After getting the vinyl layed and the trim in. I started on the seat brackets. I should have done this before I put the trim in. Here is a little sample of what we have going on. I’m gonna do a write up on this seat bracket alteration. It was way simpler then expected
  4. None swingable quarter windows for doors. Have all the hardware. The seals are okay on the window slide. They didn’t leak when they where in my doors. If local pickup will subtract some for shipping. Near Asheville nc
  5. Layed the vinyl in this morning only took 7.5 hours to do it and get the interior panels back in. It fits “okay”. I purchased this vinyl flooring almost a year ago and it’s sat unfolded and flat for that long in a spare room. Using a heat gun made it easier to manover around. I wish it would have been warm enough to leave it out side in the sun for a few hours. I will try to get the rest of the wrinkles out during final install. Now to alter the seat brackets
  6. I wish I would have trimmed a little closer to the heater but it looks okay.
  7. I’ve been tieing up loose ends in the cab. I altered a centerconsole to fit. There was only two xjs with tan interior in the pickapart. They did have three Comanches in there that I scavenged pretty hard. I may or may not have three sets of taillights... also got a passenger side window regulator (which somebody had already replaced in that vehicle so I got some hardware with it instead of drilling out rivets) and a climate control. I had to peice the console together to make it work. I got the console and back bracket from one the black trim bezel from another, and the latch from another. I had to fix the console with some JB Plasticweld, since it was broken. Also who knew wood working tools would cut plastic trim perfectly
  8. Thanks. I feel like I do a lot and am getting not very far
  9. I have a bumper and am located near Asheville nc. It’s of course a little bent but I would take $75 for it
  10. Before I put the interior back together I swapped out the headlight switch and gotta get a center console since I’m switching to bucket seats.
  11. I used thin sticky back aluminum to lay down on the firewall and tunnel. Used the leftover to cover the back of the cab. I am more worried about heat then sound deading since I’m planning on removing the doors
  12. I’ve gotte. Lots done just haven’t been posting about it. Welded the truss on the front Dana 50. Patched the holes in the floor and layed down some sound deading. I have the fenders and clip pulled and am in the process of getting a 00’ fenders and clip.
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