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    Definitely not fluent. Just a few words picked up here and there.
  2. Tsalagi

    CC Handles

    It is how you write the Cherokee word for "Cherokee" in English. I am a member of a recognized tribe in Alabama so this is a way to recognize that association.
  3. Tsalagi


    I must have missed why it was yanked. 3 pages in and it was very cordial.
  4. North of Atlanta we got almost 4 inches.
  5. Just realized I never got back to this topic. I replaced the torque converter and that solved the issue. I do still have a "whirring" sound that is coming from the drivetrain that I haven't been able to diagnose when it gets warmed up but as we know, this is a marathon not a sprint!
  6. There are other ones to compare but this is the one I got: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KYX715P/ref=psdc_15710001_t2_B079R95W17
  7. Good question because I saw some feedback on the Amazon sight about that. No problems there, even when it got dark. Still see fine and I already had tinted windows.
  8. The video instructions showed them installing one on a slider window so that is definitely an option.
  9. No way! That hurts because you are a role model with what you have done with her. You have done an amazing job on the truck!
  10. Waiting patiently on the behind the seat gun case instructions .
  11. Rebuilt the Peugot in this edition. They did discuss whether it was worth it or not but they decided to go the cheap route and rebuild it.
  12. Thank you. Since I felt something dragging I thought it could be transmission related. I will follow up on this and report back.
  13. Finally got the engine running as smooth as silk for about a month after putting in 02 sensor, new plugs and points, air filter, oil change and 4 hole injectors. Driving in the North GA mountains last weekend and as I started down a grade, I noticed a drag in the momentum for about a second and then it released for about 5 seconds and then did it again. I "felt" the drag and then noticed a small decrease in RPM's every time it did it. I have checked the MAP sensor vacuum line and that isn't an issue. I searched the website and couldn't find a duplicate of this issue. Now I notice it every time I approach a red light or prepare to turn somewhere. Not sure where to look next. All the Cruiser tips have been completed and I am stumped. Could something be "grabbing" in the transmission? Any help will be appreciated!
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