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Found 4 results

  1. Black one is a JCR (SOLD) top one is home made from 1/4" plate $30 + shipping OEM one is free + shipping if anyone wants it for some reason
  2. stock gear box cleaned Remove the four main bolts inside you’ll find the retaining clip on the ballbearing case the bearings travel side to side in I started out by pulling as many balls out as possible. I didn’t have a magnet on a stick so I glued a magnet to a stick. take the shaft side nut loose with a spanner I don’t remember the number of ball bearing. But did get a pic of the ball bearing size. In some of the case there is two different styles of
  3. Hi All, I have what I think is a strange issue. Haven't been able to figure it out, and hopefully it's an easy one. I recently replaced UCA/LCA/Coils and brake lines for a lift. Everything seemed good for about 2 weeks. NI have a couple issues... 1) I keep getting this 'clunk-clunk-clunk- that sounds and feels like broken/blown out shock about about 25mph. I'm pretty sure it's the UCA bolts. I have JKS adjustable UCA, and I'm pretty sure the bolt size is 10mm for the upper (to body) bolt hole in the body, but I remember looking at the UCA bushing hole and it seemed like it had a li
  4. After I successfully replaced the RMS, oil pan gasket and starter, the Jeep developed a horrible shake anywhere from 45MPH+. We took it to the shop and all they suggested was a Steering dampener and and alignment. Knowing that wouldn't solve it, I looked into the track bar and found that they TRE had play in it. Thinking that was the cause I ordered a Moog Problem solver stock replacement from Rock Auto and replaced it. Well, that didn't fix the problem. I rotated the tires thinking one of the front would be unbalanced. It helped a little but didn't solve the problem. Now I can feel the s
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