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Found 3 results

  1. Hello club, Prospecting a 87 4cyl standard mj that's priced right and in good shape,also a friend of mine has a really nice 01 xj4.0 auto with low miles and a damaged rear end, but everything is in good shape to swap over to the mj, i was wondering if theres any problems or thing to know when swapping everything from an xj to an mj i plan on taking everything including motor,axles,drivetrain, front end body swap,full interior, ecu wiring ect. Just looking for some tips before i make the purchases. Thanks anyone willing to give me some imput
  2. After I successfully replaced the RMS, oil pan gasket and starter, the Jeep developed a horrible shake anywhere from 45MPH+. We took it to the shop and all they suggested was a Steering dampener and and alignment. Knowing that wouldn't solve it, I looked into the track bar and found that they TRE had play in it. Thinking that was the cause I ordered a Moog Problem solver stock replacement from Rock Auto and replaced it. Well, that didn't fix the problem. I rotated the tires thinking one of the front would be unbalanced. It helped a little but didn't solve the problem. Now I can feel the steering go back and forth while I hold the wheel straight and true. Things I have done: -New track bar. -Looked over all the tres and from what I can tell they are all fine. -Aired the tires to 34 psi and rotated them from to back. -Ball joints are good. No movement when the tires are grabbed at 12 and 6. Now folks, could bad control arm bushings be the cause of this? When I dropped the oil pan, I had to remove the two Uppers in order to let the axle drop far enough to lower the pan. When I tightened the two uppers, I'm fairly sure the Jeep was still on stands meaning the bushings had to fight the force of the Jeep going to ride height. And on the flip side, the lower bushings had to fight the weight of the axle dropping farther then normal droop. The steering box has a leak around the pitman arm. Is this just a bad seal or could the box be going bad also attributing to my horrible shake problem? Edit: Jeep information. -1988 Comanche. Base. 4.0 4x4 -Automatic trans(have not looked into which one. Figure its an AW4 with comfort option) with what i'd assume to be an NP 231 -Stock suspension, steering, and everything else under the sun.
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