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  1. Chains suck. Over all, heavy and hard to work with. They rust too. Don't use them for anything but tying down loads on a trailer. A snatch strap takes the kinetic energy of a pulling vehicle and uses it to un-stick a stuck vehicle without all of that jarring sudden stopping a tow strap produces. Snatch straps are meant to stretch for this reason. Do not use for towing. At all. Tow straps don't stretch and are hard on pulling vehicles and the vehicles being pulled when the slack is taken up. Use them for towing. They are light weight and easy to work with. Always get a shackle th
  2. Sorry guys. Ended up being the TRE's and the steering stabilizer, as well as three out of balanced tires and a need for an overall alignment. I managed to get it pretty close to 1/16" toe out after I replaced the TRE's but I can only do so much with a tape measure. Yeah I read about that after I did it. I feel confident that they are not damaged though, because new TREs significantly helped. Any opinions on if it's worth replacing the stock CA bushings or should aftermarket ones be on the list of "to get" parts when time/money allows? What kinda Jeep? - Lifted? - Stock? - W
  3. After I successfully replaced the RMS, oil pan gasket and starter, the Jeep developed a horrible shake anywhere from 45MPH+. We took it to the shop and all they suggested was a Steering dampener and and alignment. Knowing that wouldn't solve it, I looked into the track bar and found that they TRE had play in it. Thinking that was the cause I ordered a Moog Problem solver stock replacement from Rock Auto and replaced it. Well, that didn't fix the problem. I rotated the tires thinking one of the front would be unbalanced. It helped a little but didn't solve the problem. Now I can feel the s
  4. Alright guys, Sorry for the new thread but I tried searching and I couldn't yield any results. I changed the RMS and Oil pan gasket yesterday (what a PITA) but I didn't try to start it being I wanted to let the RTV set fully. I just power washed it so I could make sure there was no leaks. I go to start it and I only get one "click" or "thump" when I turn the key. I cleaned the battery connections and whacked the starter but it's still a no go. Is this a water in a place where water shouldn't be situation? I did my best not to get the distributor but there are those group of wires towar
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