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  1. Rear 4 link brackets from ARTEC INDUSTRIES are burnt in. Hoping to have a complete roller by the end of June
  2. Last couple of weeks I’ve been working on burning in the truss on the rear axle. Then started to weld the sliders to the body. Not very easy. Had to grind away my first attempt. Kept burning through.
  3. I used IRO frame stiffeners for the front and middle, modified the middle of the Comanche unibody to make it fit. The rear I used some 3/16 and just cut it out with a cut off wheel to match the shape
  4. Sliders. Got to do some tweaking on things when I get a chance.
  5. TDI’s are pretty damn small. Got it tore down and on the stand ready to be rebuilt.
  6. Notched “frame” for hoops and coilover clearance. Made brackets for rear control arm mounts. Also made my own frame stiffeners and tacked then in place.
  7. Got my engine bay cleaned up some. When the weather warms up I plan on epoxy spraying everything I can. Also picked up a 97+ brake booster and master. Ordered hoops for the coilovers. Took down the TDI and am waiting on parts to put it back together. Can’t really do much right now just waiting on parts so I can get my axles slung under the truck.
  8. Driveline: New Beetle ALH engine code 1.9 Turbo Diesel Injected (TDI) mated to an AX-15/231 with an SYE and HD chain. Brought the motor to base where I can work on it during the week. Just last night got the pan off and looks like it will do. Gonna reseal it, bigger turbo and injectors, timing belt change, couple new accessories and mock it up to make some hydraulic motor mounts.
  9. FOA 16 inch coil overs for the front, 18 for the rear. Eventually gonna upgrade to resi’s but for mockup I guess I’ll use these. axles are a GM 14 B from a 2500 van with a locker and shave kit. dana 60 I believe a kp with a truss from artec eith ctm joints a mech locker and 4340 shafts. And hi steer. Speaking of artec look at these heims. Using artec front and rear kits. Beef.
  10. Pulling the bed off, playing the frame with IRO frame stiffeners for a XJ. Front first, mis doesn’t hardly fit at all. Notched the frame a little to make it fit. The rear I didn’t bother. I made a cardboard template to trace out and cut on some 3/16 sheet.I proceeded to use an air powdered orbital sander on the entire truck and por 15 just while it’s in storage. I plan on raptor lining it when it’s complete.
  11. When I first started driving it I noticed a few problems. Window seals leaked in the rain. Heat didn’t work. AC barley worked. Lights were dim, and headliner sagged. Here’s under the carpet. I grinder off the surface rust and bedliner it just so I could daily it until I put it in the shop.
  12. Welcome to my build. 1987 Jeep Comanche. 2WD in pretty good condition. Picked it up late 2 years ago and daily drove it for a while. Stopped driving it daily since I actually didn’t drive anywhere (military and can literally walk everywhere) so took it home and put it in the shop. These pictures show the condition it was in. Also picked up a New Beetle with an ALH TDI to swap in some day. IMG_5905.MOV
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